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I close my eyes and you appear
Familiar as my heart -
A solice now to doubt and fear
While we must be apart.
I miss the darkness of your eyes
The softness of your touch,
The way you speak, with tongue that ties,
Yet tells me oh, so much.

Who would have thought that you'd inspire
Such feelings in my soul?
That I would miss nights by the fire,
Your talent for control,
And those unguarded moments
When you've let me see within
Where you must battle torments
E'er you let new love begin.

It is this part you rarely show
Which binds me to your side
And why I find I love you so
And take life in your stride.
So, though the miles between us
Might seem endlessly unfair
At least I'll close my eyes tonight
And know you will be there.

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The little bird who eyes me now
With wise cock to his head
Seems to acknowledge my regret
At what was left unsaid.
For, as we parted company
I almost let you see
The deep wrench that afflicts my heart
When you're away from me.
So, tell me, bird, why did I stop?
Why did I hold it in?
While all my soul screamed "I love you!"
Why did I only grin?
He shakes his head and flies away
Into a nearby tree
Oh gods, if only you'd return
To hear the truth from me.

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Overwhelmed by joy, my heart explodes in wondrous sparks,
While you, asleep beside me, stir and smile.
I breathe the scent of moonlit air, I trace your peaceful face,
Complete in simply holding you awhile.

You asked me just this evening for the comfort of my arms
As weariness o'ertook your drooping eyes.
A simple thing, this gift I gave. I knew that it would please.
The singing of my soul was the surprise.

I love you. Such a simple phrase, yet oh, how hard to say.
Until just now I'd not have known it true.
Yet, all the things that I've become, which led me to this night,
Could never have been realized without you.

So now I watch your gentle sleep and smile a wistful smile
For all the many things I'm scared to say.
I cannot help but wish that it would always be like this
And pray the gods hold back the break of day.

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I found you here, within my arms
This morn when we awoke.
We looked at one another.
It seems strange we never spoke.
Yet in my ears a cymbal clashed
And set my blood on fire.
The look which met me from your eyes
Just sent the fever higher.

But that was all. We both returned
'To what we've always known.
I'd think it was a dream except
For how my love has grown.
My heart, which I saw echoed there,
Must live within you too.
But both of us deny it, so
What are we both to do?

Tonight we sit before the fire
But though the setting fits,
We find our old companionship
Has crumbled all to bits.
The trick will be to make anew
A bond which holds us tight.
So come, be here, within my arms.
Our love is worth the fight.


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When first my arms surrounded you
It was to ease a grief,
To hold you as you sobbed in pain
And bring your soul relief.
Yet, even then, my heart was stirred
By such a pure embrace
And holding you so close to me
My pulse began to race.

I'd never then have told you, love.
The time was hardly ripe.
You needed me for comfort's sake.
Our love was not that type.
But now, in calmer, lighter hours
The flame within has grown.
I find my breath catch at your voice.
Your touch brings forth a groan.

And so I risk a friendship's end
To ask you what you feel.
Do you catch fire? Do you now find
The world seems much more real?
I see a glow within your eyes,
But I must hear you speak.
For once, the strength I call upon
Has left me feeling weak.

Who would believe an old warlord
Could e'er dissolve to this:
A hesitating lover, praying
For a young girl's kiss.
Yet when your hand creeps to my face
And draws it to your own,
My arms surround you once again
To reap the seeds once sown.


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This morning you smiled and the world grew much brighter.
I wanted to dance, and to laugh at the sky.
The warmth that you brought me with such a small gesture
Defies all the logic which tries to say why.
I love you. It sings in the air that I'm breathing.
I need you. I cling to the life that we share.
I'll hold you, some day when you answer my longing,
For though my heart soars, it still needs you to care.

Yet, here in the present, I'll think of you smiling.
The reason you laughed: that I entered the room.
I'll visit the look in your eyes when I'm dreaming
For lit by your laughter I'll never face gloom.
I love you. It shines like the sun on the water.
I need you. My hope is some day you'll need me.
I'll follow the road that we travel together
And wait for the moment when, smiling, you see.


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