A Sacrifice For Friendship

Part 9

by DS Bauden

Please see Part 1 for all disclaimers.

Chapter Sixteen

Annie finished her beer and lightly smiled at me. She had a soft blush to her bruised cheeks that shined very sensuously. It made my heart happy just to look at her. I felt like all of my searching for the other half of my soul was complete. I knew just by looking into her eyes, that I would never again have to worry about finding love.

The women around the bonfire had finally given up on me singing another song. I figured ten songs was enough for one evening. My fingers started to throb after playing so much. I was having such a wonderful time with Annie and her friends. I think Mary finally got the idea that drooling while staring at someone was rude. I think the repetitious behavior of Betsy throwing stones at her gave her the clue she needed. Whatever it was, I was grateful for it.

We sat in companionable silence as the night went on. We sang many songs together and I think I had reached my alcohol limit. I knew I needed to keep sharp, otherwise lil Frankie was gonna get me into trouble.

Big trouble.

"Frankie?" Annie's flushed faced looked at me.


"I'm really glad you came back." She said while grabbing my hand.

"Me too. I'm having a really nice time tonight." I smiled.

God Frankie, you think you could get any cheesier?

"Me too." She was so beautiful.

The night was absolutely perfect.

Until he showed up.

"ANNIE!? WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?" Billy screamed.

His voice was closer than he was. We could see him staggering towards the beach.

"Oh shit. God, I thought this was over." Annie said with a quiver to her voice.

"You guys get out of here, we'll take care of Mr. Wonderful." Betsy said as she stood with her posse.

"Yeah, go on, hurry, before he sees you." Mary urged.

"Come on, Annie, let's go!" I said quickly.

I tugged on Annie's hand and pulled her with me as we ran in the opposite direction down the beach. I grabbed a blanket off one of the logs and wrapped Annie in it hoping that Billy didn't see her. We ran as fast as we could; holding hands the whole duration. We occasionally looked back and saw Billy flailing his drunken body all over the campsite. It was obvious that he wasn't happy that Annie wasn't there.

Too bad, fuck nut. She's not going to be your punching bag anymore.

"I think we can slow down now." I said while trying to catch my breath.

"God damn him! Why the hell can't he just leave me alone?" Annie was really pissed. She took off the blanket and began to pace. "I was having such a great time, too. Fuck him!" She screamed and started walking with her hands above her head while she continued to scream the word "Why".

"He knows what he lost." I almost whispered.

Her head turned around to face me.

"What did you say?" She said as she slowly walked towards me.

"I said he knows what he lost." Here goes nothing. "Annie, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. You have an amazing spirit, and such a love for life and for the people in it. Given the cards you have been dealt in life, there aren't many that would share your passion. You have the warmest heart that I have ever seen. Figuratively speaking of course." Her eyes never left mine. She looked like she was going to cry.

No, not tears, God, please not tears. Aww... man...

She wrinkled her face as her hand covered her mouth. Her eyes instantly welled with tears as she lunged herself at me. Her warm embrace was all I would ever need.

I knew this now.

"Shh... it's ok Annie, I'm right here." I softly whispered into her ear.

I rested my cheek on the top of her head while I slowly rocked her from side to side.

"Why, Frankie?" She sobbed.

"Why what sweetheart?" I asked delicately, knowing what she was going to say.

"Why did I let myself get treated like such shit for so long? Why did it take me so long to stand up for myself? Why did I have to meet you before my life meant anything? I just don't get it."

"Annie, no one knows why things happen. There is a reason for everything that happens in life. No one is going to hurt you again, Annie. I will promise you that. I'll do whatever I can to make sure I make good on that promise for as long as I live." I held her close.

"Thank you, Frankie. That means so much to me. I have never been able to show my emotions so easily before. What is it about you that is cracking every brick of my walls of defense?" She snuggled closer. I could feel my heart begin to pound and I knew she could hear it.

"Annie, I need to tell you something." I had to warn her before this got out of control.

She let go of me and started to wipe away her tears. "What, Frankie."

"I'm not who you think I am."

"What?" She looked at me with big green saucers.

"I mean... God... I am who I am, I'm just not from around here."

Oh yeah, that made sense. Keep going, Champ.

"Frankie, what are you trying to say? I'm getting confused here."

You're not the only one.

"Annie, let's go sit over there. I need to tell you a secret that I've been keeping from you." I said motioning to some rocks close to the shore. "You are definitely going to want to sit for this." I reassured her.

"THE secret, Frankie?"

"Yes, THE secret." I said very seriously.

We walked over to the rocks and sat down. To say I was nervous was the biggest understatement of the year. I felt my heartbeat quicken each time I tried to open my mouth to spill the beans of my existence.

"This is really hard for me to say, Annie, so please give me a sec to gather my thoughts."

"Sure, Frankie. You just let me know when you are ready." She encouraged as I nodded my approval.

Truth, Frankie. Just tell her the truth. Deep breaths... now tell her.

"I guess the best way to describe me and what I am is," I paused.

"WHAT you are, Frankie?" She was really looking at me like I had grown another head.

"Just let me say this, Annie." I stopped to gather my courage again. "What I'm trying to tell you is that I am from another time."

There, I said it. See? It wasn't that bad. She's still sitting here with you and she's laughing. Oh My God! She's laughing at me.

Annie's face had broken into a large open-mouthed smile. She was trying to hold back the laughter that seemed to have taken over her body.

"I..I'm sorry Frankie. I thought you just said that you were from another time. God! Hahaha! Oh, Frankie, thank you, I needed that!" She continued to laugh and my face remained serious. She watched me and gradually the laughter slowed as she realized that I hadn't changed my expression.

"You can't be serious, Frankie." I didn't flinch. "How can you expect me to believe that?"

"Because it's the truth. I can't ask you to believe it, I just needed to tell you." I finished as Annie stood from the rock and started to pace across the sand.

"You are REALLY waiting for me to say that I believe you, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am." I could feel the coldness of her stare now. She walked up to me and grabbed both my arms.

"Why are you doing this?" She said loudly. "I don't understand!" She said as she started to shake me. I put my hands over hers and tried to calm her.

"Annie, how else can you explain my mysterious departure the last time we saw each other. I didn't fall asleep in the truck, Annie. In my time, I WAS asleep. This was a dream, IS a dream for me." I blew out an exasperated breath. I didn't know how much more she was going to take.

"Dream?! What the hell are you talking about, a dream? Frankie, this is reality babe! Look around you. I am right here! You are right here! This is real life! This is real water, real sand, and real AIR!!!" I could tell she wasn't going to buy this at all.

Christ, now what do I do?

"Can I just tell you how it started? This is maddening for me, Annie. You really have NO idea." I looked pleadingly into her eyes.

"Ok, Frankie. I'm gonna sit down on this REAL rock and you can tell me why and how it's not really here." She sat and looked at me. "Whenever you are ready. I'm all ears." She sarcastically said.

"Alright. All I'm going to ask of you, is that you don't butt in, and that you let me explain everything. Can you do that for me?" I asked.

"OK, Frankie. I promise to keep my mouth shut." She mimed turning a key by her mouth and tossing it away.

I guess that meant I should start my sordid tale.

"Alright. A few days ago I fell at work. I own a movie memorabilia shop called Technicolor Classics."

"Hey, I know that place..." I held up my finger. "Sorry, I'll be quiet."

"Well what you don't know about that is that my father gave the business to me, after he died." She looked puzzled as I knew she would.

"He's dead then?" She cautiously asked.

"Yes he is. He died in 1994." I said while watching her expression for change.

"Frankie, that's impossible. That's twenty years from now."

"I know. This is what I'm telling you. I guess for lack of a better phrase, I am from the future, Annie." She started to open her mouth again and then shut it. "If I may continue?"

"Please, go on." She said.

"OK, I was in my shop one day, and I tripped over something at my desk and knocked myself unconscious. While I was out, I had a very strange dream. I heard a woman's voice. I couldn't see her, but I could hear her. She was calling my name."

"Frankie, if this is some perverted sex story, I really don't want to hear it."

God, why does it feel like I have had this conversation before?

"She wasn't 'calling' my name per se, she was looking for me. Anyway, the voice was one I didn't recognize at all. Then my friend Crystal woke me up."

"Crystal?" Annie asked.

"Yes, Crystal. She is my best friend in the whole world. She and I have been friends since we were like four or something like that. You'd love her, she is just the most amazing person. I wish you two could meet, I know you would really like each other."

"She sounds great."

"She is. So anyway, she woke me up and took care of the lump on my head that was caused by my fall. Later that night, I went into the bathroom, and I felt like someone was watching me. I have never felt like that in my own home before, it really freaked me out. When I went to bed that night, I had that same dream again. I heard this woman's voice and she was asking me to find her because she needed me or something. Crystal had heard me screaming in my sleep and woke me again. After talking a bit more about the dream I finally fell asleep.

"The next day I had to go to work. I had some mannequins that needed to be dressed into costumes, so I started on that. I was in my backroom looking for the ensembles and I heard my bell ring, telling me I had a customer. When I got out there, no one was there. So I continued to work and I dropped one of the hands of my mannequin. I couldn't find it anywhere, then all of a sudden I heard a woman's voice say 'It's over there, under the table'. I almost jumped out of my skin, because I really thought that I was alone. Anyway, I stood to thank the woman and she wasn't there. It was the same voice that I had been hearing."

"Who do you think it was, Frankie?" I could tell she was trying to understand my story.

"I had no idea until about three weeks ago when I met you."


"It was you, Annie."

Chapter Seventeen

"Frankie, that is not possible. It's just not. I haven't traveled into the future lately that I know of, so I think you are mistaken."

"I'm sorry, Annie, I have to disagree with you. The day I saw you in the diner, I heard your voice as your back was turned. I could hardly breathe when I figured out who's voice that was. Annie, it was your voice. The question is, why did you summon me from my time into yours?"

"OK, Frankie, as much as I want to believe you, this story is just too far fetched."

"I know it is Annie, I have been LIVING it! I cried my eyes out when I left you last time. I woke up in my own bed with Crystal looking down on me trying to comfort me. I was a wreck, Annie. I couldn't believe that it was all just a dream. You were so real to me." I said as I stroked her cheek with my knuckles. "You are real to me. If someone has a right to be confused, it would have to be me. I really don't understand why this is happening. What's worse is, I don't know when I am going to have to leave. All I know is that I don't want to leave you ever again." I said my last statement in almost a whisper. I knew I didn't want to leave her, but I wasn't the one in control. I just wished I knew who it was. I needed to strike a deal with them, somehow.

Annie leaned into my touch and closed her eyes. She was truly the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Her hair was blowing with the soft breeze coming off the lake. She opened her eyes and looked at me with such warmth. She reached up and caressed my face with her hand.

"You are a gorgeous woman, Frankie. I would have to be blind not to notice that. I don't know what to believe about any of this. All I do know is that I have never wanted to be with someone so badly in my life before I met you. You have this magnetic pull that keeps tugging at me no matter how much I want to run from it. Maybe it was my heart calling to you so that you would come and take me away from all of the hurt I have felt my whole life. Maybe that's what you heard."

"Can you hear what's in my heart?" I questioned hoping she would know the answer.

"Yes, I think I can."

She moved her hand from my cheek to the back of my neck and gently pulled my head down to hers. Her lips met mine and I could feel myself getting lost inside of her. It was the most incredible feeling I had ever experienced. She slowly sucked my bottom lip and then the top. I felt her tongue ask for entrance and I graciously let her in. She tasted sweeter than any candy known to man. I heard her moan into my mouth when our tongues met for the first time. I couldn't suppress the sounds I was making either. This felt too wonderful to hold anything back.

Her embrace tightened and the kiss became much more passionate. If any two people could kiss so hard that they became one, then that's what we had done. I didn't know where our boundaries were anymore. What I thought was my own was actually hers. I didn't really care, all I knew was I was finally feeling what everyone had always talked about.

"Frankie?" Annie gasped as she broke apart our kiss.

"What, baby?" I whispered.

"Make love to me. Please?"

OH MY GOD! Did she just say what I think she said?

"Www... what? Right here?" I stammered shamelessly.

"Yes, right here and right now. I couldn't stand it if you did leave again, and I never knew what loving you felt like. Please, Frankie... will you love me?"

"I do love you, Annie. God help me, I do love you."

I crushed her lips in another burning kiss that sent my hormones off the charts. My heart was doing flip-flops and my libido was definitely running on overload. Annie's body was pulling mine down to the sand. I rolled off the rocks and gently stopped Annie before she hit the ground.

"Here, wait." I stopped to grab the blanket that Annie had thrown and shook out the remainder of the sand. I spread it out on the ground and led her back down with me. "There are certain rules that apply when it comes to body parts and sand." I smiled.

She giggled at that, then slowly moved to straddle my body. I could feel myself wanting to grind my body into hers. She leaned down to capture my lips and I wrapped my arms around her. I held her close wanting to memorize the feel of her body against mine. It was exquisite. I felt her start to move against me. She began a slow and long thrust against my pelvic area. Her mouth started to nibble on my ears and neck. I could feel the goosebumps parading throughout my body, She was making me absolutely crazy.

"Oh, God, Annie... you feel so good..." I sighed.

I felt her smile against my face, "So do you." She replied.

She continued to rub herself against me and I could tell that she was extremely excited. The small pants of air coming out of her mouth were a dead giveaway.

I held her close to me and I flipped her over to her back with ease. I smiled down at her surprised face.

"Is this okay?" I wanted to make sure she was all right considering her past encounters with Billy.

"Yeah, I like the view from here." She smiled back.

"God, you are adorable." I smiled and leaned down to kiss her again.

I kissed and tasted every part of her mouth and moved down her throat and around her neck to her ears. I softly sent a breeze of my own into her ear and felt her body respond in kind. I nibbled on her earlobe and felt her tugging at my shirt.

"Off... I want to feel your skin." She demanded.

With one swift motion, I grabbed the back of my shirt with one hand while supporting my body with the other, and took off my shirt. She looked up at me and I could sense a carnal desire that you only hear about in trashy romance novels. This was truer than any of those stories. She pulled me back down and continued to undo my bra with her skilled fingers. She helped me out of the remaining material and started to run her fingers all over my upper body and back.

"My God, Frankie, you are magnificent."

"I'm glad you think so." I paused to smile at her. "What do you want, Annie?"


"What do you want me to do? I'll do whatever it is that you need from me. I want to please you in whatever way that I can."

"I've...um... never had anyone ask me that before." She blushed.

"Then you'll just have to get used to hearing that from me. I want to know how to please you, Annie. Tell me what you like, what you don't like. I won't do anything you don't want me to. I promise you." I ran my fingers through her hair.

"Good Lord, you must be from the future." She kidded.

"Let's not talk about anything except for right now, okay? Right now it's all about you." I leaned down and smothered her lips with my own.

I moved my hands down to her sides and pulled her shirt out of her pants. She wriggled a little and helped me take off her shirt. I pulled her into a seated position to help her remove her bra. As soon as the unwanted clothing was gone, she pulled my body against hers again.

"Oooohh, Frankie... God you feel good against me." She hissed.

"Good, I want you to feel good, baby." I cooed in her ear.

I sprawled my body over hers. I placed my thigh between her legs and felt her straddle and capture it. She started to rock against my leg and kissed me fervently. I slowed my kisses and worked my way down her body. I placed tiny kisses on her shoulders and down her sternum. My hand gently cupped one of her breasts and she softly sighed in pleasure. I took her nipple gently between my thumb and forefinger and started to shift my fingers back and forth. She moaned and leaned her body further into mine. She started to quicken the pace she had set against my thigh. I helped her along as I slowly thrust my thigh into her excited center.

"Oh, Frankie... " She sighed.

I replaced my fingers with my mouth and took her nipple inside. I swirled my tongue over her heated flesh and Annie began to moan louder. This was beautiful music to my ears. I sucked harder drawing in as much of her into my mouth as I could. I reached down and rubbed my hand down her thigh and back up again. I grabbed her butt and pulled her harder against me. She and I were moving in a beautiful dance of love. I could feel the sweat on my back as the breeze from the lake picked up.

"More, Frankie. I need more of you, please... " She panted.

"What do you want, baby?"

"Naked... now... need you... inside... please."

She didn't have to ask me twice. We moved and grunted trying to get the rest of our clothing off without wasting any precious time. She was done before me and laid back down and stared at me with complete and unchecked desire. She raised her knees and spread her legs waiting for me to use my body as a puzzle piece. We were a perfect fit. My calm, cool exterior shattered as soon as I felt her wetness rubbing up my body.

"Oh, God, Annie." I passionately moaned.

I moved harder against her. I felt myself getting extremely close to reaching the ultimate pleasure. Annie's voice reminded me that it wasn't about me, this was about her.

"Inside... please... Frankie." She looked up at me with dark green eyes and I knew she meant it.

I scrunched back a little to make room for my arm. I moved my hands to her apex and felt the heat radiating from her. I brought my fingers higher and reached the moist center that was waiting for me. I gently probed the area and entered her with two fingers. Annie's sounds were so incredible. She moved with my hand as if we'd done this a thousand times before. I kept a slow pace to relish every moment of this dance. I watched as her facial expressions changed with every movement of my fingers. I brought my thumb up to play with her clitoris. She nearly jumped as contact was made.

"Oh, Jesus!" She screamed.

The combination of my rhythmic motions were sending her to heights I hoped she'd never reached with anyone other than myself. I needed to taste her. I moved my body down so that I faced her curly damp hair. She looked at me as if I was going to stop my ministrations. That was the farthest thing from the truth.

I lowered my head and kissed her swollen flesh. I began to move my tongue everywhere it could reach. She tasted so wonderful. I could feel her body moving faster and faster. I reached behind her hip and held on as I felt her body reach it's limits. I plunged deeper and faster as I moved my tongue in the same manner. I knew she was going to come hard.

"Oh, God! Frankie... I'm... Oohhh!!" She screamed as her orgasm flooded every part of her body.

"For you baby." I cooed as I felt the last of her tremors leave her body. I begrudgingly left my position and rolled myself onto my back and brought Annie's limp form with me. She snuggled against my shoulder and tried to control her breathing.

"Shh... I got you, sweetheart." I said as I felt her body begin to shake. I looked down to find her crying. "Annie? It's okay, honey. I'm right here."

"Yes... but for how long?"

Crap I don't want to think about this now.

"Truthfully, I don't know, Annie. Everything that I told you is all I know about this force that takes me from you. I just hope whatever it is sees how much you mean to me and allows me stay with you forever."

"Me too." She sobbed. "I've never felt like this before. I think I have fallen in love with you, Frankie."

"That is the greatest thing anyone's ever said to me. I love you, Annie." I said as I held her tight and kissed her gently on her tear soaked face.

We lay together in silence just relishing the feelings we had just shared. She was the most precious being I had ever known other than Crystal.

Please let me keep her in my life. Whoever you are, please see my love for her. Please let me stay. Please?

Chapter Eighteen

We stayed where we were for what seemed like hours. We watched the movement of the clouds as they shifted over the water. She liked to snuggle more than I did. She never left my side. I never let go of her.

Which was why I was so surprised when the next sentence left her mouth.

"Wanna go swimming?" She playfully looked up at me.

"You're serious aren't you?" I couldn't believe what I was going to do, especially in May! Lake Michigan hadn't even defrosted yet.

"Come on it'll be fun!! It'll invigorate our bodies." She smiled.

"I really must like you, because I would never do this otherwise." I laughed.

She stood up in all her naked glory.

Glory indeed, God she has a beautiful body.

She reached down to take my hand to help me up. I took it and stood and stretched out the kinks in my back. I caught her staring and I smiled at her.

"What'cha lookin' at?" I smiled knowing damn well what she was looking at.

"You're gorgeous, Frankie. In every sense of the word. Do you have any idea how amazing you look?"

"Never really paid any attention." I humbled.

"Well, let me be the first, which I'm sure I'm not, to say you are absolutely breathtaking." She gushed.

"Thank you for saying so. You're not so bad yourself." I smirked. "So you going in first? I know I'm not. And if you don't go in, I'm not going in, either." I stated clearly.

"Last one in..." She started as she took off towards the water.

I watched her dive into the cold lake and shrieked with glee.

"Frankie!! Get your naked ass in here!! It's great!! God this feels good!" She shouted.

"Ready or not here I come!" I shouted back as I ran into the water. "Jesus!! This shit is cold!! I can't believe I let you talk me into this!" I shivered.

"Aw, Frankie, where's your sense of adventure?"

"It's back on the shore." I said sarcastically.

She grabbed me and kissed me solidly on the mouth.

This I could get used to.

I kissed her back and felt her hands start to wander over my newly heated skin.

"Don't you wanna go back to blanket?" I questioned between kisses.

"Nope. Like I asked before, where's you sense of adventure?"

"I think I'm starting to like your way of thinking."

"I thought you would." She said as she kissed me hard and lunged her tongue into my mouth.

"I want to make you feel what I felt, Frankie." She said as she nipped at my chin.

"You do, Annie. I felt everything that you did." I reassured her.

"Shut up and kiss me, Frankie."

"You drive a hard bargain ma'am." I smiled and kissed her again.

She moved her body closer to me and started to move her hands everywhere they could reach. Her movements became more fervent with every second that passed. I knew I was in big trouble.

I leaned my head back to give her better access to my neck. She didn't hesitate as her mouth sought out my throat. She kissed my neck hard.

"Ow! You bit me!" I said rather astonished.

"Yeah, but it's only a sucker bite." She giggled.

"A what? Oh, you mean a hickey?" I asked.

"Yep. A big ole fat one." She said proudly.

"Great, now what am I gonna tell all my girlfriends?" I said as I raised my eyebrow.

"Well you'll just have to tell them that you are off the market... for good. Right?" She said as she put her hands on her hips.

"Absofrigginlutely!" I laughed and pulled her into an embrace.

She started to nibble on me again and I didn't stop her this time. Her mouth reached my nipples and my body began to sing with pleasure.

She is really good at this.

She sucked harder sending all rational thought out of my head. She teased my other nipple with her fingers and then switched her positions. My body was on fire and I needed her to touch me in my most needed place.

She picked up on my needs and moved us deeper into the water.

"Just hold on to me, Frankie. Trust me." She said seriously.

She patted my leg and motioned for me to wrap it around her waist. I complied and then she motioned for me to do the same with my other leg. Since we were buoyant, this was a possibility. I straddled her waist and held on to her neck as she moved her hands southward.

"Just hang on to me, Frankie and all your desires will be satisfied, I promise." She sensually smiled. I knew that she wasn't kidding.

I lived near this water all my life and didn't do this before why?

My thoughts were stopped abruptly as I felt her fingers stroke my labia. I could feel her tentativeness.

"It's okay, Annie. I trust you." I answered as if I had heard her silent question.

"Thank you." Was all she said.

Her fingers moved skillfully over my heated center. She began to rub my clitoris with a delicate hand and slowly began to quicken her pace. She entered me with one finger and moved her other fingers around my wetness. This was the best sexual encounter I had ever shared with anyone. My heart was racing with excitement. It wasn't going to be long before she brought me over the edge. God she felt so incredible. Her fingers were working inside of me as her other fingers were rubbing my swollen clitoris. I could feel my body begin to stiffen as the warm sensations were multiplying.

"Oh, baby... I'm almost there. You feel so... good... unngghh." I moaned in her ear.

"Let it go, Frankie, for me. Just feel me loving you. That's it." She said as I felt my body betray any sort of command for control.

Her fingers were moving with a beautiful synchronization that made my body crave nothing else.

"Oh... God... Yes!" I screamed as I felt my climax shoot through my core.

Annie just held on as I squeezed her tightly and she relentlessly manipulated my body. I blew out several breaths trying to control the spasms racing through me to no avail. I had never felt such ardor in my life. My body never knew such pleasure.

I have never known such peace.

Annie held tight to me as my body found it's sea legs. I unwrapped my legs from Annie's waist and landed them on the sandbar.

"Thank God for no seaweed." I breathed out. "I have always hated that feeling between my toes.

Annie laughed out loud. "So have I." She agreed.

She stroked my bare skin with her strong fingers and kissed me tenderly.

I looked into her eyes as we broke away and knew this was where I belonged. Naked, wet, and standing in Lake Michigan with the girl I loved wrapped around me.

This is what love is all about.

To Be Continued...

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