Poetry By: pintsize 75

{Angel} {Offerings} {Tunnel Vision} {Be Here Now}
{Deliverance} {A Dream}
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As you flash your smile at me
I see what others fail to see
What others neglect to know
What others forget to realize

I see the knowledge you possess - how you bestow them on to me
I see the wisdom and experiences you have acquired and apply it to my life
I see the passion you carry every second of the day
I see the perseverance to strive…not to be perfect, but to be the best in everything you do
I see the wit and humour that make me laugh and forget my worries
I see the strength to endure and withstand the chaos life throws your way
I see the pain you have gone through and how you try and shield me from all the hurt
I see a force that will always protect me from harm.

In that instant, I see every facet of who you are:
You are a sage
You are a teacher
You are a student
You are a lover
You are a comic
You are a hero
You are a human being
You are my angel

For one brief moment, I see you are enjoying yourself
For that time, there is no pain, there is no chaos, there is no guilt, there is no worry in your head
For that one second, you are everything I want to be
I will always be forever grateful to be a part of you

I love you.

{Offerings} {Tunnel Vision} {Be Here Now}
{Deliverance} {A Dream}
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Today I awoke and thoughts of you ran rampant through my mind.
I opened my eyes and watched your body stir in my arms.
Your body, my temple
A place of worship, a place to offer.
I offer you...
my love
my spirit
my mind
my body
my life
my being.
I offer you all my senses...
to know what I'm hearing
I'm feeling
I'm seeing
I'm dreaming.
Take all of me and I will gladly show you the passion that you evoke in me.
Open your eyes and see what it is like...
- the passion, the happiness -
you bring to me.

{Angel} {Tunnel Vision} {Be Here Now}
{Deliverance} {A Dream}
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Another time
another place
You and I
face to face.

Bodies standing still
anticipating, seeing
Craving and devouring
our hunger growing

Unsteady and anxious
feelings as such
Longing and needing
waiting for your touch

Heart beating fast…
hurtling through space
I am complete...
Kissing your untouchable face.

{Angel} {Offerings} {Be Here Now}
{Deliverance} {A Dream}
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I ask myself these questions over and over again...
Why are you not with me?
Why am I not looking at your hypnotic green eyes?
Why am I not hearing you whispering my name?
Why am I not tasting your sweet lips?
Why am I not touching your body?
Why do you affect me so?
Why do you love me?
The only thing I can do is touch your heart and invade your thoughts.
But sometimes...no...everytime I am with you,
It feels that my thoughts and words are not enough.
So many emotions to show you...share with you.
In my mind's eye, it tells me that holding you just feels right.
It feels right because you feel so good.
It feels so good and so right to love you.
To love you so much and not be with you every waking moment is a sin that I would like to redeem.
Knowing that you feel love for me keeps me going through the day and through the night.
You are valuable and priceless.
Your worth is immeasurable...you are my salvation.

{Angel} {Offerings} {Tunnel Vision}
{Deliverance} {A Dream}
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My mind, my body, my soul
Crave to be with you
Touch your supple skin
Lose myself in your eyes
Questioning, asking, pleading
For me to drown in your pleasure
Allowing the waves of our love
Crash down upon us
Over and over again
Delivering us to ecstasy
Bringing us bliss
Sealing our fates
With one small kiss

{Angel} {Offerings} {Tunnel Vision} {Be Here Now}
{A Dream}
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My body is rejecting what it brings.
To crave the mind's darkness
To walk through the field of peaceful slumber
To sit and hear silence
To lay down and stare at nothing
Longing to see your form as I close my eyes
Longing to hear your voice as I gently drift away
Longing to feel your touch as I breathe
Longing to know your presence will watch me fall
These things, I cannot do
These things, they cannot be
To crave and still be hungry
To walk and still be paralyzed
To hear and still be deaf
To stare and still be blinded by the light
Longing and hoping...
dream without reservation...
peace without any questions...
sleep in calmness with you wrapped around my heart...
A dream...
a dream...
a dream...

{Angel} {Offerings} {Tunnel Vision} {Be Here Now}
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