Poetry By: Kate Edwards

{Bondage} {Question} {Need} {Unfeminine Hands}
{Seduction} {Pain} {Falling} {Dance}

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Upon a bed of nails
my skin torn and ripped
leather bites my flesh
and I am bound
I am bound not by the ties that hold me
but by the ties I have within
my heart has become the whip
my sex has become the chains
you have become my violator
and you have become my lover
and you have become my soul
the leather kisses my skin
my eyes close and my body arches away from the pain
I dread each stroke and long for it
What I feel is acute
it is love
A pleasure pain cocktail
mixed for my delight
I am drunk on it
drunk on the feeling that you give me
the room spins
my heart pounds
I am falling
I wonder if you will catch me
Your hand is gentle and cruel
Your smack has become a caress
and I know that I am in bondage
A bondage of my own choosing
A bondage that I desire
and I finally understand
it was from being bound
that I was truly set free

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So what's the line between fucking and loving
or maybe you can just love fucking
and enough be said
But we are never so lucky in life or in love
and there is a price to pay for pleasure
So get down on your knees
that seems to be the only way

close your eyes
bow your head and pray
and ask to know the answer
what's the line between fucking and loving
and how far can you go before you lose your soul

{Bondage} {Need} {Unfeminine Hands}
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Do you crave me
If you did
could you save me
Could you set me free
and if you could
how would it be
would you make me lose control
and when you did
would that make me feel whole
or would I just feel the same
a different face with a different name
would you fuck me
would you put your head between my legs and suck me
maybe you should do just that
just push me to my back
and erase all the thoughts from my mind
if you could do that I would think you were maybe one of a kind

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Unfeminine Hands

Her hands glide across your flesh
Her rough palms sliding down to capture your passion
Her blunt nails scratching a trail of desire down your body
Her strong fingers sinking into your heat
and you gasp at the feel
of her unfeminine hands

{Bondage} {Question} {Need}
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Her body induced me
Her mind seduced me
Her eyes adored me
as she stood naked before me
I wondered if it would last
as she gasped and grasped
for my fingers

She melted into me
But I wondered if I wanted to be free
So I kissed her lips
and begged for the touch of her fingertips
and all I thought
Well why not?
Why not give her my body
my soul
my heart
even if it tore me apart
So I fell into her body, fell into her hands
Let her wants guide me, listened to her commands
and only thought
why not

{Bondage} {Question} {Need} {Unfeminine Hands}
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I close my eyes and feel you there
your words cut me down
and your eyes bruise me with their stare
and I am left cold and naked on the ground
and I wonder if I am lost
and you are found
or am I just confused
and it's the other way around
I guess it really doesn't matter
if it's the former
or if it's the latter
I just hope that with any luck
I could be for you a memorable fuck
yeah another ghost to pass between your legs
but I won't be like the other
who for your attention begs
No I will just smile and say goodbye
and though you somehow want it
you wont see me cry
you thought there was so much value in your touch
but for me
it just cost too much
so now it's time for you to leave me here
or maybe that's my line
and I should leave you there
either way the results the same

you are gone
and I am in pain
but hey no one said love was fun
it gives you joy
and then leaves you with none
but eventually your image will fade from me
and you will wind up like all the rest
just a memory

{Bondage} {Question} {Need} {Unfeminine Hands}
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I'm just fallin' passin' you on my way down
and to tell you the truth
I never expected to see you when I hit ground
No you were never one to be around
and I know you can't help me be found
So I don't understand why you should be so mad
I wasn't the first one
you ever had
No I was just the one that got away
the one that never asked you to stay
And I am just fallin' past you and past this
so send me away with a smile and a kiss
and don't look back on what was before
because there is nothing left in me to adore
No, you used me up and nothing remains
So just close your eyes and never see me again
Cause I am just fallin'
passin' you on the way down
And I know you wont be there
when I hit ground

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Why don't you dance with me
it could be the last chance for me
cause there is a time bomb tickin in my head
and tomorrow we could wake up and all be dead
the sky could fall in, the world implode
this bomb could go off and my head could explode
so why not take a chance on me
just close your eyes and dance with me
forget about tomorrow and just stay
in the morning you could just walk away
I would just close my eyes and let you leave

and you would never have to see me grieve
for you it would just be a dance
so why not take a chance

{Bondage} {Question} {Need} {Unfeminine Hands}
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