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She will not speak to me, for fear that she will say too much.
I might as well sit by the fire alone.
For she now fears her darker side will drive my love away
While I fear that her heart becomes a stone.

I long to take her in my arms, and tell her all is well.
I wish I had the strength to make her see
That nothing dark within her could e'er drive me from her side.
It always was my choice. With her I'm free.

And if the dark within is frightening, if it speaks of pain
And fearful pits emotion drags her to,
What is the role of those who love, but to share in the hurt?
It's something I am willing now to do.

And so, I sit beside the fire and watch her stare at flames
And wait with patience for her walls to break.
Oh gods, I pray that when they do she'll turn and speak to me.
I'll stay here just as long as it might take.

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I looked into your eyes tonight, as you raised up your head.
Within I saw both pain and doubt appear.
I touched your face. A smile drew nye, and flickered in the night
And for the moment banished all your fear.

I knew then why we travel forth together in this world.
My role is now to bring you happiness
In tiny little moments which can chase away the dark
Which looms too large for you to yet confess.

And that is love's great blessing, which I freely give to you:
The sharing of a hurt too great to bear.
So when our eyes meet in the night, I'll shoulder half your pain.
You needn't fear. I always will be there.

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There is a special sound to rain
On a warm spring night.
I stand by the stable door to listen
And breathe the dusty freshness
Of the new-dampened earth.

I close my eyes awash in joy.
For within this one place
Lies all I love:
Horse and straw, steel and saddle,
And you.


And turning from the drops outside
I drown in your eyes,
The scent of your hair,
And the softness which each night
Calls to what in me was lost.

For you are my rain.
You cleanse my soul with your touch
And my dreams with your love.
As showers in springtime
Bring forth new life,
Deep in my dusty heart
The seed of hope
Gives birth.

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GOLD (for N.E.G.)

The air turned golden when you spoke the words I'd longed to hear
I watched it shimmer all about your face.
While in your eyes I saw whole worlds, I glimpsed unfathomed seas,
And felt my heart begin to leap and race.
For I have loved you since the start, drawn to your strength of will
And to the gentle soul I found inside.
But still I knew my failings well, and doubted you could see
The way my heart had tied me to your side.
Yet there you were, in gilt-touched morn, your heart held in your hands
Presented as a gift for me to own.
Waves of delight surrounded me and swept me to your arms
To live amidst a joy I'd never known.
"I love you." They're such simple words, yet worlds are built anew
Upon foundations which that phrase has laid.
I'm yours forever. Never doubt, for I have found my hope
On one gold morning time will never fade.

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If this were all,
I'd find contentment there:
You beside me,
The same laughter dancing in your eyes
That drifts across my own,
A closeness that needs no touch
To reassure the reality
You bring
To the peace in my heart.

And when you gesture
As you always must when in rapt devotion
To the telling of tales
Your hand brushes against mine
And breathing stops
Just for a moment,
Eyes wide with wonder,
And then passes on toward story's end.

If this were all,
I'd find contentment there,
Though my heart stops to dream
Of warm skin and fragrant locks so close
So far

For ecstacy has a price.
I shall not risk the sacrifice:
The loss of laughter, no hand near mine
Would bring endless

So I can be content.

Come, beloved, unknowing.
Come sit
And laugh at the moon
With me.

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Steel against stone. Stone against steel.
The rituals of evening fall hard upon the night.
I sit with parchment blank, unseeing,
For I have looked into your eyes.

What wells of deep despair lie within.
What secrets yet unspoken.
Do they match my own?
For oft as I have gazed at you
Across the fire, in evening light
I think my heart laid out
Beneath your gaze. Yet even then
I hold tightly to the one thing
Still mine own.

To reach your sadness, aid your pain,
I cannot tell my tale.
For you must have me still
A friend too close for family
Too pure for everyday
Too chaste of soul for love.
Yet in my heart there beats
A chamber of your making.

In another world you would be mine,
And dark and lies and feral hate
Would vanish in the morning mists.
But we are here, our choices made.
And so we search for something
We will only know on finding.
Our pain reduced to darkening eyes,
An empty parchment on my lap
And scrape of steel on stone.

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