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I Seek

I am but a mortal
Searching like anyone else
For a space in which I can dwell
And remain true to myself.

I seek respite from convention.
I seek freedom from condemnation.
I seek emancipation from the stereotype.
I seek my souls liberation.

Please, goddess hear me
Your ancient wisdom bestow
Of knowledge and understanding
That I may also then know.

Internal/external to a higher plane
My soul yearns to fly.
To understand the mystery
That is the essence of my life.

I seek relief from mankind's ignorance.
I seek liberty from pretense.
I seek release from earthly bounds.
I seek my heart's rebound.

Great universe I request your gifts.
I seek that I might become
More than this life's dimension
A compassionate and spiritual one.

A source of illumination
To any who pause to listen.
An illustrator of environment
To any who seek a vision.

I seek to admit my limits.
I seek to forgive the past.
I seek loves understanding.
I seek loves path.

Know this, then who hear
That we all contain the whole
Of the mystery within us
Our part of the universal soul.

Ó (JCE) 1/10/00

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Just A Typical Day

Bored, Bored, Bored, Bored.
So far two hours of this.
New systems ---- old problems.
I really could care less.

Oops, faded out there a moment.
Was he talking to me?
Okay, don't let on and
stay calm - "Excuse me?"

"Of course, we can deliver".
"We're on schedule as planned".
Please don't go and ask me how
I intend to make it happen.

He's like a bandy rooster-
struts to and fro.
Too bad he's dumb as a rock.
Oh Lord, another hour to go.

Okay, I can make it through this.
Wear my 'that's fascinating' expression.
The ground just opened and swallowed him up
thanks to my imagination.

At last, this hell is over.
I'm almost out the door.
My day is finally half over.
Only four more meetings to go.

Ó (JCE) 7/28/00

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Lover's Dance

Tender beginnings-
a gentle kiss.
Hands floating
igniting flesh.

Lips seeking, connecting.
Eyelids close.
Fingers caressing.
A neck exposed.

Fingertips tracing
an invisible line.
Primordial instinct.
Passions arise.

Flesh pressed to flesh.
Limbs intertwined.
Tongues dancing, tasting -
seeking to dine.

Embers inflame.
Senses arise.
Sweet nectar flows.
Passion takes flight.

Ancient rhythms awake
body and soul.
Heart pounding rhythm.
Guttural moans.

Two become one -
a lover's dance
Souls rebound.
Ecstasy's climax.

Soothing words.
and gentle caress.
Lovers phrase.
Lovers spent.

Come dance with me -
my love, my life.
Together our passions -
our souls reunite.

Ó (JCE) 1/12/00

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Note To Self


Dance with the Leprechauns.
Skip stones on a pond.
Laugh with abandon.
Make up a song.

Follow the Fairies.
Join a pillow fight.
Skip down the hallway.
Watch a lava light.

Steal cookies from the kitchen.
Fly to the moon.
Deep-sea dive in the pool.
Play the spoons.

Save Dodge from the bad guys.
Ride off in the sunset.
Talk to the animals.
Play with an erector set.

Stomp in a puddle.
Climb a tree.
Swing real high.
Watch a honeybee.

Spin real fast.
Balance on a beam.
Run everywhere.
Have a daydream.

Watch the clouds.
Pet the dog.
Chase a mouse.
Catch a polliwog.

Escape to Pooh Corner
And the Chocolate Factory.
Sing along with the Muppets.
Read a bedtime story.

Ó (JCE) 8/1/00

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Long Overdue Thank You


When our lives our touched
By the soul of another
Like the flicker of a flame
Or the crossing of a shadow -
Often missed before it is gone,
More often than not
The impact is not known.

Our lives touched for brief interludes
Before you were gone.
I never really thought you saw me
No more so than anyone.

How profound your impact
And yet you will never know
How with six spoken words
A healing gift you bestowed.

We spoke of an afterlife
And the disposition of souls.
A universal collective -
A communion of the whole.

I sought to comfort.
Some hope to share.
That your battle though lost
You would not end here.

You suddenly turned to me
And looked me in the eye.
You said "You're such a gentle soul."
Disbelief - my reply.

I think my heart stopped
So profound was this balm.
A lifetime of disparagement
Somewhat eased and calmed.

I never told you
How you touched me that day.
I never thanked you
For taking some pain away.

I hope we were right
About what was to be.
That you are happy,
And your soul was set free.

Ó (JCE) 7/26/00

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We search out life's path -
Unseen and unknown.
Our reason for being.
Our dreams - our hopes.

But chaos invades without discretion
Humanities true dissension.
Spirits caged and cursed
Living though bruised and dispersed.

Grandfather, I wander in no direction
Stuck in the mire of modern times -
Waiting breathless for divine intervention
Facing a darkness beyond time.

My spirit pounds like the wings of a captive bird
Struggling to fly free.
Beating against life's bars.
Seeking a path in which to be.

I can not see the sun.
I long for the sun's gentle caress.
The moon does not grace me.
Nor does the thunder set me free.

I will die here.
I will cease to be.
Mankind's subterfuge
Will have taken me
Far from the mother
Far from the truth
Far from the essence
of balance and good.

© (JCE) 2/15/00

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Often alone
in thought and place.
Overactive mind.
Nondescript face.
Survivor by birth.
Adapter by need.
A child in trouble -
crimes unseen.
Bitter youth -
guarded and wary.
Fearful and angry -
grown up in a hurry.

What do you see-
When you look at me?
Do you see a demon?
Do you see the need?

Do you know how I try
each and every day
to heal the wounds,
to be better in some way?

I've made it this far
all on my own.
A shell of a human.
No place to call home.
Yet you look at me
as if I am more,
as if I am someone,
you look into my core.
I look away
for fear you will find
someone unworthy -
a waste of your time.
And yet your hand
caresses my cheek,
lifts my head up
so our eyes meet.
The love in your eyes
shatters my shell.
Exposed and raw
my heart swells.
I can't stop the tears.
I can't hold them in.
I can't stop the pain
long held within.
Your arms hold me tight.
your voice soft and steady.
You say that you love me.
You say I am worthy.

This can't be real.
This is a dream.
I don't deserve this
my mind screams.
And yet you are here
and you promise to stay.
Your lips seal the bargain.
You won't turn away.

Ó (JCE) 1/14/00

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Would That I Could


Would that I could
- release the pain and heal the heart.
- free the spirit and some wisdom impart.

Though similar in nature,
yet not quite the same,
I know the distress.
I know of the pain.

Would that I could
- promote hope and a dream.
- make it less caustic than it now seems.

Have faith in tomorrow
as hard as that may be.
Trust in the future
and hold fast to the dreams.

For tomorrow will come
and the spirit will heal.
Would that I could
make it easier to feel.

Ó (JCE) 8/10/00

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