{The Feast}
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This is my first attempt of sharing what I write,so please let me know what you think
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I could no longer listen to the whispers of fear in my heart.
I could no longer for loss of breath and life suppress this evergrowing need
to eat and to drink from you.
Eclipsing all doubt I spoke without words a certain natural invitation.
All the world was excluded except for the invading hunger
and the wanting , the needing for ultimate satisfaction.
I half expected rejection, half fulfillment.
Then I saw it like an oracle: Phantom fire ignited in your wonderous eyes.
As in dreams your mouth became a palpable depth welcoming me home.
Now is the time for the shadows of our silent torture to die!
This yearning hidden for so long is twirling and quivering within a fevered embrace.
Our eyes and hands and lips are full and everywhere at once.
The stars are weeping at the sight of this spectacle, it is that beautiful.
Our bodies are free from the bonds of our mind.
They are spread wide open flying in intricate and superb patterns
longing to absorb even the most insignificant of substances.
There is a ravishing need to devour every corner
Inwardly we have turned to liquid while outwardly we have lost all form.
I realize until now we have truly been starved, until now we have not known what
Consumption is.
I even doubt of my own existence before this night.
This exaltation of the senses makes me both a master and a slave of this world
that has surfaced from the ardent touch of skin.
I dissolve myself in you and I know you are equally intoxicated by me
I am aware of it from your scent and taste.
I praise your body in its infinite dimension.
On my knees I dive into your abyss, intertwining my tongue with your shattering groans.
I am both stranded and found in the darkness between your legs.
I could nourish myself with this stream endlessly.
As I stride rushing in and out gleefully taking delight of your tremors
my hands prolong themselves to hunt for your firm awaiting breasts.
This urge for you is undying and unrelenting.
Your voice pleading my name is like a chant ancient and divine
this must be the beginning of a new myth.
There are no more gods than this!
Olimpia falls as our bodies echo with an ascending rumbling.
Your body tightens, a storm is unfolding; everything that was once denied and forbidden
is now awake and howling in your throat.
Alive with pleasure I feel your doors open and I drink from the plenty of your milky convulsions
all the while feeling luscious thrills of my own as I savor your flooding thunder.
I have broken trough the universal walls of reason, as of now death may come or life may begin
For I finally possess you and you have conquered me eternally.
I have transfigured my being by draining you.
From this night forward I vow to worship no other
No dusk nor dawn shall come for me trough out the ages
If in thine eyes I am not reflected.

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