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There is a hush to nightfall.
You gaze into the distance,
Weighing life, banishing dreams,
And silence measures your thoughts.

Funny, for in you
Such quiet speaks volumes.
Your eyes, glittering
As they fall upon things
Found charming in the night,
Or shuttered to hold in
A pain beyond expression
Tell me, as you cannot,
The workings of your heart.

And so I sit and watch
As a lifetime plays across your face,
Wanting so much
To be included in your dreamscape,
Yet fearful of breaking in
Upon the wordless, soundless
Emotion you display.

Know I am here, my love,
For here I must always be:
Sitting beside you,
Reaching to entwine my soul with yours.
For you have become my life,
Your silence my heartfelt home.
One glance, one smile my way
Shouts to me in a language
With no words, no breath.
In answer, my passions whisper
A soaring prayer, rising
From the deep well of my heart
Into the hush of a nightfall
Which speaks of the promise of spring.

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Before me, every waking hour -
Your face.
The smile I long for,
Eyes which tell
Of pain
Of hope
And fill me
With life.

These I find wherever
My eyes land,
And yearningly
I wish for things unspoken.
For I have loved long
Your quiet,
Your heart,
And that sense of self
Which shines ever
From the face before me
All through
The day.

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What would I be, had we not met,
I ask in the calm of afternoon.
Yet answer comes at every step:
Content with what the gods give,
I'd have lived a life
Of children, hearth and home,
Always waiting for something
Never knowing
It was you.

What would I be, had I not loved you,
I ask as you walk away.
My soul, torn from me,
To live in your keeping,
Gives answer:
To have joy one risks pain,
And better here the mortal hurts
Of a heart too full
To judge aright
Than the safety
Of never having held
You close.

What will I do if you have gone,
I ask the stars under which we
Oft have slept as one.
But the answer does not come,
For if you go
I am as sand,
And all the world becomes
The dust we stood upon
The day I truly knew
My heart was no longer
Mine to own.

And so the questions stop.
And so I rest.
For if I had not met you
There would be no me.

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Come look at the moon, I said,
Thinking of past laughter.

But when you walked
Through the door, into the evening,
Your eyes spoke of a darkness
Not of the night's making.

And I remembered pain.

You are not lost,
But you have lost one close.
I would hold you close,
Yet feel lost.

And a grief observed,
The tang it gives
Even to the moon,
Blends with my silent love.

Come look at the moon, I said,
And opened my arms.

And soon they were filled
With you.

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There is a mellowness in this night of change.
I watch the moon, as years collide
And newness o'ertakes the earth.
Yet, here in the moonlight,
My heart is filled with you.

If only we were together this night.
The changes you have wrought in my heart
Make a new year seem tame
And I would let you see the way
My world has opened in your hands.

If only those hands were mine to grasp.
But sorrow has turned you inward
To landscapes I cannot reach.
So, by the door I wait, watching the moon,
Waiting for love, welcoming another year.

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