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he sits there   barely breathing
        a light dusting of ash sitting on
    his helmet            his face
partially covered by a mask
    his eyes glazed over from the
  work he has done        the work he
            still has waiting for him.

sirens echo off the shattered remains
     of the world trade center
and as the world holds its breath
        a small tear makes a path   down
               his grizzled chin
and onto hands that have touched
       cold brick   and   cold flesh.

     his shift is almost up   for today
but he knows    sleep is just something
  he used to do    as images of friends
     found in the rubble linger just
behind eyes that have seen too much
             on this eleventh day
                       of september.

(c) Trish Shields

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second guessing

what if I could take it back
    go back in time to that moment
when all the harsh words were
being formulated in my mind
when the only recourse I'd thought
existed was flight  bundling up my
kids and tearing off into limbo
    that place between still safe
and yet past the point of no return?

what if I could just ignore all those
niggling worries that dangerous time
was fraught with  ignore my own needs
and happiness     and just continue to
endure the lie that was becoming
            a second skin?

what would be different in the long run?

would I have been happy to watch my
children grow into bitter individuals
   afraid of their own shadows  building
relationships built on disrespect
     and denial or   would it have finally eaten
me alive  leaving me just wearing that
worn mask   'the wife'   with its painted on
smile   forever and a day like so many
of my friends had over the years who
should have gotten out    but never did?

never have found love   never have
found me  never have seen the truth
  in someone who promised to love and
honour me all the days of our lives
but had so little respect for me that
I wasn't even worth trying to keep as a friend
  never have realized my own potential
and expanded my universe with seeds
       of self-respect and pride

as much as I'd like to go back I know
I can't  I shouldn't want to  and I must
move forward   putting that need
                 behind me

it's hard as they prick at me leaving
wounds that fester and never heal

          but they must
in what ever fashion I have left
I must be there  still wearing the mask
    this time of motherhood
never  forgetting  that the seeds I've
sown in them will have a chance to grow
     in whatever soil they find themselves in

         I have to believe that

(c) Trish Shields

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linear dreams

little particles of energy comprised
of negative and positive ions
  bits and pieces of matter
that float and blaze around us
unseen and unremarked
  small mementos of who
and what we were  the cycle unbroken

and yet every now and then
they are focused
  their power at once realized
aflame not in the ethers
but in the spoken word
  it's like a blessing
this reanimation of that which was
still is and ever shall be

(c) ArdentTly

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The Forge

air filled with tension
eyes roving back and forth
wondering why I bother
- same old same old
the game of getting lucky
just not where I'm at

   looking for something
not ever dreaming
that it's right there
hopes vibrating, dreams thrumming
- and with a shot, I'm off and running

air thick with banalities
promises, platitudes

miles to go   before they're kept
and yet this one's different
not my type yet everything I need
but didn't know I wanted
  singled out from the herd
am I the hunter
                or is she?
with one touch, her scent, that voice

air sweet with the breath of promise
mouth stretched wide
lungs on fire
the blaze racing across skin
tingling across nerve endings
- two bodies locked in battle
          in bliss
in  ravenous  torture
hearts bodies minds
beating in rhythm
          in time
    c o n n e c t e d
fingers that would settle for brass
close around gold

(c) ArdentTly

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