Poetry By: Josha Skye

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Maybe we are but nipples tenderly bitten,
concealed nerve ends beneath this skin called reality.
Longing, first stripped me naked;
To give it up I could not continue being human.

The mind wanders through each breath,
finally embracing my body squeezing back
into space empty of you.

You, you, you, you are crucial.
I wonder who I will be
after my imagination
has ravished you.


It should be simple,
so simple to cross
this distance, this space
filled with moving,
and touch your hand.
Life……………is everything
and is everywhere
and is ephemeral.
We are apt to forget to remember
life's too short not
to surrender
to feelings.


Silent Revelation

Soundless silence so quiet, so eloquent,
disturbs the extreme stillness that is almost paradise.
An inner solitude,
A mind at peace,
A captive soul, set free,
Through the deepening silence I see
the God that is
in you
and me.

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Hurrying, always ahead,
Time, halt a moment,
Not yours but their's;
The duo oblivious to your haste.
Time stands still;
Nothing can alter their embrace.

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I will not write a song for you,
For what's a song made of but words.
Words inadequate words, never revealing what I feel;
Nor conveying my love so pure, so real.

I will not hold you in my arms,
I will not show you all my charms,
For if I hold you it will be known,
I am just another mortal of flesh, of bones.

So I'll you still, in my thoughts till I die,
With my love for you so true,
For I know no other way of loving,
Than the way I feel for you.

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I believe in harmony.
A verse is born, the lover knows.
A kiss can be voiced.
I am one in myself
I am one with you.

I believe we are magic.
Made from the carbon dust of stars.
Life, it is life we
breathe and this breathe
the core of the universe.

September 07, 2001

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Last night another crowded room
entwined us. Isolated bodies
moved as I raised to sip
watching you watching me.
I realized all.
Snow igniting to chuckling crystals,
Sunlight thawing to blazing liquid,
Senses all mine, metamorphosing into one.

Sprawled in an overstuffed sofa twirling
the wine flute amongst dangling fingers
I felt the universe move.

September 07, 2001

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And the timbre of your voice,
I do not feel rebuffed.
I despised it when you froze
the fire that ignites my soul
finally doing me in.

And the flick of your wrist,
I do not see discarded ashes.
Crushed cigarettes in the ashtray
your lipstick still kissing them
makes me envious for your lips.

September 07, 2001

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