Poetry by: Nancy Hill

{Dream Catcher}

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Dream Catcher


I am the dream catcher,

Snaring wicked visitors in spinning silk.

Protection from the ruthless liaison with nightmares.

From me, they entangle into silent nothingness.


I am the dream catcher,

Holder of soft jaunts into the ether world,

Bestower of blithe scapes, carefree sands to sift.

From me, they slip along feathers, downward, soothing sleep to bring.


Sleep, my love,

Entanglements of the waking time are mine to imprison

In threads of serene airs purified through me, you hardly know

Above you sleeping willow floating dreams drifting upon your brow.

Your dream catcher is come to guard the night's repose.


Sleep deeply, my love,

Your dream catcher is near to protect your night of rest.

For every presage of peril seeking you in the night,

I tighten the capture web, release gentle sweetgrass and sage breezes,

Protecting you with ancient world scents while you are not in my gaze.


I am the dream catcher,

Keeper of lyrical dreams, harbinger of awakening dream music,

I am the still watcher in the night, ever vigilant, moving in quiet protection.

Sleep now in circling arms and know no fear.


Nancy M. Hill 11 November 2002