Poetry By: Joanne

{There Was A Time} {The Dream One Day Will Be} {Ode to Chicken Soup}
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There was a time when I knew where I was going
A time not so long ago
The road had no turns, I never went astray,
Now I wonder what happened to that road.

There was a time when I knew what I believed in
It seems like just yesterday
And I thought I knew what was right and wrong
Now that belief seems to have gone away.

There was a time when I knew that love would conquer
Now I know that isn’t true
With the love came pain, with the pain came heartache
I wonder how I ever made it through.

Now I realize that life is always changing
That the bad comes with the good
I know that I’ll survive, that I’ll make it through
And somehow I always knew that I would.

{The Dream One Day Will Be} {Ode to Chicken Soup} {top of page}



You need a bard to sing a song
Or tell a story true
Or make your mind dance with joy
But I guess I’ll have to do.

I know your life is very hard
The laughter comes and goes
So fly with me to a dream I know
And perhaps you’ll make it yours.

I know a place where love is king
And queen and princess too
Where laughter sings across the land
And no one’s ever blue.

A place where you can be yourself
A place where no fear dwells
A land of green and rolling hills
A time of magic elves.

So come with me and find the way
Your mind can set you free
Just dream of life and hope to come
And the dream one day will be.

{There Was A Time}{Ode to Chicken Soup} {top of page}



Chicken soup is a wonder drug
It can cure most anything
Nothing beats it for a cold
Or any flu a bug can bring

I’ve heard that Jewish mothers make
The very best soup of all
But any brand will do the trick
When you feel an illness call

I’ve tried it myself a time or two
When I’m feeling very ill
A week of eating chicken soup
Will give you a cure or a kill

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear
That taken externally
Chicken soup will clear right up
Warts, lumbago, and fleas

So give a toast to chicken soup
It’s better than taking drugs
And Raid is no comparison
When it comes to killing bugs

{There Was A Time} {The Dream One Day Will Be} {top of page}