Hello Great Xena Fans!

It is with great sadness that Kathy and I announce that Amazontrails will be closing. We have enjoyed our wild ride with the Warrior Princess and Her Bard. What a time we have had. We began our site as a way to share our stories with the world. Then we gave a home to the poets and artists of the Xenaverse. We wish to personally thank alwayslooking, wishes, and tim for being some of the first to grace our pages with your beautiful work. And we would like to thank all the others who gave their work to us and helped to create a home. As you have probably seen, we had just started to remodel the old pages. But as things go, things change.

As many of you know, I have Breast Cancer. Almost two years ago, it spread to my lung and I had spots on my spine. Then last January, a tumor destroyed two vertebrate in my back. I had to have the vertebrate replaced and now have a cage and some metal rods in my back. I spent some time learning to walk again. Now we found out that the cancer has spread through my bones and my liver. Because of this Kathy and I have decided to dedicate our energies fighting this disease.

We have decided to start an organization: Hope Lives On. We will be selling some items to help raise money for our cause. The main purpose of the organization will be to help woman with breast cancer take care of their pets. As you all know, Kathy and I love animals. After getting our four lovely dogs, I got sick again and was out of work. Thankfully, some friends brought over some dog food and helped us feed our babies. We hope to do the same for women so that no one will have to give up their child dog or cat because they can't afford to feed them. My long term plan is to create a nation-wide network of pet carekeepers to help watch over women's animals while they are in the hospital or unable to care for them herself. We will also be sponsering some runners for the Komen Race for the Cure, walkers for the Walk for Hope, as well as other worthwhile causes as we come across them.

We have decided to focus all of our energies in this direction for now. So while Amazontrails will be closing - Hope Lives On is just beginning. We would love your support as we begin our journey down this new trail.

Please visit us at: hopeliveson.com

We will be selling on Ebay as: hope-lives-on
(hopeliveson is not us so please include the dashes)

If you would like to contact us: linda@hopeliveson.com


If need be, please download any story you would like to keep. If you are a webmistress and are interested in hosting our stories, please contact me.
The site should be open for the next three months. Please bookmark our new site as it is currently under construction but will be opening new pages steadily.


Linda and Kathy