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copyright 1997

No copyright infringement is intended. Although I have made no direct
mention of Xena, Gabrielle or Callisto, I believe you'll 'sense' them
somehow. This was inspired by the episode, "Intimate Stranger."

I could tell that I had
hurt her...

For the briefest of seconds,
I caught the glimpse of sadness
in her eye.

I'm trying SO very hard...

To look past the body,
and into the soul.

Trying so hard.

To know that she's
here, just hidden in
plain site.

So hard...

Not to shudder with distaste,
revulsion if we touch...

So hard...

To find the love I have
to the strong caring

So hard...

To look past my grief...

Grief in losing her...

I close my eyes, and imagine
it's her that I hear...

In my dreams, does she

Telling me, "It's all right,
I understand."

HOW can she understand,
when I've never told her...

Can I tell HER?

The blonde hair...
not raven

The eyes no longer the
intense shade of blue...

That I long to look into...

The thought that I might
have killed her...

Fills me with dread...

HOW LONG will this

When will this waking
nightmare end.

I will stay by her side, I will
not abandon my friend...

More than just my friend...

She knows my dreams.

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Never Hide

copyright Dec. 30, 1998

Let me take you into these arms of mine

Let me be the one to comfort you in the night

Let me be the one to take the fears you hide...

take them from you,

banish them.

Let me be the one you wish to
open your heart to...

Feel what I hold inside,
I am swept away by your actions..

Let my touch be the one you look for

Let my touch surround you with comfort

Never run from me

never hide...

"Gabrielle, we've got to get moving if we're going to make it to the
next village before nightfall," Xena said, getting Argo ready.

"Okay, I'll be there in a minute," she replied, looking at the words she
had just written. Sighing, she rolled the parchment and placed it in her
carrying case, securing the flap.

"I think you'll like it there, it's by the ocean," Xena told her, as she
lead Argo by the reins to the main road.

"I can't wait, as long as I don't have to sail, I'll probably love it,"
Gabrielle answered a smile on her lips.

"Ride with me for awhile? We can make up some of the time we've lost,"
Xena said.

"All right," Gabrielle said, taking Xena's offered arm and quickly
settled behind her friend.

"You okay back there?"

"I'm fine... let's get going."

Gabrielle felt the tremors in Xena's body.

Laughing, Xena replied, "As you wish, your majesty. Come on Argo, can't
keep the Queen waiting," she urged her trusted horse forward.


Xena laughed even harder.

Gabrielle lightly hit Xena's arm, doing more damage to herself than her

Shaking her head, Gabrielle rolled her eyes.

She liked hearing Xena laugh, if it meant she took a little teasing...

'It's worth it,' Gabrielle thought.

She hope she would have a chance to work on the piece she had started
once they arrived at the village.

The end.

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Past and Future Lives

copyright Nov. 15, 1998.

Through many lifetimes
we have met

Many faces we have
worn, places we have

Strangers, enemies...

We keep coming
back for each other,
needing to feel the

A connection unlike
anything we have
ever known...

We feel the link...

The link between our
souls, that anchors
us together...

Sometimes we find each other
at that precise moment...
when I need your
presence in my life
the most...

To guide me as before...

Oh, so long ago...

Othertimes... it's too late...

Too late to change, althought
you don't believe that...

You never have,
you never will...

We wait for the journey
to begin once more...

One day soon, our journeys
will end...

And because of you...



We will walk in the fields...



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"Elixir To My Soul"

all alone in thoughts,
I lay on the grass, watching
the clouds go by

I hear the sounds of the
animals, the gentleness
of the wind as it
caress me with a
gentle breeze

my thoughts drift back
to you..a bittersweet
memory, that I long
to hold on to

it has brought me
pain..and joy,
looking back at
the time we spent
together...it was
far too short

a single tear
cascades down
my cheek, an

I know that you
are in a better
place, I believe
that with all
my heart

I could imagine
nothing else but
the best for you

the clouds drift
by, I see shapes,
I think of you

your smile, just
thinking of it
makes me smile

how my heart would
catch in my throat
whenever we would
touch, even if for
the briefest of

the longing I
feel, to hear your

to see you sleeping....

wondering what you
were dreaming...

things I never shared
with you, thinking I
had all the time in
the world

I didn't

has left a hole
in my heart

I doubt anyone could
ever fill it the way
you did

I can't ...won't try
to, you were an
elixir to my soul

you stayed by my side
through good and bad...

far too many bad times

shaking my head..I
wonder: "Why"

I had nothing to
offer you, except
an adventure, every
now and then

there were times
when all I wanted
was peace and quiet

yet, there you were,
telling me stories,
asking endless questions

how I miss those moments

I would give anything
to hear one more
story..one more

you would never see
the look in my eye
or the arch of my
you without saying
a word

A noise distracts me, I look over, it's only my true friend. I walk up
to the warhorse, who has seen better times, when she was here with us.
I gently hug her neck, murmuring softly.

"You miss her too, huh, girl"

The horse, as if understanding, shakes her head up and down. I grab the
saddlehorn and lift myself up. Once settled in, I lean towards Argo's
head...and say.

"Come on girl, it's time to leave", I gently prod her into moving, she
walks slowly, knowing there's no rush. She stops, she feels her mistress
leaning down in the saddle, she does this everytime.

I reach down to touch the marker I placed, where Gabrielle rests, I kiss
my fingers, and touch the stone, tears filling my eyes, I no longer care
if anyone sees them.

"I'll be back next week, I promise", I say as I straighten out, I take
the reins and motion for Argo to commence walking again. I am thankfull
to Gabrielle's parents, for allowing me to bury her next to my beloved
brother Lyceus, the two most important people in my life...gone.

I turn around once more, the stone getting smaller and smaller as Argo
and I make our way home.


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