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{Untitled} {Born Again} {Lies of Omission}
{Shower Scene} { Yours}

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All I want is a little more time
Just a little more time with you
All I need is a little peace of mind
So I'll know what to do

I know I'll miss you when I go
All I want is a little more time
Just to see what I can find
Help me get my life to rhyme

I don't mean to bring you down
All I ever wanted to do
Was get a little more time
A little more time with you

“Face” I care more than you know
But, right now I am scared
That when I go away, we'll
Never get back the days shared.

If I ever get the nerve
To tell you how I feel
We'll have to sit and talk
Finding out what is real

Now that the pressures have got me
I don't know what I should do
The only things I'm sure of
Are my life, my taxes and you.

{Born Again} {Lies of Omission}
{Shower Scene} { Yours}



can never express
through speech
nor prose
how deep my love flows
You have unleashed rivers
Who with their flood
Washed clean
the blood
of emotional


{Untitled} {Lies of Omission}
{Shower Scene} { Yours}


Lies of Omission

Come to me
Let me hold you
I don't ask for more
and my heart screams, “LIAR” –

You are my all
my it –
You are all I could want –
or need –
You would settle this wanderer
Stop this runner's sprint –

“You only you”
If ever spoken by you
to me
Would cause me
to stop.
to stand still
in time.

If ever our lips meet
I fear –
the loss.
For you would know
the truth.

So I come to you
always at a distance.

Keeping safe the illusion.

Ever faithful friend.

BCB 01/26/02

{Untitled} {Born Again}
{Shower Scene} { Yours}


Shower Scene

Oh you have no idea what you've done.

I was stuck in soul stealing mud.

Helpless as it sucked me from me.

With head bent, I stayed,
Knowing no better.

Believing the lies of abuse whispered to me
Believing there was no other life for me.

Then you came wading in my swamp.

Speaking of a mud-free life.

Praising my existence.

With small testing steps I walked toward you.
Then retreated back to the safety of the Known.

But you my Celtic Shamaness refused to yield.

You gently pulled me to you
Your words enveloping me.

With one final step –
It's hold released in a sucking gasp.

Your heart showers me -

And here I now stand –

On Dry Ground.



{Untitled} {Born Again} {Lies of Omission}
{ Yours}



You have
conquered this warrior.
Left me
panting and breathless.

Your love is
my inhalation.
Your touch
my heartbeat.

Losing either
would end
this life.

My sword
laid at your feet
signals my surrender.

Never has there
been such
a willing prisoner.

I cling to the
safety found
Only in your arms.

I wear your love
as my armor.
I am invincibly

BCB 02/08/02

{Untitled} {Born Again} {Lies of Omission}
{Shower Scene}