Your Poet: Writer2B



Shadows fall across your face,
As the sun moves to find its place,
Another evening settles in,
Bringing with it, lets night begin.

As the sunlight dances into place,
I watch, in awe, it kiss your face,
Lightly shining the sun beams din,
I feel my heart swell up again.

I yearn to touch you, and yet I pace,
I can not risk the pain I might face,
You see, my love, with you I'm in,
And without you, my life would all but end.

I dare not disturb our peaceful place,
But here inside, my heart does race,
My love for you grows deep within,
I fear to tell you, so I keep it in.

Catching me watch you, as I pace,
A look of wonder crosses your face,
I quickly struggle to keep it in,
But it's too late, you see my sin!

Turning away to hide my face,
The shame I feel, I can't replace,
My pulse quickens, as I seek an end,
Please forgive me, for I have sinned.

Touching my shoulder, my heart does race,
You turn me around, us face to face,
Placing your hand upon my chin,
A gentle kiss you do begin.

My knees go weak, you hold me in place,
Your loving arms, your strong embrace,
As our impassioned kiss does end,
I see in your eyes, my life can begin!

The Beginning!


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