Poetry By: Ponyblue

{Insatiable} {All In Your Eyes} {Thine Eyes} {Thirst}
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Vicious warrior I am but your servant. Whisper to me your needs,
and I'll reach the very heavens if you desire it. Enchanted am I to be in your midst.
Your caress a kiss of rapture, your kiss a sensual aphrodisiac thy prelude to ecstasy,
your body a fiery inferno that sets my heart ablaze. It is this very heart which longs
to light the frigid coals of your passions. Dear Sweet Warrior feel my ache to infect you
with my ailment that is you. The fever of love that flows through me at the sound
of your voice. The shortness of breath under your piercing stare. I fall to my knees
seeking the cure. Cruel Warrior free me. You alone hold the key to my imprisonment.
Shackled am I to a wall of addiction. Strung out by you. Beloved Warrior feed my need;
my mouth touches your love, desire ignites in a glorious flame, I feast of your lust,
taste your sweet nectar. My heart stops as you release a banshee cry that pierces the very soul.
I am freed my need quenched drenched with my own juices. Upon my breast you lay,
Your face aglow. I savor the moment and make it mine. For I know when you wake.
You become once more that Callous Warrior,
and I the imprisoned servant to your love
until the end of time.

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In your eyes I see mystery
The golden sun our history
A timeless moon I am consumed
Your misty eyes send out a cry
Only the soul can answer

Here I lie here in your eyes
The only place I can defy
The depths of time the meaning of life
A golden race all in your eyes

A lingering stare is it not fair
To tease me so desires grow
Passion filled eyes secures the tie
Around my heart I'll never part
They hold me so I can't let you go

Understand the eyes tell of truths
As well of lies I see it all
In your eyes if you turn away
I feel deceit Look at me
I feel at ease

If I make you laugh your eyes glow
If I make you cry it shames me so
To make you rage and rampage
I can not bear being under that stare

When we make love those eyes take me to
The brink of rapture that's when they capture
My very soul A priceless toll
Your mysterious eyes make me whole

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She looks into your eyes. You don't want her to. She sees it in your eyes.
Finds you're very soul. Reach in deep and takes your heart.
Still even deeper and catches your mind.
Rapes you of your deepest secrets. You don't want her to.
She sees it in your eyes. Finds the center of your love.
Steals your passion and understanding. You don't want her to.
She takes your very essence. Leaving only the shell of your being.
With a hidden agenda. She fills you with desire. A hunger you never knew.
You don't want her to. She sees it in your eyes. She forces into your soul
A thunderous rapture of release. Betrayed by thine eyes. Never to be the same.
You don't want to change. Fight it off so hard Enchanted by thy eyes.
You try to turn away. Hear it in her voice. This different kind of love.
Melting into her eyes. She knew it all the time. She sees it in your eyes.
The feel of silken skin, the intensity of fire. Of you she's now a part.
You don't want to go through what has become of you.
You really had no choice.
She looks into your eyes.
She sees it in your eye

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Enslaved to your love
Shackled to my heart
Lasso'd to care
Roped to endear
The times you're near

Whip with conviction
Beat with accusations
Suffocate with jealousy
Batter with manipulation
Weight down with degradation

However bad it seem
Fill each other's needs -
Even though it may hurt
Loneliness is worse
We quench each other thirst

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