Poetry by: Pia

{Heart's Aflame} {A Treasured Gift} {My Warrior}
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Our heart's aflame
The burning , the yearning
That lies inside of me as well as thee

The trepidation that lies ahead
The not knowing of what to expect , that is in my head.
The unsurity , the nervousness of it all
Sends chills up my spine
That , lies inside of me as well as thee

As I look at thee and thee looks at me
Eyes locked upon one anothers gaze
For what seems like an eternity or a maze

Heart's beating
Beating in an ucontrolable rate
A heart is about to jump , jump straight
Straight into Loves light

The light in those beautiful eyes
Those eyes looking at me
They shine as brightly as the stars above
Oh , what sparks those eyes send through me As well as mine through

Our heart's aflame
The burnng , the yearning
That lies inside of me as well as thee

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My Bard
Speaker of Truth
Speaker of Elegance
Always quick with Wit, Love, and Compassion

My Amazon Queen
She radiates of total beauty
My Poet, My Bard
She is a sultress of words
My Warrior, who forever stands beside me

You are the echo of my voice
My Bard, you keep me on the path of light, of what's right .
You keep me going, going on to fight for the greater good .
My Warrior, you help me fight the darkest side of my soul that
lies within.
You are a precious gift to me

The greatest gift that I ever recieved was the day that you
walked into my life.
Such a smile in your eyes
Oh, that wonderous day
I still wonder what I have ever done in my life to deserve such a
precious gift.
Such a treasure, such a pure treasure

You are my light
You are my energy, my faith
You are my hope, my Love
You are the essence of my soul

My Bard, you give me inspiration for life
Inspiration to survive every living day

The Friendship, this relationship that we share Lies deeper than life
itself, lies deeper than words can or could ever express.

You have burned a permanent lasting impression on
my mind
That will forever be within my Heart and my Soul

I share my dreams with you
I share my life with you
I share my true inner self that only you have ever known
My fears, my wishes, my desires, and my passion
I share only with you
My Friendship and all my Love
I share only with you

Through good times, through bad times
Through laughter, through tears
Through eternity now and forever
Until the end of time and beyond
Through it all I share all the years of my life
Through it all I share all my Love with you , only you

Without you my Bard, my Amazon Queen, and my Warrior
I am incomplete
Unable to explain for rhyme or reason
You are a Treasure
Such a pure Treasure
This is the gift that you have given me

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My Warrior
My Princess
My Love

She fights the trials and tribulations of life
Each and every day
To a successful avail

My Warrior

She fights against evil
She battles the wills and wants of individuals
She battles the torment of her past pain
Each and every day

My Warrior

She is a vision of beauty in my eyes
Kind,Caring,Compassionate,and Loving
A Heart of armor on the outside, but
inside made of gold

My Warrior

Feared by many
Loved by a special few
Her beauty radiates like pure sunshine

My Warrior

Within those deep beautiful eyes lies the true
essence of Loves light.

My Warrior
My Princess
My Love

She is my Best Friend
She is the mirror of my soul.

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