Poetry by: Chosen1189

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Forever Together

We follow a pathway together,
With you fearlessly leading the way.
My best friend I willingly follow,
Wherever your heart and mine say.

I have no fear as darkness surrounds me,
For I've found my protector in you.
Whenever doubt or fear overcomes me.
You give me your love bold and true.

We celebrate our good times together,
Growing closer than all of the rest.
I know that with you I'm quite taken.
And believe that I have found the best.

When the time comes for our lives to end,
I will be right by your side.
For wherever you go, I must follow,
Alone I will not take that ride.

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My Protector

Standing quietly,
A whisper of a breeze crosses my face.
I feel her approach,
My woman of exquisite grace.

I smile brightly
As she seeks my undivided attention.
Then here she is,
Openly displaying her every intention.

She reaches for me,
Enveloping me in her protective arms.
Holding me tightly,
She saves the one she loves from harm

I feel so secure
As she wraps me in her tender embrace.
There is no enemy
My warrior and I cannot face.

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She Does

When I gaze into by beloved's eyes
I see reflections of my soul.
Does she see her soul's reflection
When she gazes into mine?

When I touch my beloved's heart
I feel her smile of love deep within.
Does she feel my wondering smile
As she touches the love in mine?

When she gently soothes away my fear
I feel the heat beneath her caress.
Does she feel the same overwhelming heat
As I soothe her fears away?

Gazing tenderly, yet deep into my eyes,
Her smile touches my questioning heart.
Replacing all fear with her warm caress,
She has found the center of our souls!

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Someone in Love

When did I become so enamored with her, with everything about her?
She slipped quietly into my heart without a moment's hesitation.
I was completely unaware. This feeling of love arrived without my knowledge.
Was it her strength or was it those magnificently glowing blue eyes?
Where was I when it happened? Was I even thinking about her?
As I stand here, I watch her and am in awe of her beauty and exquisite grace.
Her dark hair flows loosely past her shoulders, her strong arms at her sides.
She approaches me with that incredible smile on her face, melting my soul.
When she nears me, I want to reach out and touch her, hold her, anything.
Anything to make this feeling a reality. I want her to feel someone in love.

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{ She Found Me }
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She Found Me

On a pathway to nowhere feeling bitter and alone,
I saw her.
She fearlessly followed a beaten down warrior.
She followed me!
She talks too much and analyzes everything.
She drives me crazy.
She walks beside me as I ride into battle.
Why does she care?
She worries when I must travel alone.
She is so protective.
A fireside chat brings us closer together.
How can this be?
She brings me laughter and joyous moments.
What is this feeling?
I feel her closeness and want to reach out.
Is this friendship?
I gaze on her beauty and feel peace in my heart.
Have I found love?
Everything has changed and I'm no longer alone.
Thank you for finding me!

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{ Someone In Love }
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