Poetry by: Sandie

[Bound] [For My Love] [Love] [Where?]

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Two people, bound by love
Both struggling to understand their feelings
They know they love each other
Yet somehow they remain apart

Two friends, bound by love
Their love is of a different breed
It is of friendship and admiration
And the simple need for both

Two enemies, bound by love
Love of money and love of power
They are struggling to dominate
Both each other and everything else

Two lovers, bound by love
Soulmates, in love with one another
Only death can tear them apart
Theirs is the love I seek
I know someday I'll have it
I just have to be patient and wait my turn

Written March 26th, 1998

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For My Love

Whenever I think of you
My heart soars wild and free
While I miss you every day
My heart breaks constantly

It feels as if you're a million miles away
And I'll never get to see
The way your nose crinkles and your eyes too
Whenever you smile at me

When will the hurt go away?
When will the aching end?
Do you think of me as much as I of you?
When will I see you again?

Your smile lights up the days
And your eyes contain such fire
You make the days brighter and the nights so much warmer
Of you I will never tire

Written June 14th, 1997

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I hear the word "love"
A word that, until very recently, I never completely understood
Only when I was finally honest with myself and with others
Was I able to get a grasp on this concept
So new, and now so dear to me

I hear the word "passion"
This word I have yet to understand
No one has ever been able to really explain it
Will this be something that I will ever experience?
Or, will it forever remain a mystery, utterly alien to me?

I learn something new nearly every day
And it never ceases to amaze me
There's so much yet to learn
That I feel even after an entire lifetime I will never fully understand
This world is so vast and so complex
But it all starts with one word…

Written September 28th, 1997

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Where has it all gone?
I know it was here
But somehow it went away
I hear the voice on the other end of the line saying, "I love you"
Before I know it, I'm saying "I love you, too"
These words have been spoken before
It was always me saying them first
Now the love is gone
Where did it go?
I've tried to find it
It's hiding somewhere
Just below the surface
Maybe it was never there
Maybe the words were used to comfort me
Maybe I just imagined them
For now, I'll just keep looking and listening
Hoping that someday I'll hear a new voice
If the old voice comes back I will welcome it
But until it does, I must go on

Written October 2nd, 1997

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