You Have To Close A Door To Open A Window

by Ri

Disclaimers: This is a hurt/comfort story and it does have two women of age that like each other a lot, but no sex at all (maybe later). Please if you don't like either of story don't attempt to read it. This does come from my warped little mind and shouldn't step on anyone's toes.

She banged the phone down and ran out of her apartment. To say that she was upset would be an understatement. She felt like her heart had been ripped out. 'Why!' She screamed within her mind.

She slid into her car and breathed deeply trying to control her rolling emotions. "Why?" She cried as she started her car and headed toward the ocean.

She roared down Pacific Coast Highway the long stretch of beach from Los Angeles to San Fransisco. She put on the radio and rolled open a window trying to distract herself from her own pain. She couldn't of course, how do you run away from yourself.

She finally pulled over at a long stretch of beach just before Oxnard. She parked her car and briskly walked toward what appeared to be a deserted section of beach. She threw her arms wide open and screamed at the top of her lungs, "I hate Men!!!!!" Then her head fell to her chest, her arms dropped to her side and a cascade of tears fell down her cheeks. She sunk down to her knees as her tears became sobs announcing to the world the awful pain she had been suffering in silence for so long.


The lifeguard on duty watched as the young lady walked down to the beach from her look out tower. She smiled at how pretty the young lady was, she couldn't tell from that distance how distraught she was, only that she had a nice shape.

Suddenly the blonde dropped to the ground, "Shit!"She cursed, as she ran out of her station to her Dune buggy. She flew down the beach and then sprinted to the fallen woman's side. She came to the young woman and gently touched her shoulder asking, "Are you ok, Miss?"

Weepy green eyes blinked open and the red rimmed eyes met the lifeguards, The lifeguard had force herself to breathe as she was caught by the sea green orbs.

The young woman looked deeply into the most beautiful sky blue eyes she had ever seen. "'m sorry." She lowered her head and began to sob some more.

"Oh please...Don't cry...nothing is worth such sobs." For some reason she found herself cradling the young woman in her strong arms and rocking her like a small child. "Sh...It's going to be all right."

Surprisingly the young woman felt comforted and secure in the kind woman's arms. She allowed her head to fall onto a strong shoulder and continued to allow herself to shed all the pain that she had held back in the last two weeks.

The tall lifeguard continued to give comfort to the fallen woman. Why it felt so right and so good she couldn't fathom but it did. She gently stroked her pretty hair and said anything she could think of that would comfort the distraught woman.

Finally, the young woman pulled back and said, "I'm sorry..."

"Stop that. Why on earth should you be sorry? Your upset. Its good for you to cry...I wish I could. Can I help in anyway?"

"Um..yeah... you have.....I ....I feel so ugly and useless. My boyfriend just told me he doesn't love me. That he never did. Never could or would. That no one would... That I'm...unlovable....that I'm a-sexual....I...I..." The poor woman sobbed uncontrollably again.

The tall woman stroked her hair and tried unsuccessfully to calm her rushing blood. She was raging inside at the unthinking and cruel man, She didn't know him but she wanted to kill him. 'The bastard! How could he?' She thought to herself as she continued to stroke the hair and back of the inconsolable woman. When she calmed down enough to speak rationally she said, "You are not unlovable. What a horrible thing to say to anyone. This man is just not worth this. You are just too good for him."

The surprised young woman looked into caring blue eyes and got lost in them. She wanted to stay this way forever. She felt so protected. She felt herself drawn to this sweet compassionate woman. She felt herself loose her own way and yet she felt that she found home. She found her lips meeting this kind stranger's in a deep and passionate kiss and she was astonished and happy at the same time. Again she thought that she had come home.

Two astonished sets of eyes met as they separated, "I...I'' The lifeguard was not able to form a simple sentence, She was awash in emotions she had never felt before.

The smaller woman swallowed a couple of time and said in a tiny voice, "Thank you."

Blue eyes widened in surprise, "Thank you?"

"Yes, I needed someone to treat me with love and tenderness. You just did....You don't even know me but you've just treated me with more tenderness and kindness then the man I've been living with for six months. So thank you." She smiled for the first time and her face lit up like a Christmas tree.

The other woman's face lit up with its own inner glow, "It was my honor. As Bogart said in Casablanca," I think this is the beginning of beautiful friendship."

The End (Or the beginning)

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