Poetry by: planet-solin

{Green Eyes}{Epitaph}

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Green Eyes
windows of the Heart
night skies
a place from which to start

One kiss
so familiar a touch
foggy mist
suddenly it's become to much

Whispered voices
with words never heard
simple choices
valuable lessons hard learned

Two hearts
don't question why
everything starts
with a pair of Green Eyes

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(Xena's poem to Gabrielle)

The Gods spoke.. and I listened
The Gods called me home... and I went
forth to meet Them
Do not be sad... for this is a part
of the plan They made in the
beginning of time

Once I loved...now I am love
Once I reached for the stars...
now I live among them
Do not cry.... for now I am a
greater part of you then
ever before

Once I dreamed...now I am those dreams
Once I longed to see the God's faces...
now I sit in Their presence
Do not say goodbye... for when it is time
we will be together again

Where once I live...now I am life itself
Where once I breathed... now I am the air
Do not cry... for my love will
always be within you

Look to the sun... and feel the warmth of my smile
Look into the night... and see my eyes
shine through the darkness from the heavens
And be thankful... for the time we had together
And remember.... in death
I am a part of life
which will forever be with you

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