Poetry by: Heruda

{Warrior Princess} {Ode to Gabrielle} {Gabrielle Was Her Name}
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Warrior Princess

Whining horses running to and fro
The clashing of weapons at war was loud
The sounds of pain and agony
The smell of blood and death
It was all driving me mad inside
There was so much anger in my heart
Then, out of nowhere, a battle cry was heard
"aaaaiiiieeee" was the sound
To my astonishment and before I could react
There before me crouched--sword in hand, a wry smile on her face and
blue eyes twinkling in anticipation--Xena ready for battle
It was my first meeting with the warrior princess
and I was frozen where I stood
I stared into her eyes, blue as the sea and
I felt myself being embraced by the cool and
gentle waters
Calm and serenity, which I had not felt before
Overcame the entire essence of my being
As I returned to reality, to my dismay
The warrior princess stood majestically in front of me
There was peace in my heart
Which had not been there before
Out of my hand dropped my sword
A smile touched my lips
She turned and walked away
Ready to take someone's anger away
Yet, the princess glanced back and smiled
For she knew the anger in my heart
Was forever gone
Just as I knew my heart was forever hers

{Ode to Gabrielle} {Gabrielle Was Her Name}
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Ode to Gabrielle

My sweet Gabrielle
Mighty queen of the Amazons
I cherish the day you came into my life
How could I have known you would change my life so
I have learned so much from you
And I have grown as a person because of you
We have been through so much
Pain, heartaches, defeats, anger, death
Yet you still keep pushing forward
And pulling me along with you
Oh wonderous bard
Whose words have lightened my heart so many times
You keep me laughing with your stories
You make me cry with them as well
My sweet Gabrielle
Whose hair is as golden as the sun
And eyes the color of the trees
Your smile can make the most dreary of days go away
I have thanked the gods everyday
For having sent you my way
My sweet Gabrielle
What would I do if I should lose you some day

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Gabrielle Was Her Name

Sitting by the lake one glorious day
I contemplated my journey ahead
All at once, behind me somewhere
I heard a melodious voice singing in the wind
Turning around to see who it might be
I saw a young woman with sun-golden hair
and a staff in her hand
As she approached the lake
She noticed I was there
With a radiant smile on her face
She came closer to the lake
We said our hello's and her name was Gabrielle
She was on her way to Athens
To meet her good friend
Neither one of us in a hurry
She told me some stories, both funny and sad
And I was awed by the knowledge she had
Before we both knew it
The morn had slipped by
We said our goodbyes and started our separate ways
But more stories I wanted to hear
So to Athens I followed the bard
Gabrielle was her name

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