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You said you dreamed of me last night.
My heart caught in my chest.
Could this have come to answer mine,
Where in your arms I rest?

You said you dreamed of me last night,
A flame within your eyes.
I prayed this image spoke of truth,
Not hope, which often lies.

You said you dreamed of me last night.
Your fingers touched my face.
Wild fantasies sped through my mind.
My pulse began to race.

You said you dreamed of me last night
And reached to pull me near.
And in that union, binding hearts,
I bid farewell to fear.

You said you dreamed of me last night.
Tonight I'll dream of you.
And bard and warrior shall awake
To find our dreams come true.

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I figure if I drink enough her distance will seem small
The fact I daren't touch her will dissolve
For how am I accountable for the varied things I do
When alcohol has loosened my resolve.
We sit or walk and nearly touch. My arms crave her caress.
But she has told me closeness is not her.
I find myself designing things to throw me in her arms:
For such a contact might her pulses stir.
I know. I'm killing brain cells. I know the headache morn.
But I must dull the fear I have inside.
And so the clear glass bottle on the table, near my hand,
Becomes the place that I would choose to hide.
"Tis pity it takes port to make me act upon my love.
"Tis pity that her love she won't express.
But if I get too woosey from the intake of tonight,
Supportive arms might lead to my success.

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I can no longer find a place where we are not combined.
It startles me to realize this is true.
Yet, when I look into your eyes I find myself inside
And know my life would crumble without you.
You are the pattern in the sky which stars make as they pass.
You are the forest growth beneath my feet.
My world fits neatly in your arms, where I'm content to lie,
And feel my pulses quicken with the heat.

How did I live before this day, before we two were one?
I cannot rightly say I lived at all.
For though I passed on through the world I'd never felt like this
Until I saw your eyes, and heard you call.
So, come to me, my warrior bold, and gift me with your strength
While I show you the tenderness I've learned
Creating there, within this mix, a power based on love
And finding wealth beyond what could be earned.

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( to N.E.G. )

It is said by those who believe
That every soul is bound to another.
Somewhere in the world around
A soul waits for thee.

The soul I bind to knows not the binding.
The one I long for looks for another.
I pray at night for wisdom as
My soul waits for she.

Oh, gods, some day may she see my yearning
And may each of us turn to the other
And touch, across the distance, to find
Her soul bound to me.

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