Poetry from Aphrodite

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(Taken from Gabrielle's scrolls...)

O Muse, help guide my hand in recording words of truth
Words to be told with startling accuracy and love, words of her...
Racing down the ocean's edge, moving in a fluid rhythm
Midnight hair flowing, streaming, billowing in the wind
Shocking eyes, as blue as Poseidon's kingdom, squinted slightly against the
wind, yet still clear, sparkling, showing Her soul
Soft, velvety, moist mouth, lips slightly parted, barely breathing with extra
Sleek, taught shoulders, hardened by years of living by the sword
Shapely, powerful, flawless thighs, gripping the horse with a constant
Strong, sinewy hands grasping the reins, letting the mare have her head
Smooth, tensed muscles, flexing with the movement of the warhorse
Skin tanned, sunkissed a golden brown from life traveling on the road
I call this exquisitely stunning, extraordinary woman...

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Path From Darkness

Wandering through the fields of old blood,
She sits astride her steed, remembering the past.
Her past.
Massacre after massacre, death after death.
Men and women and children--at Cirra.
Her eyes fill with guilty pools over the mistakes of her former self, one
that is now
Killing of people, wounding her heart, wounding her soul.
Her lack of compassion and lack of humanity, her old ways, now cause her
Remembering that day; the screams, the blood, the death.
A little one asking why; a question she could not answer then, a question
cannot answer now.
She had become entwined in her greed, her lust, her need for power.
She was stumbling, falling through her self-made darkness, until one man, and
woman entered her heart; entered her darkness with a spark, a light to
away her blindness.
The man held a strength and physical prowess the world had never seen.
The woman held a strength of mind and heart such as She had never seen.
This woman guided her away from the horrendous violence that was the last 10
of Her life.
She followed this woman, and yet led the woman as a protector.
This woman changed Her for the better,
Changed Her forever.
She and the woman shared a bond.
She and the woman shared adventure.
She and the woman shared their hearts...
Wandering through the fields of old blood,
She sits astride her steed, remembering the past.
Her past.
Her eyes filled with guilty pools over the mistakes of her former self, one
that is now
As the woman approaches, lightly feathers a touch to Her skin, She comes back
the present.
One look down into the eyes of the woman clears the trail of tears, clears
Her mind
of all else.
This woman at whom She now gazes is her salvation; this woman is her heart;
woman is her soul.
And somehow, each knows these things, and it brings them together.
It will keep them together, forever.

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Skimming through the darkness
Gliding soundless as a panther on padded feet
Closing in on the enemy, the unsuspecting enemy
Partner close, close enough to feel the heat of the warrior
Rasping of the cool, silver blade
Thump of the long, powerful staff
Glint of steel as the game begins, glint of steel as the enemy fights back
Battle ensues: bloody, painful, one-sided
Menacing message, warning for the wise
Warrior knowing they will not heed
They will follow in the footsteps of the others
Footsteps down the smooth, easy, horse-beaten path
Warrior did not follow the beaten ground, but chose the less-traveled path
Battling within, always struggling with the demons that are the past
Letting none in--Letting one in
Opening of the heart, breaking the bonds of catiousness and restraint
Learning to love, growing to love
Following love, love following her
Love traveling with her
Traveling in love

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