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After the Campfire Has Dimmed


After the campfire has dimmed
Amid dreams and painful thoughts
With a laugh or as tears
from your green eyes start
My soul dies, breaking upon your heart

Softly in the inflection of singing chord
with eyes reflection only moonlight can
wave back to the stars
Breathing toward her impression
that will never be ignored
Smiling away into a vision
of my regal bard.

Sensing danger! Alert my nerves anew.
Now awake!...From another dream of you.

After the campfire has dimmed
the glow in your dreaming folded limbs
beneath my eyes has always been
brighter than a life I thought unredeeming
consolable everywhere, you my bard
are tranquil and warmly sleeping.

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Reluctant Queen
(The Quest episode)

From sky's ledge,
I see a most unusual thing.
A bard being offered, the right of queen.
Though, not too strange a fate to unseal.
You hesitate, question, not sure how you feel.

Your reluctant mood, from uncertain bond.
Accepting the mask, to take care of amazons.
The sky is filled with a beauty, rarely seen,
while you are getting ready, to be a queen.

My blush is the suns warm glow.
I kneel before you, brightly hail your name.
A queen will give me ambrosia!
My honor, shared ache, on a mystic plane..

You gave up a mask to travel with me.
Oh, bard, "You really want this destiny."
Not a doubt, heard in your eyes.
My quest for life, fulfilled and mystified.

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The Mystic Bard

for all the Bards in the Xenaverse

Caught! By thought, by the nearest indifferent tree.
The wearer, of my shade, standing before me.
She's decorated, with my destiny.
With magic of a bard, the mystic, relieving me,
to transported, listening knees.
A bard, speaking stories, with addition of play.
A sunrising body, hypnotic in my perfect dream.
She's speaking stories, a new fragrance everyday.

Our mystification, her soul elation, peak and
breathe and pause inside of me.
The triumph, of a tone, prolonged, deeply sown!
Brilliance, visible in her light!
Costumes of her stories, have elevated, and unveiled,
beauty felt and a touched moving sky.
But I confess, only! With my glowing eyes.
But I! Will be densified, and uplifted!
Without trail or trauma! Drifting free and defenseless!
Consumed by a love, converged and compacted,
by fate!
Taken, by radiant reach, her speech, elates!
Her stories and fascinations create,
a nature's tears break.
Words of gold build a temple, of hearts pounding hard!
I ask the gods, I understand and comprehend, the magic,
and my dazed amazement, of the mystic miracle,
mythic and lyrical, of my life...my bard!
The mystic bard.

{ After the Campfire Has Dimmed } { Reluctant Queen }

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Ship of Destiny
(Destiny ep.)

Gabrielle speaks:

Calm waters, have hid a storm.
Fog and fever, send you out to sea.
Out beyond, white knuckled, control of memory.
Back to the torn and scared ship of destiny.

Where villages burned your nights away.
Where revenge, bore your violent eyes.
Where you traded shipmate blood,
for strange death skills.

Traded your love, for greatness,
in the world.
Where storms of tears, sprayed mist, on ships floor.
Treasure earned, justified, blood pooled shores.

For second! Mind, lifts through fog.
Waves of tears, breaking on your face.
By noble prize, crucified, on a quiet beach.
Broken and draped, with your once governed sea.
Broken and dragged, by a rope you can't reach.
By the weight, of a hollow hull, death creaped.
Death, drowned and sank, our ship of destiny.

Bound to the cross, you buried inside.
Through death, you feel the oceans deep.
An anchor rises, from sea to sky, pulling ship,
from floor I want you to leave.
Feel my anchor in place, and hear my soul weep.
I give you wind and wave to sail back to our,
anchored ship of destiny.


{ After the Campfire Has Dimmed } { Reluctant Queen }

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The Singing Warrior

Gabrielle speaks:

The greatest sound on my life and ear.
A sound gods listen to, listening clear.
A sound birds listen to, jealously dear.
A sound you can see, around quiet streams.
Around powerful dreams, and silk moon beams.
When my warrior sings!

Standing trancelike when sound, wraps delight.
An illness you'd guess, that truly goes best,
with wine.
Relief form the day, my scrolls packed away,
I open my ears, cradled from fear.
Oh, what I hear, nourishes flowers, & waves in the sea.
Ah, my warrior sings.

Stop! Blood spills onto the floor, eyes frozen.
Fear shines directly, with terror collecting,
peace ripped darkly, stomping our love starkly,
in the dirt.
Dying stars! Dying dreams! Before me appear.
Fear! Terror's list I'm on. Senses betray my eyes,
but not my ears!
Oh, my warrior sings!

Xena speaks:

My fascination, awakes peaceful manifestation.
A sound of reputation, sounds of retribution.
A song my heart never thought it could hear.
Wishes I have, songs I can sing, music in vein.
Cries out to the world of fear!
The warrior sings.

{ After the Campfire Has Dimmed } { Reluctant Queen }

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