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Well Met

Shall I compare her to a summer breeze?
For she is more lovely and more temperate,
yet with rough winds and storms appease,
and her lease hath all too short a date.
What light in yonder window breaks?
'Tis the East, Akimi was her setting sun,
no more at campfire shall they awake;
their path of woe and joy undone.
Yet do not mourn for her when she is dead
but you shall hear the bardly sullen yell
giving warning to the world that she is fled
from the vile world, with vilest worms to dwell:
nay, if you experience this know
she knew in her sweet thoughts would not be forgot,
if thinking on her then should make you woe.
That time of year though mayst in her behold
when yellow leaves, or none, or few,
do hang upon those boughs which shake against the cold,
bare ruined choirs, where late the sweet birds sang.
In their love shall we see the twilight of such day
as after sunset fadeth o'er the range;
which by and by black night doth take away,
Death's second self that seals up all in rest
in praise of warriors dead and battles still to fight
Then, in the blazon of sweet love's test,
redemption caught and hers by right.
In that love shall we see the glowing of such fire,
that on the ashes of her truth doth lie,
as the deathbed whereon it must expire,
consumed with that which it was nourished by.
This Gabrielle perceiv'st,
which makes her love more strong,
to love that well which though must leave ere long.
Not her own fears, nor the prophetic soul
of the wide world dreaming on things to come,
can yet the lease of her true love control,
supposed as forfeit to a confined doom.
The mortal moon hath her eclipse endured,
and the sad augurs mock their own presage;
incertainties now crown themselves assured,
and peace proclaims destiny an endless age.

(c) ArdentTly
Shakespeare filk

[Family Orchard] [Woman in Chains] [a part] [~words]
[Though Distance Seems To Part Us]
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Family Orchard

the willow always hangs its leaf
poor cedar fights for sun
the cypress bares its strength with ease
and elm, the stately one
the gentle pine tree holds the snow
gnarly branches for the apple
the poplar can blot out a view
autumn oak leafs turn to dapple
and oh the mighty maple tree
both strong and brave when bare
blossoms crimson life to see
its golden sap for all to share
but 'tis the prickly chestnut tree
with fruit a conking nut
that leaves me caught in reverie
before innocence was cut.

[Well Met] [Woman in Chains] [a part] [~words]
[Though Distance Seems To Part Us]
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Woman in Chains

Lying on the rolled out rug,
a gift of epic proportions,
the usurper to a brother's throne
waits patiently
plotting with passion and petulance.
Although a vision in what the gods
hath wrought
kohl and vermilion enhance the product,
its perfection mirrored in the greedy eyes
of one so old, so beset upon by enemies everywhere
that he would actually believe such a gift came
freely and without encumbrance.
With a nicely turned phrase,
the moist upturned lips
does she cast her net on Rome,
the bounty well worth the price,
although with it she would lose one weight
and gain another;
both men brothers in her arms.
Her charms engaged the enemy,
her prodigy cemented her fame,
and the actions of a harlot
would decide both her fate
and her enduring place in the annals of history;
just a woman who could rely on the kindness
of strangers.

(c) ArdentTly

[Well Met] [Family Orchard] [a part] [~words]
[Though Distance Seems To Part Us]
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a part

days meaningless
hours heavy in the air
tick tocking of time
beating like the wings
of some dark bat
dangerous and inevitable

when we are apart
is it ever so

(c) ArdentTly

[Well Met] [Family Orchard] [Woman in Chains] [~words]
[Though Distance Seems To Part Us]
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thoughts like building blocks
images scribbled on walls
and grunted around the fire

finally rising like sparks
the shape of man's desire
becoming flames of control

burning thoughts into place
no longer fluttering like wisps of a tune
glittering on the end of your tongue

frozen fire locked into place
like building blocks of cement

where's the fun in that?
feel them tantalize your tongue
enjoy the taste, the rhythm
the fire
of words.

(c) ArdentTly

[Well Met] [Family Orchard] [Woman in Chains] [a part]
[Though Distance Seems To Part Us]
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Though Distance Seems To Part Us

Each length and breadth of day
seem to flitter by
when words we should have said
are spoken with a sigh

The hopes and dreams of joy
that burble from my heart
give voice to things unsaid
though miles keep us apart

Until we meet again
my joy found in your arms
listen to your heartbeat
my love within a balm

(c) ArdentTly

[Well Met] [Family Orchard] [Woman in Chains] [a part] [~words]
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I reach out to you
thoughts still rushing by
filling my head, my heart
and spreading through my loins
as I remember our last encounter
reliving each touch
each ardent taste
my mind bathed in your scent
fingers twitch as I reach out to you
only to discover a gentle indentation of your form
lying witness
that dream was in fact

(c) ArdentTly

[Well Met] [Family Orchard] [Woman in Chains] [a part] [~words]
[Though Distance Seems To Part Us] [Beauty] [Deathmaiden] [Hands] [top of page]




Does the sweet laughter that burbles like champagne froth
From her exquisitely shaped lips define her beauty
Or is it the sorrowful tears that fall unbidden as she
Watches the callous actions of the world around her?
Is it the delicate shape of her jaw
Or the wide expanse of her smile?
Could it be the curve of the small of her back
Or the way she holds my child safely within her arms
That defines her radiance?
Is it the harmony we achieve as I immerse myself
In the glory of her sweet body
Or is it the fine crinkles that frame her enticing eyes
As she regales me with stories of her youth?
When I reach out to her, my days far too much burden to bear,
It is the acceptance, the humour and the gentle thoughtfulness
Filling my mind with the sublime beauty that she encompasses
That make me want to hold her and never let her go.
Beauty walks with such grace and ease
And yet for all that goes unnoticed in a world preoccupied
With numbers and perfectly formed white teeth

(c) ArdentTly
[Well Met] [Family Orchard] [Woman in Chains] [a part] [~words]
[Though Distance Seems To Part Us] [crystallize] [Deathmaiden] [Hands] [top of page]




She can kill with two fingers, smiling with grace
dressed to the nines, she'll spit in your face
and laugh while you're bleeding all over the place.
She's cruel to be kind cos you'll do what it takes
to keep the focus on her time's pain she'll erase
and whether she'll give you leather or lace
you'll dream of her touch ,even crimson encased.

She's a cold hearted bitch, touched with a god's grace
and it's Ares dementia you'll see in her face.
She offers both heaven and hell, you pick the place
and even in repose you give and she takes.
Cos boudoir battle fields are crossed and erased
and whether you want her in leather or lace
you'll dream of her touch wanting crimson encased.

(c) ArdentTly

[Well Met] [Family Orchard] [Woman in Chains] [a part] [~words]
[Though Distance Seems To Part Us] [crystallize] [Beauty] [Hands] [top of page]




Soft yet hard
cruel yet kind
gripping with intensity
yet anointing with sorrow.
Large and well formed
protected by bracers
or gauntlets
silver or brass
by a myriad of scars
or scarves.
Tapered and long
strong and careworn
cold harsh unforgiving
yet tender
capable of holding life
and taking it
of discharging judgment
and winning it.

Hands that have known strife
miles of grief
yards of blood.
Tools of war
bringers of peace
meting out pain
with one flick of the wrist
or pressed to lips in farewell.

Palms up in supplication
or pressed feverishly against death
fingers accusing
or entreating desire.
Dangerous deceitful
gripping life tenuously
demanding supple pained.
Skin stretched tightly
over muscle and bone
each nick stain break
a masterpiece of a life
well spent.

© ArdentTly

'When writing about women, one must dip one's pen in a rainbow.' D. Diderot

[Well Met] [Family Orchard] [Woman in Chains] [a part] [~words]
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