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The Fire's Reach

Lay your head upon my shoulder
Soft...your tears of sweet release
Let me hold you in my arms tonight
And rock you safe to sleep.

Though the demons skirt the shadows
Taunt and threaten from the dark
They are losing hold of power
They once had to haunt our hearts

For the ember of your essence
When you kindle it with mine
Erupts into a flame that burns
So bright, so deep...divine

That it whispers to the ghosts of old
To walk into its light
And rest within the arms of peace
For one last endless night.

And I know beyond the shadows
Of the doubts that we both have
In time they all will follow
One another down that path

So lay your head upon my shoulder
And we'll safe each other keep
Till the demons find their way and
Walk within the fire's reach.

Copyright 09/22/00

{Ember's Fire} {Epitaph for a Hero} {The Flawless Lucy Lawless}
{Lucy vs Xena}
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Ember's Fire

(Written after One Against an Army)

An ember burning bright and deep
dances toward the sky,
Illuminating darkest hours
with ever reaching light.

Warming hearts it lives within
despite encroaching night,
Against harshest blowing winds
... against Tsunamis flight.

The embers essence... hope and faith
burn at its center red,
Memories and promises
enough to keep it fed.

Consuming incandescence swells fire and flame are spread,
Laying desperation waste...
love left in its stead.


Storms may make it flicker,
Of this I cannot lie,
But this I know beyond all doubt...
The flame will never die.

{The Fire's Reach}{Epitaph for a Hero} {The Flawless Lucy Lawless} {Lucy vs Xena}
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Epitaph for a Hero

What will we do...
Joxer old pal,
Many will miss you,
Including this gal.

Your quaint imperfections...
I saw in you... me.
Some of your foibles,
Were mine too you see.

But whatever the danger,
No matter your fear,
You were never a stranger,
To those you held dear.

There was always the hope,
That you'd find a way,
To come out a hero,
Just once... Win the day.

You didn't disappoint us,
Never thought that you would.
We knew that you did,
The best that you could.

Courage that faltered
But never quite fell,
True through it all,
And the story we'll tell,

Is the truth...be it known,
...the battle when done,
'Gainst the demons inside,
Was the one that you won.

About a brave man,
Who gave up his life,
Looked past himself,
To do what was right.

There from the start,
... ... always a friend,
You lead with your heart,
'Till it cost you your end.

{The Fire's Reach}{Ember's Fire} {The Flawless Lucy Lawless} {Lucy vs Xena}
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The Flawless Lucy Lawless

Words are less than adequate
for no known adjectives quite fit,
Descriptions lacking quite a bit
for flawless Lucy Lawless.

Who could bring us all to tears
both give us and dismiss our fears?
And still be said to hold her beer
like flawless Lucy Lawless.

Who could ululate and yell
wear her hair with lice so well,
Chafe and scab and still look swell?
'cept flawless Lucy Lawless.

Xena wouldn't exist at all
if not for Lucy's iron b-lls,
Who else could take that kind of fall
but flawless Lucy Lawless?

No eyes of deeper blue exist
a look that kills preceeding fist,
And chakrum, sword, or snapping whip
of flawless Lucy Lawless.

Who else can wear accessories
that bring a villain to his knees,
And still look sexy as can be
but flawless Lucy Lawless

She has no need of fishing poles
the Fish audition for the show,
(They're all just dying for the role)
with flawless Lucy Lawless

Once a Potadean hick,
Gabrielle learned tricks with sticks,
And how to be a good side kick,
from flawless Lucy Lawless.

And bards with awfull Bachae Bites
don't usually survive the night,
Our Warrior Princess set it right
the flawless Lucy Lawless.

She's got an IQ MENSA ranks
and Class that rivals heads of State,
Yet mingles with we retrobates
our flawless Lucy Lawless

How can I in words alone
say what only hearts have known,
So far beyond the status quo
is flawless Lucy Lawless.

I hope you understand me now
she's our favorite Kiwi gal,
(Tho she prefers lamb shank to cow)
the flawless Lucy Lawless.

No one we know can take her place
we'd sooner kill than let 'em Mate,
We'll love her 'till our dying days
our Flawless Lucy Lawless.

{The Fire's Reach}{Ember's Fire} {Epitaph for a Hero} {Lucy vs Xena}
{My Warrior's Love}
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Lucy Vs. Xena

A gal I know was quite confused...
Came to me...good thing too,
To clarify a burning Xena issue.
She couldn't perceive the difference...
'Tween the Kiwi and the Warrior Princess
"That," I said, "I'm can explain to you."

Lucy isn't Xena... or so I told her...
For one thing Lucy's younger... Xena's older

Xena wears those hair extensions...
leather, armor, not to mention...
Quite a range of lethal accessories.
She can kill a man at 50 paces...
with glare alone... One of those maces
A frying pan, a sword, or dead fishies.

Lucy on the other hand,
wears lipsticks, jeans, a wedding band
Her weapon is her humor, she's a scream.
Couldn't hit a Barn at arms length distance
(with a hand-grenade she misses),
Coordination's really not her scene.

Xena's Bard is her companion...
chatty blonde with nice dimensions,
She's noisy but she makes good company.
Lucy prefers ambitious chaps,
a handsome bloke who makes her laugh
(Though he was born and raised a dern Yankee).

Lucy's tastes run toward the finer...
Ponies, cars, and good designer
Dresses for those Hollywood premieres.
She likes her jeans and T-shirts too,
good sandals, barefoot, tennis shoes,
A roasted lamb shank, frosty mug of beer.

Xena likes things a bit rougher...
Horses, bed roles... Makes her tougher
For those battles on the journeys path.
She rarely changes out of armor...
except to swim...when gets warmer,
Or sometimes when she wants to share a bath.

Lucy's got more spit and polish...
Mercedez Benz... A bigger wallet,
And a hefty credit limit too.
Xena's stoic, always has been...
has Gabrielle ... The horse she's ridden',
And a major case of attitude.

So you see they are quite different...
I said to her...the only stickler,
The one and only point that can confuse,
Is both the Princess and the Kiwi...
obsess a bit...bout catching fishies,
But Lucy does it in Givenchy shoes.

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My Warrior's Love


As Translated by Trisha Von Doss

For Gabrielle the Bard of Potedia

Words fail me... So limited are they in meaning and scope... Encompassing only the simplest reflection of the truth that pulses life into my spirit. Elemental needs fulfilled beyond expression. Air, Water, and this... This Ethereal Sustenance that defies the confines of my lexicon...of any lexicon.

Made witness to a force so compelling I have no choice but to follow it... Though I stagger under the sheer strength of it's power to move me. Suspended heartbeats...torn in all directions... ... far past any reason or repair. I am chasing Tsunami. Searching out the place where wave meets wind. And in her arms I soar gloriously... perilously close... to the edge of my own existence.

And I am left...in the contorted aftermath of this enigmatic dance... Only wanting more.


{The Fire's Reach}{Ember's Fire} {Epitaph for a Hero} {The Flawless Lucy Lawless}
{Lucy vs Xena}
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The Woman in Your Eyes

(From Xena of Amphipolous to Gabrielle of Potadia,

as translated by Trisha Von Doss)

Tell me what you see when you look at me...
I wonder is it who I really am?
Or a promise deep inside me that your eyes alone can see?
Is the distance in between one Love can span?

How do I find the woman who is mirrored in your eyes?
Can you help me...teach me how...where do I start?
She looks somewhat familiar but I do not recognize,
The image that's reflected by your heart.

Is she the one I left behind me many years ago?
A ghosted shadow of someone I used to be?
No... the ashes of her pyre have long since then grown cold,
That vestige of her spirit isn't me.

I buried what was left of her upon one mans behest,
Scattered remnants in the storm of Ceasars need,
My Soul the price I paid...for the vengeance of her death,
And emptiness replaced what might be grieved.

Yet something stirs within me when your Emerald eyes meet mine,
Remembered honor... something more than pain.
How is it I believe you when you say that you can find,.
Some salvaged shred of virtue that remains?

The chasm of my being that once echoed without end,
Embraced within your essence finds some peace,
The warmth within you radiates its light and pulls me in,
And gifts its breath of life to one deceased.

The darkness that still lives within me fights to keep its hold,
But the candle that you are promises more,
It illuminates a road I need no longer take alone,
A path that leads away from Charon's shores.

Tell me Why you see when you look at me,
More than scattered beaten fragments of a soul?
With love alone you seemed to resurrect and mend the pieces,
You willed your vision true and make me whole.

How is it I have found the woman mirrored your eyes?
You helped me...taught me how... and now I know,
That when I look at you I see what I now recognize,
As the One I will forever call my Home.

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