Poetry by: Wisdom

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My greatest fear ,
the fear that stands alone .
Is that dearest Gabrielle ,
Your heart may turn to stone .

Once you were so naive ,
spinning tales of love and trust .
And then you learnt to grieve .
Some of those tales turned to dust .

Now you're my protector .
My, how times give change.
It's like we live a different life .
In a world surreal and strange .

I'd gladly give all that I am ,
so your light shall never extinguish.
And if I were to lie dying somewhere ,
that would be my heart's last wish .

Because dear Gabrielle ,
your kind , torch like light
is sometimes all that keeps me ,
from drowning in the night .

So Gabrielle ,
be a warrior , but also be a bard .
Because a blood carved path is not for you ,
rage dwells there , and times are hard .

So I hope these words ring some truth ,
to you my warrior - bard .
Now so distanced from your youth ,
as innocence was scarred .

So I hope your stories shall be told,
in times of new and times of old ,
about a certain warrior ,
and a bard that grew so bold .

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My room is a shrine,
I've got all the merchandise,
plastered all the walls,
perfected the glare of ice.

Art done in her honor,
That's just my abode,
I watch the show religiously,
tape every episode ,

Both hypnotized and bored my friends.
About a certain warriors travels,
and I'll sit down every week ,
and see how the story unravels.

But that's not what makes me a fan,
that's not what makes my day,
not bard , nor warrior ,
but Lucy and Renee .

For these two women,
are beautiful on the inside and out ,
That makes them so special,
and makes them both stand out ,

Whether giving to local charity,
or helping those in need ,
or simply, subconsciously ,
willing us to succeed .

Both of them, I think,
honor the human race ,
Lucy with her passion ,
Renee with her grace .

There are those who criticize
Sure, some say, "it's just a show "
Yes, It's just a storyline,
But the actors have made it grow.

Many grow up without a hero,
they feel they can't stand tall,
well , I have a hero,
she's framed up on my wall.

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The Wolf and the Deer

She is a wolf,
in a world of green and gray.
Patrolling like a predator,
in ink night or brightest day.

With instinct as old as time,
bearing no fangs nor claw,
but blade in hand, at her prime .
No sound to ignore.

She seeks a life of purpose,
a life without fear.
She's ridden across the plains of hell,
for the one that she holds dear.

Now she returns to the campsite,
through the wisps of morning mist,
looks at the snoring bundle,
all tension is dismissed.

She'll skin the prey,
and sharpen the blade,
pack up the camp,
and have breakfast made.

Then her eyes shall soften,
and she'll extend a gentle hand,
awaken the sleeping bard,
and laugh at sleep demands.

Then just for a moment,
the wolf becomes a deer,
wide-eyed and mischievous
For those times she'll shed a tear.

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If I'd never known you,
would I be the same? A simple village girl ,
with the same gentle name?

Just led through life,
in a sort of haze,
my spirit after time would grow dull,
my mind would be a maze.

Sure there'd be less violence,
and probably less strife,
but without you Xena,
I wouldn't call it life.

Because, my place,
is forever at your side.
My best friend, my companion.
To you I so confide.

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