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Your Living Scroll

You've filled many a scroll with words and song.
Beautiful lettering has blessed my eyes.
Given air and ear, prose to delight on.
Shaken waves to tears of mist, and sighs.

But bard the open scroll you write upon,
Is wrapped round your soul and life.
Always next to you, a scroll of body and eyes.

Never to be filled or finished or written in fear.
A living scroll, you have re-born and realized!
Your precious words to endlessly appear!

When I roll up away and distance myself from your truth.
A scroll scribed in blood, sealed with help from above.
But you can re-write my youth.
Your words peel me open, by songs you have spoken!
And I unroll to your well written love.

Your a bard like no other, you can write a spring day.
Happiness flows from your quill, erasing all my pain.
You're tender lettering, written on the face of my soul.
Your living scroll, before you I'll always lay!
For eternity, out descendants will say!
Scribe you dreams! Scribe your loves!
In me they will forever stay.

{ The Burning Scrolls } { My Redeemer }

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The Burning Scrolls
(If Xena killed in cold blood again)

Inspired by hobbes "What if"


Gabrielle Speaks:
If your redemptive fate becomes an unbeliever,
and leaves many with slandering eyes
And your actions and wills are a forgotten blur.
My scrolls burning in my hands as I scribe.
Though tales are twisted into the land's
revolutions, embedded, spinning into buried time.

And though by burning tear of my unworthy ways,
and your untrusting touch of my helplessness,
the respect that I crave, can't send me to my grave.

If I must live forever, to say my convictions
of my faith, embodied in your eyes.
If I must scribe till my hands have reached the sun
burning my sworn heart alive.
I will bury the scared tongue, that taints you.
I return the firelight of your truth and sacrifice.
My eyes will burn to your deeds!
Crossing your bloody curtain to release!
Keep your icy face, and taunting eyes,
to give to the evil warlords cheeks.
For I will bring you tranquillity,
for your guilty hands to drink.

You destroyed with a fire so carelessly.
A weapon, a god, a love. And yes a light
in my scrolls of burning tragedy.
I will live and die by your fire, endlessly!

{ Your Living Scroll } { My Redeemer }

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My Redeemer


The fates have placed your life in my hands,
and my redemption in your soul.
Still, I don't know why you love me,
and travel down this bloody road.

You've given me the greatest challenge,
all saints or sinners want to escape.
The battle to love yourself,
a battle alone, I can't face.

I'd thought I'd find it in deeds.
I'd thought I'd find it in sacrifice.
But, the spirit of redemption is in your heart.
I saw it, when death I faced.

You wonder at my fighting skills.
And how I can be so strong.
A greater wonder is your power of forgiveness,
and letting go of wrong.

Redemption is not so far away.
My guilt I've less to dwell.
I'm a murderer and a thief.
But my redemption has a name; Gabrielle

My Wanderlust
You are the wanderlust, the gods gave to me.
Releasing my power, my life.
Adventures I can live, Adventures I can scribe.
Through you, I wander and I am alive.

You lead my hand, my soul into the world.
You , the incarnate of my will!
Your past is before me unfurled.
Yes you love, and you kill.

The sword has protected me from birth,
though never in my hand.
I love and respect it fiercely.
Though rid the world of it, if I can.

Reliving events that shaped your soul.
I feel as though I lived them, I think I feel them more.
Somehow you know what's in my heart.
Such a purpose to reflect the light, not the dark.

I have a wanderlust that is our life.
Love like water, standing still.
Xena, your spirit has become me.
Protect it, I always will.

{ Your Living Scroll } { The Burning Scrolls }

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Wielding Pageantry


As you lapse in freestanding agony
Framed into a battle wielding pageantry.
Into my scrolls! Into my hands! Quieting,
screams of fire beside hearts.. entrance!
Devotion, our lustrous ocean
upon my skin, with a touch adored .
Perfume filling within my heart.
"Warrior, shall I pour"?
Enduring scrolls are empty, and unbeating!
Without the sacred place that holds your pain.
Into my scrolls! Into my heart!
Release the blood of battle's drain.
Your lost face has found it's way ,
into my palm.. startled by the calm.
Beyond the blood that calls your name.
Between sanctuary and the pain, lodge
eventual peace fair spoken glance,
with lost swords, of bold advance!
I'll recite your victories,
and sing about our destiny!
A girlhood with a warrior,
bringing your impassiveness forward,
and forgotten, into stars entrancing seas.
Into my scrolls! Into my soul!
Your past is my ambrosia, formed glare
grasping and immersing into our
Radiant form ..of pageantry!

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The sun soars over your head
and shadows glide across your face
always revealing a feeling beauty
Touched by the gods perfect trace
My eyes are overflowed, mortal
mind unable to comprehend
a glow so easy to beam into
my soul, lifting my body to
intense pleasure that never ends.
Yes I float around your gentle steps
and fall to your little complaints
Always, stunned by your powerful smile
ruled by your wonderful beauty, your
gracious acts always attain.

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Into the heavens, starlight in eyes
My heart exposed darkness fly's
By your compassion, I've found a sea
Drowning my past with our destiny
You sing to me of finding peace
of a dream without the pain.
Yes! A calmness soothes my mind,
When I gaze upon our precious bind .
Your rhythms speak the gestures ,
of our passionate times.
And redemption, smiling presence,
Forever hungry healing wine.

{ Your Living Scroll } { The Burning Scrolls } { My Redeemer }

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