Poetry by: Ri

{My Warrior Is Gone?} {She Needs Me}
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My Warrior Is Gone?

She is still with me.
I can touch her and yet…

I see her face
Hear her voice
Feel her touch
Yet I know she is gone…

Is it enough to be blessed by her spirit?
I need all of her
I must convince her to come back to me.
I have got to make her see the world needs her.
I need her…

She is so stubborn
I must think,
I must plan.
I love her essence
But Damn it I need all of her!

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She Needs Me

I never leave her side.
I watch her 24 and 7.
My heart aches.
She needs me.

How can I continue this way?
This is worse then hell.
I need my bard so and she needs me.

What do I do?
I must stay on my path.
But how can I desert her?
She needs me

I caress her cheek as she sleeps.
Her hand covers mine.
She doesn't wake.
She needs me.

I have to find the path back to her.
I must!
She needs me!!

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