Poetry By: Anghellz

{Wrapped} {Predator} {Everytime} {Within} {Thank You} {Untouchable}
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~An inspired poem~

"I sit back for a moment and look at them both, my wife and my daughter, the two most important people in my life. There's no doubt now, they've got me right where they want me, I'm wrapped." 'Wrapped' by T.Novan

My partner
My lover
My wife
My Queen

I sit here on our floor, worshipping her

My offerings:
My love
Undying, unconditional
My heart
She's already stolen it
My soul
She's already a part of it
My life
She need only ask

Cradled in her arms, a child. This perfect creature, a product of our love.

One look
One touch
I surrender
My love
My heart
My soul
My life
All given up without question

Once all of Greece yielded to my sword, and now one woman and her child have
brought me to my knees in tears.

One woman
My wife
Her child
Our daughter

I'm wrapped

{Predator} {Everytime} {Within} {Thank You}
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She silently lurks high above within the trees
Her senses honed from years of battle
Her keen eyes surveying all that lies below her
Her nostrils sensing sweat upon the night breeze
The predator silently stalks her prey

Inevitably the moon rises as the sun descends
She has the patience to wait out the gods themselves
Soon her prey has succumbed to sleep
When she's absolutely certain of Morpheus grasp-
She moves

Without a sound she drops from the sky
She quietly converges upon her prey
Sword, resting comfortably against her back
Chakram, ready, under itchy fingers
Yet, she's powerless

She slowly begins to disarm herself
She drops to her knees before her prey
Has the huntress become the hunted?
She is overwhelmed with an unfamiliar emotion
Is it fear? no it's love

Her heart stops, her breath falters
A shaky hand reaches out
She brushes back an errant strand of short blonde hair
She tenderly caresses a soft white cheek
One solitary tear leaves the pair of deep blue eyes

Finally she moves
She lies down beside her
Once more this great warrior
has been subdued by her simple bard

{Wrapped} {Everytime} {Within} {Thank You}
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Everytime I'm near you
My love for you just grows

Everytime I look at you
My eyes fill with lust

Everytime you touch me
My body aches for more

Everytime we kiss
My blood boils in my veins

Everytime we lay down
My need to feel you is overwhelming

Everytime we make love
My orgasms take me higher & higher

And everytime I whisper your name
It's like a prayer of thanks to the gods

{Wrapped} {Predator} {Within} {Thank You}
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In your smile- my happiness
In your eyes - my life
In your hands - my heart
You caress it with your strong, yet gentle hands,
hands that touch only me.
You kiss it with your soft full lips,
lips that love only me.

In your smile - no ridicule
In your eyes - no judgement
In your touch - no pain
You take it out into the light,
where I can see it's not so overwhelming.
You take it away from me,
you rip it from me and replaces it with love.

In my smile - your happiness
In my eyes - your life
In my hands - your heart

{Wrapped} {Predator} {Everytime} {Thank You}
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Thank you for

Your smile,
you use it like a rope to pull me up when I've fallen to low

Your feet,
you never fail to follow me whether I say I want to be alone or not

Your voice,
you may not know it but there are words you say that go directly to my heart

Your ears,
no matter how late or early if I have a problem I know I have your attention

Your hands,
you know I'm still a scared little kid who needs her hand held

Your eyes,
you see past the walls I've worked so hard to build, and see my big soft tender heart

Your laughter,
when I'm angry at the whole world and nothing can make me smile, your laughter infects me

Your trust,
even though I've hurt you before and will hurt you again your still here and always will be

Your strength,
whenever I need it, I know its there, until that day I will be able to find my own

Your love,
you give it so unconditionally, you make me feel like a member of your family

And your heart, I would not be who I am today if it wasn't for a little piece of you in me

{Wrapped} {Predator} {Everytime} {Within}
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Untouchable, she curls up into a little ball in the darkest corner of the room.

In the darkest reaches of her mind, that’s where you’ll find her. The real her.

She’s careful to keep everyone a comfortable distance away, making sure she never let’s anyone in far enough to see the truth.

Past all the walls, through all the lies and pain, and heartache, past all the memories she refuses to let go; that’s where you’ll find her.

Alone, naked, crying into her balled up fist with a sardonic smile on her lips, and salty tears falling from her face.

Afraid, scared to death to let go, to let herself love, to let some one love her, to be honest with anyone, including herself.

She’s afraid to trust, to depend on someone, on anyone but herself. She’s afraid to admit that she needs someone.

She makes herself believe if she never fully allows herself to feel how good happiness can be, then being without it won’t hurt so bad.

And though her little corner may look to some like a self made prison, she finds it, comfortable, secure, and familiar.

And so she remains untouchable.


{Wrapped} {Predator} {Everytime} {Within}
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