Chocolate Cream

Part 3

by Jesse

Disclaimer: These characters are mine, although they may bare a slight resemblance to a certain duo!
This is a quite simply a PWP story, so yes there is graphic sex between two women and some language as well. If this is not your kind of thing, or you are under age, then I suggest you hit the back button NOW.

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A long tanned finger re-entered the half empty pot of chocolate cream and swirled around in its content before pulling back out and entering the dark haired woman's mouth. With an arched eyebrow she looked over at her lover as she sucked the desert off said finger with a suggestive twinkle in her bright blue eyes.

Vicki pouted, as Nate turned her attention back to the plastic pot, and watched as another finger full of the desert entered the mechanics mouth. The blonde sighed; she could not decide what she wanted more, to be the finger inside Nate's mouth, feeling the gentle suction and caressing tongue, or the pot, and feeling Nate's finger swirl around inside her. Shaking her head she chuckled at her own thoughts. Nate turned once again to her lover with a questioning stare, as she pulled a glossy finger back out of her mouth.

"Care to share what is so funny?" She asked with a smile

Vicki shrugged, "Sure, if you are ever going to share the remains of that chocolate cream I might. You know considering I buy them for me as you claim not to even like them, you are doing a pretty good impression of somebody who does."

Nate dipped her finger back into the emptying pot, "Well let's just say that I have developed a pallet for the stuff shall we, especially the serving suggestions." She replied with a twinkle in her eyes.

Non-clued, Vicki frowned, "There aren't any serving suggestions; take spoon, stick in, pull out and shove greedily into ones mouth, and that is innate knowledge, not a manufactures suggestion."

The brunette rolled her eyes, shaking her head, "I am talking about MY serving suggestions."

The blonde thought for a minute before she realised what Nate was saying, and not wanting to appear slow, she thought of a quick retort. "Uh huh, well if that is the case then why are you sucking it off you finger and not my nipples hmm?" She asked with a smirk.

One perfectly arched eyebrow disappeared behind a dark fringe as Nate fought the urge to chuckle. "Because...I like that desperate look on your face as you try to imagine what you would like to be more, my finger, the pot or the cream."

Vicki's jaw dropped, "I was not thinking such things!"

"Uh huh"

"I was not"

"Sure you weren't"

Vicki huffed, "Well the finger and pot maybe but the cream never crossed my mind actually." She said indignantly

Nate grinned and rolled onto her side, "Really, and why not the cream? Hmm actually, don't answer that, I think that one is my fantasy...oh yes...thick, creamy...Mmmm yeah...uh huh." She chuckled as Vicki's cheeks flushed a deep, aroused red. "Oh I like that colour, suits you very well I think."

Vicki sighed and turned away, regarding the ceiling with feigned interest as she tried to maintain a steady breath. She was aching with unreleased desire, desire that had mounted since making love to Nate. She knew the tall woman was biding her time, teasing her, but she was not in the state of mind to be tormented.

A sudden thought occurred to her, and Vicki turned looking at Nate with a secret smile on her face. If Nate were intent on her teasing, she would just have to take certain matters into her own hands.

Nate looked over from her inspection of the now empty pot; a curious look crossed her features. "What is that look for?" She asked with suspicion.

Vicki rose to a sitting position and moved over, straddling Nate and settling on the mechanics stomach. Taking the empty pot and placing it on the bedside table, Vicki quickly glanced at the clock. "You know, it is almost one o'clock in the morning, and I don't know how much longer I can wait for you to finish teasing me." She grasped one of Nate's hands and separated the fingers. "So, I am going to have to do something about it."

Nate watched transfixed as the blonde took the index finger and pushed it into her mouth, sucking gently while swirling her tongue around the chocolate tasting skin. She hummed in delight, closing her eyes and sucking slowly on the proffered digit.

The brunette inhaled deeply, as her finger was released and another one was taken in past the soft full lips. Vicki pushed the finger up to its hilt, before pulling it out until only the tip of Nate's short nail remained in her mouth. She bit gently on the tip, before pushing it fully into her mouth again and swiping her tongue over the added flavouring.

Nate moaned, unable to contain her pleasure, and watched as Vicki opened her eyes, releasing the finger with a smug grin.

"I could stop right now...and declare that I should be getting to sleep, I have a Celtic back design at ten this morning you know."

The tall woman sighed ruggedly, "You wouldn't...would you?"

Vicki grinned and took a third finger into her mouth, sucking and swirling with unrestrained delight. She ground herself against Nate's stomach, smearing her mounting desire over the firm plane, as she released the finger.

"Me thinks you took far too much delight in teasing me," She stated, as she trailed Nate's middle finger over her chin and down her throat. "So...being as though you were taking too much time...I think I will...give you a little the right direction." Vicki bit her bottom lip and sighed, as she trailed the strong finger over her left nipple.

The mechanics breathing increased as she felt the nipple harden beneath her fingertip. She fought the urge to take over, desperately wanting to see what the blonde had in mind.

Vicki rubbed the finger over her nipple, as she brought Nate's thumb into play and squeezed the brunettes' thumb and forefinger between her own, trapping her swollen nipple with a delicious pressure. Closing her eyes, the tatooist breath hitched, as the sensation shot right down to her clit.

"Oh yeah..." She groaned, rocking slightly upon Nate's torso, "This is good." She closed her eyes, and slightly increased her rocking, moving her hips in a circular motion, as she took a hold of the brunettes' free hand that was burning a trail up her side to her right breast.

"And...where do you think you are going hmm?" Vicki asked pulling the hand away and moving it towards her centre. " took too long, looks like it is my turn again."

"Oh yeah..." Nate groaned, as her hand was pushed into the blondes centre. Hot juices trickle down her fingers and onto her stomach, the scent overpowering her basic sense.

Still keeping the firm contact on the inflamed nipple, Vicki pushed Nate's fingers over her labia, massaging her engorged clit, with a teasing tempo. She felt her skin flush, and a hot sweat brake out over her entire body. Keeping her fingers on top on the woman's below, she increased her tempo, feeling her climax approaching. Fire burnt inside her belly, aching and insistent in its intensity. Her moans were constant as she once again closed her eyes, her head falling forward, and short blonde hair fell into her eyes.

Nate was all but helpless in the attack, able to do nothing but watch as Vicki used the brunettes' own hands as she brought herself to climax. She could feel the blondes' clit, throbbing under her fingers, the juices spilling over her hand and torso. She could see beads of sweat trickle down Vicki's cheeks, and drop down, onto her own breasts. She groaned, feeling her own body respond in the most deliciously painful of ways. Her own clit pulsed with mounting need for contact, yet she was unable to move enough to satisfy the constant throb.

Vicki fell forward, releasing the hand against her breast, but still keeping contact with the fingers that she was moving close to her opening. Keeping one hand on the bed to brace herself, she pushed three of Nate's fingers inside herself and cried out in relief.

With a hand now free, the mechanic pulled Vicki down for a penetrating kiss. The blonde fell into the contact, slowing her movements down in order to focus on the feel of the brunette's tongue moving slowly against her own. She held on tight to the fingers inside of her, as she felt Nate pushing them both into a sitting position.

Bending her wrist and flexing her fingers, Nate positioned her hand giving Vicki the room she needed to ride her long fingers.

Their kiss continued, as Vicki began to move against Nate, pushing the skilled fingers deep inside herself at an increasing rhythm. Nate growled as she felt the blonde's pebbled nipples rub against her own, adding to the stimulation she was receiving, but in no way giving relief to the mounting pressure. She pulled away, sucking in a deep breath before bending her head to wrap her lips around Vicki's swollen nipple.

"Ugh...oh yeah" Vicki cried and moved herself back slightly, bracing one hand behind herself and holding Nate's head with the other, still thrusting into the brunette's talented fingers.

Nate could tell Vicki was close, she felt the blonde's walls tighten around her fingers, as an increased amount of the woman's juices filtered down her hand. Moving to the neglected nipple, she witnessed a deep blush work its way over Vicki's chest and face.

"So close..." Vicki growled, as an inferno boiled within her, ready to erupt. She picked up her speed, pounding against Nate, with escalating abandon.

Nate moved her hand to Vicki's sweat soaked back, giving her extra support as she felt the first signs of the blondes orgasm gather speed within her.

"OH...JESUS...FUCKING...OH GOD NATE" Vicki cried, as she was engulfed with uncontrollable waves of exquisite release, taking over her body with earth shattering force.

Nate held on to her riding out the waves, until Vicki fell backwards onto the bed, her body spent.


The first thing Vicki became aware of was that she was no longer lying at the foot of the bed. She opened her eyes and looked straight into Nate's bright blue ones. The dark woman smiled when she realised Vicki was coming around.

"Morning" She whispered.

Vicki frowned, "Is it?" She asked.

Nate chucked, "Well no, not really. You were out of it for about five minutes...but it sure was a heavy out, you didn't even stir when I moved you to the right side of the bed."

Vicki smiled, "Hmm, must have needed the recovery time."

The mechanic shook her head, rolling her eyes. "Well maybe that is what I had in mind for you all along...leave you waiting like that...until you decided to take...ahem...matters into your own hands." She waggled her eyebrows suggestively, causing Vicki to chuckle.

"Well I still think that was mean, and as soon as I manage to tear this smile from my face, I shall tell you as much in a more serious of voice."

"Uh huh..." Nate said, "Well I think I like how that smile got there anyway."

Vicki arched her eyebrows, " much?"

Nate grinned, "Oh stimulatingly so...believe me"

The tattooist rolled onto her side, propping herself up on her elbow as she pushed Nate onto her back. "Mind if I just check on that?"

Without waiting for an answer, Vicki traced her fingers down Nate's stomach, until she reached the apex of her thighs. With a wicked gleam in her eye, she pushed her fingers into the brunette's folds, sighing as they were submerged into a furnace of wet heat.

Nate groaned and her eyes fluttered closed at the contact, but opened them again as the touch was removed. "Hey?" She said as she noticed Vicki making her way to the bottom of the bed, "Where you going?"

Vicki stood up and opened a draw in the dressing table, pulling out one of Nate's black t-shirts, "I am going to get a drink, seems I have worked up a bit of a thirst."

Nate's mouth fell open as she watched the blonde sashay out of the bedroom. I don't believe it she thought, she is trying to get me back.

Folding her arms the mechanic sighed a rugged breath. She looked up at the ceiling as a wicked thought crossed her mind. I may not have gotten the chance to put my plan into action earlier, but it doesn't mean I still cannot.

With a quick smile the brunette slid of the bed and pulled out one of the draws underneath. Well if she thinks those cuffs were the only things I'd put away she is wrong. Reaching into the compartment, her hands fumbled around until she found what she was looking for, with a triumphant smile she pulled the object out and sat it on the bed.

"I think this should do it." she said with a smug grin.


Vicki padded down the stairs and through the living room, which lead to the kitchen. Switching on the overhead lights, she made a beeline towards the fridge, pulling open the door and peering inside.

She scanned the shelves, looking for something sweeter than water to drink. Her eyes fell upon a small bottle of Lucasade, and deciding that she needed to replace some energy, she pulled out the high glucose drink. Shutting the door, she twisted off the top and took a long drink, leaning against the fridge as she did so. Instantly she jumped back as the cold white door, touched the back of her naked legs. Shaking her head, she screwed the top back onto the bottle, and leaving it on the counter top, she turned off the lights and headed out of the kitchen.

Walking back through the darkness, she made her way to the stairs, grinning to herself as she remembered Nate's desperate looking face as she left the bedroom. Reaching the foot of the stairs, she began to make her assent, wondering what state Nate would be in by the time she got back to their room.

As her first foot touched the bottom step, she was suddenly grabbed from behind and gently pushed back against the wall. She looked surprised in the near darkness at Nate, who stood before her holding her to the wall with one hand.

"Couldn't wait?" She asked with a smile.

Nate grinned in the darkness and turned Vicki around, so that she was facing the pale cream wall, "Something like that." She replied, and began an assault on the blonde's neck, kissing and sucking the soft skin. She gently held Vicki to the wall with her right hand, but allowed no other part of her body to touch Vicki yet.

Swirling her tongue around the smooth flesh, the mechanic sucked on the salty skin as she used her left hand to pull the t-shirt from the blonde's body. Vicki sucked in a sharp breath as her skin touched the cold wall in front of her. She wanted to move away, but the warmth Nate was creating within, radiated from her centre, sending pleasurable waves of heat throughout her body. The contrast of that with the cold surface, then only served to arouse her all the more.

Letting her head fall against the wall Vicki reached back, trying to pull the taller woman into a fuller contact, but Nate held firm, only allowing her lips, tongue and teeth to give contact. Vicki groaned, as she felt Nate trail a path of kisses down her back.

Falling to her knees, the brunette used both hands to burn a trial down Vicki's trembling thighs while kissing the firm backside. The scent of the blonde's desire was strong, causing Nate own clit to throb in empathy.

She brought her hands back up, brushing one across Vicki's labia, swirling around in the abundance of moisture she found there.

" are so wet." She breathed, "That's...good."

Struggling against the urge to scream at Nate to take her now, Vicki spoke between ragged breaths, "" She asked, shuddering as the long fingers continued massaging her folds.

"Uh huh." Nate nodded, "Turn around."

It was a few seconds before the command reached Vicki's brain, but she did as she was told, pressing her back against the now warm wall.

Nate, facing the blonde's centre, pushed her tongue onto the tip of Vicki's clitoris, teasing her in the most maddening of ways. She tried to move forward, increasing the contact, but every time she did the mechanic would move away. Placing her hands on the dark head, she tried a less subtle approach and attempted to move Nate to where she needed her most, but the head refused to budge.

Vicki groaned as her head fell back against the wall, her body ached to the point of near pain. She needed release and she was definitely sure Nate was in the same position as well.

"Please." She begged.

Nate's insides clenched at the sound of the words she was waiting to hear. "Please...what?" She said, and pulled away, moving her fingers over Vicki's throbbing clit.

"Nate...oh god."

The brunette moved her fingers around in a small circular motion, "What." She demanded, moving back onto her heels and pushing one finger around Vicki's opening.

Vicki whimpered, "FUCK ME" she cried.

Nate's whole body surged with an agonising relief at the words she had waited to hear. Bracing her feet, the mechanic pushed herself up and in one swift motion, entered Vicki hard.

The blonde gasped in surprise, "Ugh...fuck." She growled, her hands falling naturally to Nate's sides and feeling the leather straps of the harness around the hips.

Nate withdrew then entered Vicki again, looking with hooded eyes into equally aroused green orbs that held a good dose of shock as well. Feeling her own walls tighten around the part inside herself, she speed up her movements, pumping into Vicki with increasing speed.

The constant groans falling from the blonde's lips, grew louder the faster the brunette moved. Nate sealed their lips together, and pushed her large hands around to Vicki's back, sliding them down the sweat soaked skin and onto her ass. She pushed one hand down, coating her finger with a liberal amount of the blonde's juices, before moving back up to Vicki's ass and pressing the tip of her middle finger into the tight opening.

Vicki's eyes flew open and she stared at Nate, pulling her mouth away from the taller woman's hungry lips, in order to suck in a shocked gasp. She was in a quandary of wanting to push against both intrusions. She could feel her orgasm coming, swirling around inside of her and gathering an explosive speed. And knowing Nate was not far from the edge herself, Vicki rotated her hips adding to the friction inside them both.

"Oh...god yes!" Nate gasped, and increased her speed further, thrusting into the blonde with abandon. Pulling almost all the way out of Vicki, before entering her again with mounting need. Their bodies moved against each other, not a fraction of space between them.

Heat radiated from both women, their bodies hot and pulsating, thrusting against each other with lack of restraint, as the first sparks of orgasm worked their way around them.

"AHHH...OH JESUS...NATE." Vicki gripped onto the brunette's thrusting ass.

"UGH" Nate grunted, as hot waves of pleasure exploded throughout her body, unyielding in its ferocity. She cried out her lovers name again and again, as Vicki too, submitted to the wildfire of pleasure that coursed through her entire body.

As the last waves of release left them, devoid of energy, they both slid down the wall, landing against each other on the carpeted floor. Breathing hard, sweating and still trembling, it was some minutes before either one of them could find the energy to speak.

Sitting with her back against the wall, Vicki turned and looked down at the dark head resting in her lap.

"Do you have...any more surprises in store for tonight?" She asked breathlessly.

Nate rolled her head up, looking at her lover in the darkness of the room, "If the answer to that is yes, I would be surprised myself." She chuckled, "Surprised I actually have the energy that is."

Vicki smile and pushed her hand through Nate's long dark hair, "So does that mean you will not be able to carry me up the stairs...I don't know whether I can manage them at the moment."

The mechanic shook her head, "And I was going to request the same of you." She joked.

Vicki sighed, "Then it looks like we shall be bunking down here tonight, cause I don't want to move." She pouted.

"The sofa is kind of comfortable you know."

Vicki nodded her head, "Fine, the sofa it is then."

"Great" Nate said with a smiled, though neither of them made any attempt to move.

The End.

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