Poetry by: Kim Steele

{The First}{The Second}{The Third}{The Fourth}{The Fifth}{The Sixth}{The Seventh}{The Eighth}

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The Spirit of the Season

The First

Quiet, peaceful, glorious.
Walking across fields
mounted with snow,
You find yourself dreaming
of soaring,
Sailing high above the
silent world
Underneath a blanket
of warmth.
This is the time of Christmas,
May this be a lovely
With family and friends

{The Second}{The Third}{The Fourth}{The Fifth}{The Sixth}{The Seventh}{The Eighth}


The Second

A month of anticipation
is coming to an end
Children will have dreams
come true
Parents will beam at the
sight of the smiles.
The Chrismas Season is
upon us
How beautiful it is for
all concerned.

{The First}{The Third}{The Fourth}{The Fifth}{The Sixth}{The Seventh}{The Eighth}


The Third

My heart is filled with
the Christmas spirit
It is bursting at the seams
with joy and love.
Being with people close to me is fantastic
I hopethis Christmas Season
Is as beautiful for you
as it is for me.
A heart full of love
can do wonders
for every heart and every soul.

{The First}{The Second}{The Fourth}{The Fifth}{The Sixth}{The Seventh}{The Eighth}


The Fourth

The wind whistling through
the clouds,
Snow falling steadily for
the first time,
Brought to mind the
winter season
in all of its splendor.
Listening to the snow
touch the window,
thoughts of friends
around a blazing fire.
Talking about things
that just happy by,
May you find yourself
in this setting
For you can learn so much
when talking amongst

{The First}{The Second}{The Third}{The Fifth}{The Sixth}{The Seventh}{The Eighth}


The Fifth

Caroling around town
raises spirits and joy
to the heart.
When friends get
gather this season
and sing the happiness
of the day,
they do raise the spirits of
those all around.
This is a beautiful


The Sixth

Have yourself a merry little
Christmas …”
this is a simple phrase
but it says so much to
those you love.
I hope the Yule Tide is
special for you
For you are special to me


The Seventh

Here comes Santa Claus …”
Watch the children this season.
Their joy brings youth to the
hearts of all.
Each person tries to be
kind to everyone,
for everyone realizes that
there is someone else
to love and cherish.


The Eighth

Trees delicately sprinkled
with snow,
Ponds coated with layers
upon layers of ice
are some of the beautiful
sights of Christmas.
Nature has a subtle way
of making
The Yule Tide Season complete.
What would the celebration
of Christs's brith be
without the gentle touch
of G-d and Nature.