Poetry By: Ana Elglin

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I have my eyes full
Of the landscape ahead
Filled, plenty

Empty are my arms
Longing are my hands
Of what runs from me
Drips through my fingers
Long fingers
As the trails
Of my tears
Running free down my face.

Will bring a new day
New goals, adventures
That I won't see
Deeply asleep.

Has the world changed without I noticed
Or am I who have changed?

Nothing comes
No answer
But the tears
While I drown into chaos

It's moonless night.




I must be
Of your warm body
So close to mine

Your eyes
- Oh, these eyes! -
Diving deep into me
Devouring my soul
Making my whole being

Your lips
So full of promises
So full of threats
Lips I can't help but wanting
- Will you ever kiss me? -

Staring at your hands
So bold, so strong
I feel the heat
Building inside me

Looking back to your face
Your hair dancing
In the whispering breeze
My heart is pierced
Once more
By the icy gaze
You rest on me

Warrior of my love,
Will you ever touch me?

I step back
It's a dream
And I try to avoid
The anguish
Of always losing
At first light of dawning

With your fiery being
Warming my skin
So close
So far
I step back inside
Leaning to rest
My face on your shoulder

And so you turn and look at me
I could die right now
With the brightness of your glance
Could that possibly be love
The glow I see
In those blue pools
Of midnight moon beams?

You're silent
And I shudder
Leaning slowly
To give you myself in my lips
To give up myself in your arms

You hold me close
I feel your heart
Composing primal concerts
With my own
The moon is silver on your hair
As the night flies
And we melt into each other

When the sunlight spreads
It's fingers around the day
I shall not fear
The dawning defeats me no more

My warrior
My love
My soul is now complete.

Ana Elglin, oct.15th,1999

{At the Open Fields of Mind} {Silent Hours}
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May I kiss you
Over the seas
Across the land
Under the stars
May I?

May I kiss you
On Summer and Winter
Under the sunlight
Against the rain drops
Will you let me?
May I kiss you
And hold you
Keep you warm and safe
Inside my arms
Close to my heart
When it's snowing hard?

Let me look at you in the dark
Color your face with a smile
When the world turns white
And bring you the sun inside me
While you're staring at the stars,
Will you?

Many miles
Many journeys
I know I can't reach you
But maybe
Under the stars
At the plan open fields
Of mind lands
One day
If I find you
I can ask again
Dear heart
May I kiss you?

Ana Elglin, Jul.30th,1999.

{Warrior of My Love} {Silent Hours}
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Silent night hours
Subtle dark thoughts
While I wander through the house
The world I can see
Is fully asleep
No noises coming from outside
In these lonely night hours

I can only hear
The wind
My old friend
Rising inside me
The house is asleep
But I'm not
I'm waiting, silent in the shadows
Whatever for
The wind sings to me
It's strange lullaby
And I let me go
To dance within it's arms
A dance I could never stop
Never could begin
But in the silent hours of the night
When the wind meanders through me

Ana Elglin, aug. 11th, 1999
(before dawn)

{Warrior of My Love} {At the Open Fields of Mind}
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There's something inside me
Something I can't explain
Has no face, has no name
Tears my soul all the same
It's like a vampire
Seeking blood, thirsty of life
And when it's awake all I know
Is that it won't let me go
It'll make me dance
And forbid my sleep
My songs it'll sing
And my memories bring
This thing I barely know
That I can hardly comprehend
Has me going, makes me fly
Shows me the fancy tastes of life
It takes me and I can't run
Leaves me aching but I won't cry
Of all the demons within me
This is the worst and the best
The one I fear and yet can't deny
The bittersweet laughing monster
That from the mirror, ev'ry morning
Looks at me with my eyes.

Ana Elglin, sept. 17th,1999

{Warrior of My Love} {At the Open Fields of Mind}
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My scars are opening
Scars I know by heart
And others
I never knew I had
My soul is bleeding
And all I can do
Is look at it
Tears bleed from my eyes
And I hardly notice
Didn't think I could cry
Not now
Not once more
What is that all for?
Why am I here?
I wish I could stop
Stop being me
Just stop being
Give up my own self
And let me loose
To float on the waves
Of whatever is there to float on
But on a corner
Of who I am
A corner I can't quite point
Lives the certainty
Of this wish being vain
I can't escape from me
I shall just go on
Feeling the scars opening
Feeeling the blood soaks my soul
Until I drown
In me

Ana Elglin, nov. 18th, 1999
(After watching "Paradise Found")


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