Poetry by: xenaxoid

{Her Chosen} {Trapped In Time} {The Ultimate Freedom}
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The pain is starting to go away
The full moon catching it,
Absorbing it, like a sponge.

Artemis shoots arrows into
My heart, each one filled
With hope, strength and love.

The Moon goddess is looking
For the beauty in my soul
To be shared with her chosen.

She has allowed me this pain
That I might learn the extreme heights
And depths of my soulmate's love.

For without knowing the agony
Of love, first found then lost,
How can we fathom ultimate joy?

We have been separated, beaten,
Scouraged and even crucified
Yet we remain as we were--As One.

We will be this way throughout
All eternity--changing, yet
Ever the same, never a dichotomy.

For our souls are intertwined
And it is no matter how the winds
Of our lives may blow--

Our roots will remain steadfast
For SHE is not Artemis' chosen--
WE are her chosen.

And finally I understand...
We will live and we will die a thousand lives
Or more, yet ever we'll be together, her chosen.


{Trapped In Time} {The Ultimate Freedom}
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Time has them, keeping them,
Watching them grow
Waiting for them to finally know.

Best friends, some say
But infinate time knows better
Lovers are they, right down to the letter.

They travel through each lifetime
Having to re-learn every new phase
But learning is great, when you live in a haze.

A haze of memories from the past
Yet nothing certain from that vortex,
That keeps their souls and round them forms a cortex.

Ever they come from 'tween life and death
Not knowing they'll meet their lover
Yet their hearts cry out unknowingly, ever for each other.

Their destiny awaits throughout these millennia
Beckoning them to understand
That the year two-thousand is finally at hand.

'Tis they who will carry thousands of us
Through cyberspace, to the stars in the sky
For we are their staunchest followers, fans 'til we die.

They love each other as they should
And always they will remain,
But we are the new Amazons--we're going to their domain.


{Her Chosen} {The Ultimate Freedom}
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The Ultimate Freedom

Flying to the top of a pine forest
On wings of silver and blue
With streams of gold filtering down
To add a different hue.

How beautiful this creature
That started life so plain
As a crawly, sticky catapillar
With nothing much to gain.

At least that's how it appears
To one who doesn't know
One who never takes the time
To watch a butterfly grow.

Wrapping itself in a web of life
Metamorphosis taking place
Emerging later into the world
Sporting a brand new face.

Growing, changing within itself
Maturing, in a sense
Suddenly able to fly above
As well as crawl on a fence.

No longer tied to the earth
Restricted to walking on feet
But able now to kiss the wind
And with gentle breezes compete.

Then caught in a sudden wind
Buffeted by a strong gale
Thrown silently back to earth
Left dying on a wooded trail.

Wings fluttering, heart beating
Going over what had been done
Knowing freedom had been gained
Maturity had been won.

Only for the briefest moment
Out of its short, hard life
It had known the Ultimate Freedom
And yes! It was worth the strife.

{Her Chosen} {Trapped In Time}
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Lone Pine

In a clearing in a forest
I came upon a lone pine tree
Swaying gently in a breeze
Calling out, it seemed, to me
Come sit down beneath me
Get out of that old hot sun
Come sit down beneath me
Let me tell you of the other one.

There was a seed, not far from here
Many long years ago
That sent its roots into the ground
And proudly started to grow.
It stayed there many seasons
In spite of wind and snow
I protected it as best I could
As it struggled far below.

For I, with all my lofty might
Could do little more than stand
And spread my larger limbs
To protect it from sky and land.
O'er the seasons it grew strong
And was shaped so beautifully
That when I saw a woman come by
I knew what was going to be.

She came alongside and measured the tree
Then stepped back to see the shape
She looked from every angle
Then went to get a drape.
She wrapped that one to carry home
Didn't want to damage it at all
For this was to be the finest tree
That would grow at Pennington Hall.

The little tree was indeed
Dug up and then brought home
It left me with that empty spot
Filled with only grass and loam.
But in my heart I know that tree
Is happier where it now stands
It grows taller and stronger everyday
Off on that other land.

And though I now stand quite alone
On this same patch of ground
I listen to the night winds blow
Knowing we hear the same sound.
The little tree is doing well
Happy in its home in the sun
And I get to visit with folks like you
To brag about my son.

{Her Chosen} {Trapped In Time} {The Ultimate Freedom}
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I dedicate this, to all those who like me,
are seeking their own soulmate.

The strong Warrior
The equally strong Bard
One powerful in body
The other in spoken word.
Complimenting one another
Finding they are one
Soulmates throughout
Life, into eternity.

Feeling all the love
And passion known
Two halves of one earth,
One ocean, together.
Water, kissing the shore
Of it's existence,
Never letting go,
Ever caressing the other.

They are fierce in their
Longing for each other,
Yet gentle as feathers
Kissing the breeze.
Filled with the desires
Of their one soul
Entwined in a dance
Of love--they are one.

{Her Chosen} {Trapped In Time} {The Ultimate Freedom}
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