Til the other side
by leapr
Feb. 19, 1999

I don't own them. We all know who does, the lucky stiff's.

"Until the other side... it's always until the other side. Well, I'm
sick of having to say it, having to hear it. Why? 'Cause I don't want it
to come true that's why!" She shouted.

"Well, what do you want me to say?"

"I don't want you to say anything... I can't stand the thought of losing
you someday!"

"Do you honestly think I want to leave you? How can you say that!"


"You had to bring her up didn't you?"

"I'm SCARED... alright!"


"If I die, I'll never see you again. Don't you understand? We are not
going to the same place. We might leave this world at the same time, but
I'll never see you again. I... I couldn't stand that. I don't want to go
through that pain again."

"And I do? Do you really think I survive without you? I know you could,
you're stronger than I am, in that respect."

"What do we say then?"

"I... I, oh gods!" the tears shimmered in her eyes.

"Don't cry... not for me..."

"If not you... who for?"

"Stop answering my question with a question."

"I know what I want to tell you."

"Tell me..."

"I carry you inside me. Whenever I start feeling sorry for myself, I
think about you. What you've taught me over the years... it helps me
when you can't. I will NEVER stop looking for you... NEVER. I don't care
if I have to go through Hades himself to find you. Don't forget me...
no, wait... I know you'll say you never will."

"I won't... you're the other half of me..."

"Ladies... it's time to go."


"It's time to leave, the museum is going to close in ten minutes," the
security guard told the duo.

"Oh.. for crying out loud... son-of-a..."

"Janice Covington. You stop right there, he's only doing his job," the
taller of the two women said.

"Doing his job, I'll give you doin' his job," Janice muttered under her

"It's not his fault, we can come back tomorrow. The scroll will still be
here, perhaps the problem will have been taken care of by that time,"
Melinda Pappas said.

The small problem of their access passes being ready. They had flown to
New York on a moment's notice, a scroll thought to be the bard's was
being studied. And as Janice and Melinda had found the other scrolls,
they had been invited to assist in authenticating the scroll the museum
had in its posession.

Unfortunately, there had been a clerical error, and they were not
allowed to go anywhere near the ancient artifact.
Something that made the feiry archeologist fuming mad. If it hadn't been
for Melinda's quick intervention, they most assuredly would have been
escorted out of the building.

They had to settle for reading a piece of a scroll that had been placed
on display for the afternoon.

"Come along Janice. Thank you sir, we'll be on our way," Melinda told
the security guard.

"I'm really sorry ma'm."

Melinda had to hurry to catch Janice as she headed out of the building
as fast as her feet could take her.

"Dr. Covington... Janice, please... wait."

"Damn it Mel... if they didn't have the scroll... I'd take the next
flight back." she said, reaching into the pocket of her leather jacket,
pulling out a cigar.

Hailing a taxi, Janice waited for her friend to catch her breath.

"I'm disappointed too Janice. But there's always tomorrow."

"Yeah... you're right."

The yellow cab pulled to the curb, Janice opened the door for Melinda,
waiting for her to get in before closing the door.

Giving the driver the address of their hotel, Janice watched the scenery
changed as she puffed on her cigar.

"I dying to know how the conversation ended, aren't you?" Mel asked.

"I'm not sure Mel. I'm not sure," Janice replied.

"Whatever do you mean?"

"What if they didn't find each other?"

"OH.. MY!"

The end.

**I hope you like it.**


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