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Turning Tide

It's a churning sea,
A riptide of emotion,
Pushing one forward and
Pulling another back.
It's unknown what will be left on the shore
And what will be swept into the unforgiving tide.
Love? Regret? Passion? Temptation? Loneliness?

I sit and look at you, then wonder what
It is that's changed since yesterday.
Can I still give you all my tomorrows?
Is forever even long enough?
Further happiness may be around the next corner
But the loss may not be worth the risk.

Years have passed since we began building a life together.
The deep love has grown shallow,
The hot passion now a dull flame,
The tender touches a habit rather than a need.
Words are whispered to fill the silence
And a kiss is just something to do.
Is it possible for our love to have grown dormant,
Hiding in the soul waiting to be woken?
Has our love dried out, withering away
To leave only wonderment before moving on?

Are your eyes reflecting my inner turmoil,
Feeling lost in your own heart…
Or is your love for me still strong without hesitation?
Leaving you, I cannot do,
For you have done nothing wrong
But everything right.
I cannot cause the pain, the uncertainty, the loss.

I sometimes wish you could,
Wish you would do one thing wrong,
Wish you would finally have enough,
Wish you would set yourself free.
A breath of relief…then wonderment
If that is really want I want after all.

It's not easy; nonetheless, I cannot do to you
What so many have done before.
I cannot see the hurt in your eyes,
The tears streaking your cheeks,
The frown of your mouth,
The break of your heart.

So I wait for the churning of the tide
To bring back to me what was lost in the sea.

Copyright 2000 - Mystik_Heart

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Our Chance

Funny how life takes its turns
And how more and more hearts get burned.
Numbers say that love don't last
Half as long as in the past.

But here we are together and then
This time I think our hearts will win.
If we let out hearts take control
Our love will shelter our weary soul.

Lovers leave and old flames die,
Passion fizzles as time goes by.
Books say that and experts agree.
We can't let that happen between you and me.

We can fight the dangers to keep our chance
Of lasting love and true romance.
If we're hand in hand and heart to heart
Nothing will be able to tear us apart.

Lonely people think it just leads to heartache
But love's never caused any heart to break.
Only goodbyes can cause a heart to bleed,
Not the love that our hearts need.

Together we can pass any test
That tries to put our love to rest.
Forever together we will be
If we can sing along to lifes' melody.

Honey, you have all of my heart-
Every piece and every part.
Even though these feelings to me are new
I know in my soul that I live you!

-Mystik_Heart Copyright 1997

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