Poetry from Alwayslooking

Our heart-warmed thanks to alwayslooking for the wonderful inspiration and for the gift of her muse. (L&K)




A poem to give thanks to the two who make up LynKa


In all the ancient stories, love, the passion is so tender.
In all the tales great heroes follow their hearts.
I read the scrolls at fire's side, my mind held wide in wonder,
In hope the gods will gift our nights with such arts.

I've learned the depths within you, and they stir me on toward rapture.
I've learned to find my soul in what you can give.
You are the source of epic tales, the ones read by the future,
Yet I will celebrate now the reason we live.

And so tonight I've laid the stage for myths of our own making
And so with fragrant petals your bower o'erflows.
For I will lie with you and hold you safe from all the darkness.
There we'll live stories only a true lover knows.

For we encompass now the dream that most will only read of.
For we have something time can never erase.
When, years from now, the people speak of romance out of legend,
We'll smile from above, for that was truly the case.


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