I Found My Heart in San Francisco

Book 3: Coalescence

By S X Meagher


Disclaimers: See Part 1

***Part 11***

They sat in the window seat for a long while, each silently musing about their future children. Ryanís libido woke up after a bit and she started to caress Jamie sensually. Her partner gave her a devilish little smile and said, "Letís go somewhere else. Weíve done this room thoroughly."

Ryan gave her a crooked grin and asked, "Where to?"

"Well, first, you need to hop in the shower," she decided. "I want to munch on every little part of you, but youíre still salty and sandy."

"Be right back." Ryan smiled as she hopped to her feet and scampered into the bath.

When she emerged, she noticed that Jamie had set out a little outfit for her to wear. "Mmm, dress up time?" the dark woman asked.

"Yep," the green eyes danced. "I love having my own life-sized dress-up doll." Ryan was still drying her hair with the towel, and as she paused to comb it Jamie asked, "Did you play with dolls when you were little?"

"Yeah, but not much here," she mused, sliding the wide-toothed comb through her tresses.


"America," she clarified. "Aisling and I played mummies and daddies all the time in Ireland."

"Mummies and daddies?"

"Yeah. Playing house, you know?"

"Oh, right," she said. "Why not here?"

"Which of my cousins do you think I could get to play house with me?" she asked, blue eye twinkling.

"Riiight," Jamie drawled, finally realizing the problem. "Didnít you have any little girl friends?"

"Nope. I didnít make friends with girls until I was in grade school. Sara was actually my first real girl friend in America."

"Sara?" Jamie interrupted. "You didnít have girl friends until high school?"

"No, no," Ryan laughed. "I think I told you that we were friends in grammar school. She was in third grade when I was in second, and we were on our schoolís pee-wee soccer team."

"I donít remember if you told me that, Honey," she said softly. "But it makes it even clearer why losing her friendship was so horrible for you."

"Yeah," Ryan nodded, unwilling to go into the incident again.

"So tell me more about this mummies and daddies thing," the blonde asked, trying to lighten up the mood.

"It was funny," Ryan recalled, apparently content to continue talking about her youth. "In Ireland, all of my friends were girls because of Aisling. But in America, it was all boys."

"Which did you like better?" Jamie asked.

"Neither. I liked them both. They were just different. I did different things and played different games, depending on whom I hung out with. I was actually quite good at playing mummies and daddies. Guess which I always was?" she asked with a wide grin.

"Hmm, how many guesses do I get?" Jamie teased, slapping her partner hard on her bare butt.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

As Ryan stood surveying the outfit that had been prepared for her, she held up a tiny scrap of fabric and asked, "Is this a hankie?"

"Nope," the blonde head tossed in denial. "Those are your panties."

"Panties?" Ryan asked as she held the fabric up, spreading it with both hands. The little elongated triangle of shiny black material, would actually have been too small to be an effective handkerchief, Ryan had to admit.

"Itís a G-string," Jamie chided her gently. "Come on, let me help you into it."

Ryan gamely placed her hands on her partnerís shoulders and lifted first one foot and then the other. "You know," Ryan said as she felt behind herself and ran her fingers up the string leading to the tiny waistband. "I never understood why it was called a G-string. But itís actually shaped just like a G thatís lying on itís back." She twitched her hips a few times to settle the material between her thighs. "I bet most women who put one of these on end up on their backs pretty quickly too," she mused, with a leer at her grinning partner. "So where do you want to take this off of me?"

"Not so fast, Pal," Jamie chided, as she handed her the rest of the outfit. Ryan looked at her with a puzzled frown as she accepted the tight gray ribbed tank and black Lycra boy-cut shorts.

"Are we going out?" she asked, not wanting to journey far with the G-string flossing her butt.

"Not really," the smirking blonde answered rather enigmatically. She watched as Ryan added the tank and workout shorts, then handed her a pair of socks and her cross-trainers.

"Workout clothes?"

"Come on," Jamie urged. "Play nice, and Iíll give you something good to suck on later." Her dark blonde eyebrows wiggled dramatically, causing Ryan to laugh out loud.

"I just bet you will," she said with a wry grin. "But first, I get to choose an outfit for you. If Iím gonna display my wares, so are you!"

* * * * * * * * * * * *

When the smaller woman was dressed in a green and blue print sports bra and blue running shorts, they walked along the path to what looked like a large garage. Ryan asked, "How do you know none of the key-holders are here today?"

"The gardeners were here this morning, as you can tell." She indicated the overflowing green recycling bins near the garage. "The housekeeper only comes once a week when no one is home. Iíve gotta admit I donít know when the pool guy comes, but weíre not going far," she said, leading Ryan to a door on the side of an enormous five car garage. There was an interior staircase just inside the door, and they walked up it, hand in hand.

Jamie opened the door at the top of the stairs and turned to see Ryanís jaw nearly hit her chest. The large room ran the length and breadth of the massive garage. It was carpeted with nice deep green plush, and floor to ceiling mirrors covered every wall. The room held the latest and finest weight machines and free weights that Ryan had ever seen. There were machines to work every part of the body, and racks of free weights neatly lined up along a wall. There was a treadmill, an elliptical cross trainer and a recumbent bike. A large screen TV sat against a far wall, and huge speakers hung from the ceiling.

Ryan turned to Jamie wide eyed and said, "Why didnít you show me this before?"

"Because I wanted to hold your attention. I wanted you sweating over me, not over this iron," she said with a grin. "But now I want you to sweat for me," she revealed, as she leaned in to capture Ryanís ruby lips.

Ryan pulled her head back slightly as she gave her partner an indulgent grin. "I have got to say, Jamie, that if I had known what a little firecracker you were, I would have put the full court press on you that first day in class."

"Well, you know now, Sweetie. So get ready to light my fuse," she breathed, right into Ryanís smiling face.

"Name your pleasure," Ryan said as she looked around the room, still amazed by the completeness of the gym.

A slight flush grew on Jamieís cheeks as she said, "I need you to indulge me a little bit, if you donít mind, that is. Iíve been dreaming of this since we worked out together on our ĎGay for a Dayí outing."

"Was that when you had really good sex with Jack?"

"Good memory, Sweetie," she laughed. "Yeah, I still feel guilty about that. He was making love to me, but I was making love to you," she said with an even pinker blush. "My powers of denial even amaze me sometimes. I convinced myself that all of the women in the gym wanted you, and that it was perfectly natural to have those feelings. I just chalked it up to animal attraction."

Ryan was intrigued to find out some more facts about how this process had worked for Jamie. "Did you fantasize about me after that?"

"Not when I was with Jack. I really did feel guilty about it, and it took some of the pleasure away. But ever since February, I donít think Iíve touched myself without seeing your face or your body."

"I thought you said you didnít touch yourself very often."

"I didnít. I think that is a very big reason why I didnít. My denial is only so strong, Ryan. And masturbating while thinking about your lean little body was tough for even me to reconcile," she laughed. "So I think I tried to suppress my entire sexual response."

"Well it doesnít seem very repressed now," Ryan whispered into her ear.

"No, I would tend to agree with that diagnosis, Dr. Freud," she said, kissing Ryan on the lips. "Now, letís get busy." She led her smirking partner over to the machines dedicated to the shoulders and back. "I donít know if Iíve ever told you this, but Iíve found out that Iím a back woman," she said with a little eyebrow wiggle, as she kissed each exposed shoulder.

"I donít think you have," Ryan said. "As a matter of fact, I donít really know what about me turns you on, besides these," she added with a grin, as she placed her hands under her full breasts and lifted them tauntingly.

"Thatís because everything about you turns me on, silly." She gave Ryan a little squeeze as she added, "Looking at other women has shown me that some parts just get my attention first."

"And just where have you been looking at other women? Hmmm?" Ryanís tone was light and she clearly was joking, but Jamie still flushed deeply.

"IÖIÖI donít really lookÖ" she began, but Ryan cut her off.

"Everybody looks, Honey. Most people just arenít honest about it. Itís not a problem."

Jamie rolled her eyes in relief, happy that her partner was so low-key about these issues.

"Soooo," Ryan urged, her playful grin back in place. "What works for you?"

"Well, as I just told you, shoulders and backs are big favorites." She trailed her fingers down Ryanís back, feeling each individual muscle under the gray cotton. "And I like to go a little farther down, too," she whispered, as she placed both hands on Ryanís firm rear and palmed her cheeks. She turned her around and ran her hands all over her muscular thighs. "And these make me throb," she said, as she knelt to snake her tongue up one taut quadriceps. She looked up from her position to see Ryanís tightly closed eyes and small smile. "Címon, Baby," she said, as she stood and took her loverís hand and led her to the lat pull-down equipment. "Time to sweat."

Ryan pulled up short and asked, "SoÖthe game is to have me work out and then make love?"

"UmmÖwellÖI guess thatís about it," she admitted. Looking up at her partner with a questioning gaze she quickly added, "That doesnít bother you, does it?"

"AhhÖno, " Ryan laughed. "Combining two of my favorite activities is all good. But if Iím going to work out to turn you on, it only seems fair if you do the same for me."

Jamie crossed her arms over her chest, striking a confident pose. "SoÖtell me what floats your boat, Hot Stuff."

"Pardon?" Ryan asked, blinking her blue eyes ingenuously.

"I told you about my favorite body parts. What do you like about me?"

"Hmm," the brunette mused, walking around her partner to study her thoroughly. "What do I like about your smokiní little body."

"Come on," Jamie urged. "We havenít got all day."

"Donít rush me," Ryan insisted, continuing her perusal. "I donít really focus on individual parts very much. I have more of a macro approach."

"Really?" Jamie asked, dropping her arms and cocking her head. "You donít have certain parts that always arouse you?"

"No, not really," Ryan said, shaking her head briefly. "I meant it when I said that I was most attracted to energy. Oh, I notice certain parts, if someone has an extraordinary something-or-other, but I wouldnít say that any part particularly arouses me."

Jamie sat down on a padded bench, staring at her partner for a long moment. "Do you think itís weird that I focus onÖthings?"

Ryan squatted down next to her, placing her hands on Jamieís knees. "Do you think itís weird that I donít?"

A quick headshake and a furrowed brow indicated that she did not. "Thatís not the same thing," Jamie said. "Not doing something is never as weird as doing something."

"AhhÖI would tend to disagree, and I have hundreds of examples to support my case, but let me assure you that I do not think youíre weird in any way, Babe. My guess is that more people are like you than me."

Jamie leaned over and placed a quick kiss on Ryanís lips, then pulled her up to join her on the bench. "So, tell me how you get aroused," she asked, in a shy voice.

"Okay," Ryan happily agreed. "Let me thinkÖIíll tell you how it is when Iím with you, all right?"


"This is pretty simple actually. Iím always aroused when Iím with you." A goofy grin covered her lovely face, and Jamie couldnít help but laugh at her.

"Okay, Smarty-Pants, tell me how it isÖI should say Ďwasí with other women."

"Alright," Ryan agreed once again. "Itís sort of a Ďwhat came first, the chicken or the egg?í with me," she posited. "Iíd be kinda horny, and Iíd call someone or go to a club and meet someone. Iím kind of a self-starter," she laughed.

"Surely that wasnít always true," Jamie admonished.

"No, of course not. Sometimes someone I knew would call, or Iíd run into them. If they asked me to come over, Iíd get aroused thinking about how weíd had sex before. If I met someone that I didnít know, Iíd have to say that the thought of exploring someone new was always arousing for me."

"Thatís how you got in the mood," Jamie insisted. "I want to know how you actually get aroused once youíre in the mood."

Ryan looked perplexed for a moment, staring into space as she tried to answer the question. "Itís the same thing for me," she finally said. "Once Iím in the moodóIím aroused."

"That simple?" Jamie gaped. "Youíre ready to go once youíre in a receptive mood?"

"Yeah," Ryan nodded. "Iíd have to say thatís true. I get aroused really easily, Babe. I can go from having no thoughts of sex to being completely aroused in a couple of minutes." She shrugged her broad shoulders as she turned to look at her partner. "Itís not like that for you, is it?"

"God no! I have to work up to it pretty slowly. It feels like a slowly rising thermometer for me," she said reflectively. "But I stay down in the low range for quite a while most of the time. I have to touch and be touched to really get worked up."

"Hmm, letís test that hypothesis," Ryan grinned, standing and extending a hand.

"Name your poison," Jamie smirked, as she joined her by the lat pull down equipment.

Ryan adjusted the seat and sat down, waiting for Jamie to set the weight when she indicated her preference.

Before she began she said, "Iíll do my normal routine, and you can tell me where you are on the scale. Give me a one to ten on how aroused you feel, and Iíll do the same for you, okay?"

Staring at her partner for a moment, Jamie said, "You know, you could make millions as a trainer if you used this tactic on all of your clients."

"No way, Babe," Ryan laughed. "This is private training in the best sense of the term."

Jamie stood back and watched her partner glide through a 12-rep set of the back exercise. "Nice," she muttered, coming close to place a kiss right behind Ryanís ear.

"Scale?" the smirking brunette asked.

"Iím a ten for being in the mood, but about a one in arousal," Jamie admitted. "You?"

"Mmm, Iím not registering yet," she said. "Do you know what it is about working out that makes you hot?"

"Hmm," she mused as she considered the question. "I uhÖthink my main goal is to get you all flushed and sweaty," she admitted, blushing as she revealed her secret longing.

"I like sweat, too," Ryan purred.

"It surprised the holy heck out of me when I discovered that I like to see you sweat, but Iíve fantasized about it often since that time you took me to work out at the football stadium." Ryan gazed at her curiously, so she continued. "You were leaning over me, and the sweat was dripping off your face and landing on my bare skin. I almost came right then and there!"

"Did you know you were attracted to me then?" Ryan asked, unclear as to the date.

"Nope. It was right before Christmas break. I was cluelessÖon many levels," she laughed.

"Well, Iíll sweat for you any time now, Love," Ryan promised. She gripped the wide bar with her hands spread about 18 inches apart and began to smoothly move the weight, barely letting the plates touch the stack before she raised them again. She completed her second set of 12 repetitions without interruption, but as she paused, Jamieís hands began to trace over her back muscles, applying almost no pressure at all to the skin. As Ryan began the third set, Jamieís hands rested lightly on the flexing muscles, feeling each fiber as it strained and relaxed, strained and relaxed.

"This is so hot," she whispered into Ryanís pink ear. "Just keep going, Buffy."

Ryan pulled the bar down again and again, concentrating on her form, while Jamie rubbed her thumbs in a sweeping pattern, starting at her spine and fanning out. The small hands moved lower, inch-by-inch, until she had covered the entire surface of the back, continuing until Ryan began to tire and stopped to collect herself.

"Five!" Ryan gasped out with a laugh. "When you whispered in my ear, everything started to tingle."

"Iím about a two," Jamie said. "But itís moving in the right direction."

"You know, itís hard for me to concentrate if there is loud music at the gym," Ryan admitted with a smirk. "This is a whole new level of distraction."

"Do you like it?" Jamie asked, afraid that maybe she was pushing her too far.

"I love it. I absolutely, positively, love indulging your fantasies." She turned around to bestow a tender kiss on her partnerís lips, lingering a little longer than necessary. "As long as weíre going to be here for a while, do you want to test my capacity?"


"Thatís when I work from a light weight with many reps and gradually increase to the heaviest weight I can handle for just one or two reps. Wanna see?"


Ryan went to the seated cable row and set the machine at 60 pounds. She sat down on the long padded bench and executed 15 perfect reps, sliding the straight bar back to its terminus as she finished. She raised the weight to 70 pounds and started again, after a rest. This time she did 12 reps and Jamie could detect just a few drops of perspiration trickling down her neck and running down to her tank top. The cotton wicked most of them away immediately, but Jamie managed to snag one and rub it into Ryanís back with her index finger. "Three," the blonde whispered into a flushed ear. Chills ran down Ryanís back.

The next set saw another ten pounds added, and Ryan looked like she was really ready to stop when the tenth rep came. Another short rest allowed Jamie to capture a few more drops of sweat and chase them around the smooth skin.

At 100 pounds, the eighth rep seemed like it was going to fail, but she managed with a deep grunt to pull the bar against her chest. This time the rest was a little longer, allowing Jamie more time to play.

When the weight stack was set for 130 pounds, Ryan took a few deep breaths and steeled herself. She gripped the bar and grunted heavily as first one, and then two reps were successfully completed. She slid down and collapsed against the long bench, dropping her arms to dangle off of it. "Wow, thatís a bitch," she muttered, as she got to her feet.

"Not for me," Jamie murmured as she slid her arms around her waist and leaned in for a sweaty hug.

"Like that?" Ryan smirked, looking down as her partner took in a deep breath.

"Umm-hmm," was her enthusiastic reply. "FourÖin the express laneÖ headed for five."

"I actually fell down a little," Ryan mused. "I really had to concentrate hard to do those reps right, and the blood must have been needed in my back muscles more than my love muscles."

"Oh, weíll get you back up," Jamie promised. "Just you wait."

"Thatís about all I can handle on my back," Ryan decided. "Now itís your turn." Wildly waggling eyebrows accompanied this statement.

"Name it," Jamie asked.

Musing silently for a moment, Ryan decided on her pick. She rolled a large green exercise ball over and held it still with her feet. "Crunches," she announced firmly.

"On that?" Jamie cried.

"Yep. Put up or shut up, Babe."

"Oh, all right," Jamie sighed. "How do I do Ďem?"

"Iíll hold the ball still, and you lie down with just your upper back resting on it."

"I canít do that!"

"Of course you can," Ryan admonished. "Itís not that hard. Come on now." To make it a little easier, Jamie got on the floor and rolled onto the big ball, with Ryan stopping the progress with her feet when she was in position. All of the weight of her torso was resting on the ball, with her legs merely providing stability. "Looks good," Ryan decided. "Now fold your arms across your chest, but hold them away from your bodyÖgoodÖ.good," she proclaimed. "Now do a set of crunches just like you normally do them."

Jamie shot her a look, but complied with the instructions, getting through a set of 15 with little difficulty.

"Excellent!" Ryan cried. "How did that feel?"

"It felt like Iíll feel it tomorrow," she groused. "And my number went down, too!"

"Well, mine went up," Ryan decided. "Letís do another."

By the third set, Ryanís eyes were definitely twinkling, and Jamie decided that she didnít mind feeling a little pain to keep that fire in those blue eyes. After the fourth set, the fatiguing woman rested by sliding father onto the ball, letting her arms dangle against the lime green surface. Even in repose, the muscles stood out in the bright halogen light, and Ryan got to her knees next to the ball and leaned in to raise her number a little.

She started to trace the protuberant muscles with the very tip of her warm tongue, gliding over the dips and raises as Jamie held perfectly still, soaking up the gentle sensation. "Back to five," Ryan murmured between swipes of her tongue.

"Right there with Ďya, Babe," the smaller woman murmured languidly, willing the touch to continue.

"Time for another set," Ryan whispered, breaking the mood.

Her compliant partner crunched her way through an even 100 reps, and as she collapsed against the ball, Ryan started to work on her tummy once again. By the time she was finished licking and sucking on the moist, flushed skin, both of them were cruising along at a six.

"My turn again," Ryan announced. "Would you rather see chest or shoulders?"

"Shoulders. Definitely shoulders," Jamie immediately replied.

Ryan chose the exercise that she knew would highlight her muscles to their best advantage. She pulled a weight bench right up next to the rack of dumb bells and picked up a pair of five-pound weights to begin. "What are you going to do?" Jamie asked.

"Back delt fly," she replied. "If you could hand me the next increment as I finish each set, it would help."

"Love to," she smiled.

Ryan sat at the very edge of the bench and leaned forward until her back was just a few degrees from parallel to the floor. She held the weights behind her knees and slowly began to raise them to shoulder height. She looked a bit like a very large bird, slowly flapping its powerful wings, but Jamie found this particular bird to be terribly sexy. She climbed onto the bench and sat directly behind her partner, trailing her fingers down the now slick skin.

Ryan eased through 12 reps and paused just a moment, while Jamie handed her the seven pounders. Just before she began, cool hands began tugging at her tank top. "I think this exercise would be perfect if it was performed topless," a soft voice hummed in her ear.

Lifting her arms immediately, Ryan smiled up at her partner as the smaller woman tugged the wet garment off. The reps fell as the weight, and Jamieís arousal number, increased, until Ryan was visibly straining to lift the 30 pound weights for just two reps. Jamie loved the little grunts and "oofs" that she made, most of the sounds reminding her of Ryanís cute little orgasmic cries. For her part, Ryan loved the feel of Jamieís fingers gliding over her hot, wet skin as she strained with the weights.

The taller woman stood and stretched a bit when she was finished with the exercise. Her skin glowed pink under her golden tan, and the already-prominent muscles of her back stood out even more, evidently from the demands being placed on them. Raising her arms high above her head, she reached for the sky with one arm, then the other, smirking slightly at Jamieís fascinated stare.

The blonde was nearly drooling as she took in the vision that stood before her: sweat beading all over the smooth torso, muscles rippling, chest straining from the effort of the workout.

"Number?" the dark beauty asked teasingly.

"Duuuuh," Jamie replied vacantly. "Iíll get back to ya."

Ryan leaned her head back and laughed heartily, her breasts bouncing against her chest as she did so. Just as Jamieís hands lifted to grasp the slick globes, Ryan stopped her advance. "Uh-uh, Sparky, your turn to sweat. Youíve barely got a glow on."

"Unnnngh," the feisty blonde cried, trying in vain to wrench her hands from her partner. "Just one squeeze?"

"Nope," Ryan decreed, standing tall and crossing her arms across her chest to block access. "Work first, then play."

A frustrated sigh and matching scowl signaled Jamieís forced compliance. "Okay, what next?" she grumbled.

"Hmmm," Ryan thought carefully. "Iím gonna chooseÖpull-ups."

"Pull-ups? Thatís cruel!"

"Play by the rules, Babe. I want to see those shoulders and abs straining."

Rolling her eyes skyward, Jamie allowed her partner to lift her so that she could grasp the pull-up bar. She stuck her legs straight out, and started to raise and lower her body, keeping her form tight and smooth.

The effort she was forced to expend to perform the reps properly caused her muscles to stand out vividly, and Ryan delighted as she watched the veins on Jamieís biceps bulge from the stress. Indulging her evil streak, Ryan stood behind her partner, and began to take long swipes of her tongue down the straining back.

"Ohh, God," Jamie cried, as she fought to focus. "Gonna fall!"

Ryan caught her easily, and lowered her softly to the ground. "That might have been the worst set Iíve ever seen you do," she laughed. "But for being a good sport, Iíll give you a little treat." Jamie batted her eyes and smiled seductively as her partner tugged the damp sports bra from her body. Her eyes fluttered closed as Ryan stepped a few inches closer and squatted a little. She grasped Jamieís hands to deny her normal urges, and then allowed their rigid nipples to brush lightly against each other.

"Unnggghhh," the frustrated blonde cried as she tried to raise her hands to grasp the objects of her desire.

"Uh-uh-uh," Ryan insisted. "If I let you have your way, weíre done for the day," she sagely predicted. "Letís keep going until weíre both at ten."

"No fair!" Jamie cried. "When I work, my arousal drops, and the same thing happens to you! Weíll never get there."

"Hmm, you have a point," Ryan considered. "How can we accomplish our goalÖ"

"Iíve got an idea," twinkling green eyes decided, confidently taking Ryan by the hand. She led her to a bar, resting at chest height on a structure that allowed the bar to glide up and down on a track. "Some squats should do the trick," she proclaimed.

"Squats donít normally make me hot," Ryan advised her.

"You havenít been doing them my way," the confident woman insisted.

"As usual, Iím game," Ryan grinned, allowing Jamie to lead the dance.

"Okay," the thoughtful woman decided. "Do a warm-up set first. What weight do you need?"

"Give me 50 for the warm-up," Ryan said. Jamie did so and watched as her partner moved the bar to the highest position and stood under it. She released the locking hooks and let the weighted bar settle onto her shoulders, carefully spreading her feet shoulder-width apart. She bent slightly at the waist to secure the feel of the bar and then began a set of squats, her thighs and butt taking on all of the weight.

Jamie stood behind her, letting her eyes wander all over the powerful body. Even though Ryanís thighs bore most of the weight, her back muscles flexed and stretched nicely, providing the smiling spectator with a nice show.

When the set was finished, Jamie decided, "Now that weíre both warmed up, let me make one small equipment change." Ryan stood and waited patiently as Jamie peeled the shorts off of her, leaving only the G-string. "Gotta see the whole canvas," she chuckled, as Ryan smiled down at her. "Okay, Sport, gimme another set."

While Ryan got the bar ready, Jamie pulled a short bench over and sat down right behind her. Ryan took a quick look over her shoulder, shaking her head at the prospective torture she knew was in store for her. Nonetheless, she hefted the 80 pounds and began her set. On the second rep, a pair of cool hands met her cheeks as she squatted into the exercise. Those questing little hands roamed all over her ass, sending tingles down both spines simultaneously.

The tiny little strap that bisected Ryanís butt was much more visually alluring than actual nakedness would be, and the smaller womanís heart thudded in her chest as she watched the performance. The halogen spots that illuminated the space were providentially positioned to send a pool of warm light right onto Ryanís ass. The sculpted cheeks glowed with a fine sheen of perspiration and, as Jamie leaned forward, she found that her mouth was actually watering at the sight. Her tongue automatically darted out of her mouth, and she found herself licking at the smooth, firm mounds as she would a delicious ice cream cone on a sizzling hot day.

Ryanís groan snapped Jamie from her focus, and she sat up, letting her partner catch her breath. The weight slid back onto the self-locking hooks, and Ryan stood for a moment, her legs shaking from the combination of fatigue and arousal. Without a word, Jamie rose and added ten more pounds to each end of the bar, making it an even one hundred.

Sparing a suspicious glance, Ryan got back down to work, lifting the bar onto her shoulders and flattening her back. On the third rep Jamieís hand slid between her partnerís spread legs, sliding along her cleft in an intentionally incendiary touch. A low moan sprang from the dark womanís lips as she shrugged out from under the weight, letting it drop and clang loudly against the padded floor. She turned in the same motion and pulled Jamie into her arms, carrying her onto a pair of exercise mats. As she lowered her to the floor, she leaned down close and growled, "Ten!" as her lips captured her partnerís in a fiery kiss.

They rolled around on the thin mats, laughing wildly as they wrestled. Miraculously, Jamie won, tossing the larger woman onto her back, legs slightly spread, with the tiny piece of fabric just barely covering her vulva. Little black curls peeked out the sides of the material, beckoning Jamie to explore the ineffectively hidden treasures.

Jamie leaned back and gave her a cool appraisal. Azure eyes silently begged for relief, hips twitching with need. The tantalizing body was flushed from head to heel, hair damp with sweat, bangs stuck limply to forehead. She had a fine sheen of perspiration covering her completely, and little rivers of sweat ran down her sides. Besides the tangy aroma of exertion, Jamie was also rewarded by the scent of the arousal that flowed from Ryan, occasionally wafting up to reach Jamieís nose.

She began to run her hands slowly up and down Ryanís wet body. Her hands glided along smoothly, aided by the lubrication. Ryanís head tossed back and forth in frustration as she sucked in a deep breath. Jamieís hands were not idle for a moment, stroking her slick breasts and her belly. "God, I love your scent," Jamie growled into her ear, as she bent to cover her chest and belly with tender, emotion-filled kisses. The kisses became more heated and soon progressed to firm sucking and sharp nibbles. Ryan groaned and gasped for breath as Jamie continued to lick and suck all down her body. Her breathing was ragged and quick, and she was nearly beside herself with arousal. "You have toÖIíve got toÖ" Ryan shook her head roughly, frustrated with her inability to form a coherent sentence. She grasped Jamieís hands and forced them between her legs, locking her clear blue eyes on her partner. Her features were tense from the frustration that pounded through her body, and she managed to speak only one word, but her meaning was crystal clear, "Pleeease," she moaned, shivering roughly. "Please."

"Please?" the intentionally obtuse blonde purred. "Please what, Baby?"

Ryanís blue eyes were largely unfocused as she gazed at her partner in amazement. She knew that her request had been understood, and it dawned on her that Jamie actually wanted her to beg. Itís your own fault, Ryan, she chided herself. I think you might be biting off more than you can chew when this one lets loose. Ah wellÖshe thought with a mental shrug, Iíve begged before, and Iíll beg again.

Her hands slid up her slick belly to cup her breasts, clearly Jamieís favorite spot. Her eyes fluttered closed as her hands grasped the tender flesh, now so slick with sweat that she had a hard time holding on. Her head tilted back as she squeezed firmly, the flushed skin peeking out from between her splayed fingers. A small gasp of pain flew from her lips as she grew a little too enthusiastic, and she bit down on her lower lip as she intentionally kept up the pressure. The throbbing between her legs increased dramatically, and her hips began to twitch of their own accord, as she continued to squeeze her now-tender breasts roughly.

It was impossible to open her eyes fully, but the heavy-lidded glance she spared her partner showed that the demonstration was working according to plan. Emerald green eyes focused on her hands like lasers, and the blonde licked her lips as she leaned in so close that her hot breath floated across the simmering flesh.

Ryan knew she had her at this point, and she reveled in the power she felt in being able to affect her partner so strongly. Her desire flared even brighter as their eyes locked together and she could see the stark need displayed in the verdant depths. The power had definitely shifted, and Ryan offered a knowing smile as she slid her thumbs into the tiny waistband of her G-string and slipped it from her body. Her legs splayed wide open as she made her final plea.

One elegantly shaped finger was slowly pulled into her warm mouth while Jamie watched in fascinated silence. Ryanís cheeks pulsed as she sucked deeply, wetting the lucky finger thoroughly. Withdrawing it with a "pop", she trailed a wet path down her chest, moving to one firm nipple, then to the otheróleaving a thin trail of moisture as the finger passed. Pausing to replenish the lubrication, Ryan continued her erotic demonstration, heading further and further south. She gasped and thrust her hips sharply when her finger grazed the edge of her swollen lips, and her eyes flew open when Jamie let out a growl and dove for her. Before she could blink, determined small hands had slid under her thighs and pulled her forward just enough for Jamieís questing tongue to lave her throbbing need.

A deeply satisfied smile graced Ryanís lips as she relaxed into the touch, her hands coming to rest gently upon Jamieís fair head. Two can play the begging game, my love, she thought with a wry smirk.

Even the distraction of reflecting on her accomplishment could not hold off her fulfillment, and after mere seconds of this exquisite torture, Ryan felt herself cresting near the edge. She gritted her teeth, trying to hold off the inevitable terminus, since the journey had been so arduous. But she was powerless over the fantastic sensations radiating from the center of her body, and after a scant few moments, her head began to toss back and forth, a low, strangled cry bubbling up from her chest as she climaxed.

As the pulsing slowed, her fingers found Jamieís shoulders, and she pushed gently, forcing the determined woman away from her stimulated flesh. "No more," she moaned weakly. "No more."

In a heartbeat, Jamie was at her side, wrapping her in a loving embrace, holding her close until her rapid heartbeat had calmed. "Iím covered in your scent again," the small woman murmured, rubbing her wet face against Ryanís cheek.

Ryan chuckled, deep and low in her chest. "You seem to have warmed up to the scent thing pretty quickly. What happened to that innocent young thing I knew just a few days ago?"

Jamie looked at her, eyes slightly wide. "Do you like it?" she asked with a good bit of hesitation in her voice.

"Like it?" Ryan asked with an even bigger laugh. "I love it! I knew there was a little firecracker hiding behind that demure demeanor."

"Mia was right," Jamie mused, as she snuggled up against Ryanís chest.

"Mia? Where does she figure into this discussion?"

"When we were talking on the beach, she told me that oral sex was one of the most fantastic things to do with someone you cared for," Jamie revealed.

"Hmm, Iím not sure Iíd agree if I was straight, but thereís nothing I like better with a woman," the dark beauty agreed.

Jamie knew that Ryan had not a clue about Miaís dabblings, but she didnít feel that she should reveal the truth, so she merely agreed with her partner. They rested together for a few minutes before Jamie looked up at her lover and asked, "UmÖwhy havenít you done that to me, if you like it?"

Ryanís low laugh rumbled through both of their bodies. "I tried to, Hon, but you were having none of it. I decided to hold off until you indicated that you were receptive."

"Ooh, I guess I did that, didnít I?" she asked with a little giggle. "Well, itís okay if you want to do it now," she offered magnanimously.

"Uh-uh," Ryan smiled down at her. "I want you to tell me when youíre in the mood."

Jamie sat up and stared at her. "Tell you?" she gasped.

"Yep," Ryan decreed. "Youíve been uncomfortable before, and I donít want to make you feel odd about it. When you want to try it, I want you to tell me, or signal me somehow." Ryanís eyes danced with humor as she reminded her partner, "You said youíd rather signal me than ask for what you want, remember?"

"Oh, Honey," she moaned, as she collapsed against her partnerís side. "I donít think I can do that. Canít you just be in charge?"

It was obvious that Jamie desperately wanted her partner to take responsibility for this decision, but Ryan was adamant. "Nope. I told you the other night that isnít how I want this relationship to be, and you agreed, Jamie. We need to learn to ask for what we want, and be comfortable with our desires. It might take you a while, but I want you to ask me for what you need. I promise Iíll satisfy every request, if Iím capable."

A deep sigh expressed Jamieís unhappiness with this arrangement. "I donít like it," she groused.

"Humor me," Ryan insisted. "Own your desires, Babe."

"Oh, all right," she grumbled, rolling onto her back. Quickly shucking her shorts, she held her arms open and demanded, "I desire to have you make love to me until Iím faint."

"Your wish is my command." Ryan smiled, flashing her white teeth.

Within moments they were gliding against each other in a slick, sensual dance, warm, wet bodies moving with tortuously slow grace. Ryan had taken her partnerís wish with the utmost seriousness, and she was determined to make Jamie beg for mercy.

Bit by bit she loved her squirming body, kissing every surface, nibbling and sucking on most. The small woman writhed under the loving assault, moaning softly as she tried in vain to quicken her partnerís pace.

Ryan was moving slowly, investigating every spot that caught her interest. Making her way down her partnerís shaking body, she was now lying between her loverís trembling thighs, dark head resting on a firmly muscled leg. The fiendish woman seemingly was trying to drive her victim absolutely mad, as she languidly teased the sensitive skin of the inner thighs that lay just within reach. Her warm, wet tongue had been drawing complex patterns on the baby-soft skin for long minutes, never drawing closer to the goal Jamie desired but was too shy to request.

Trying to lure Ryan closer was having scant success. Jamieís legs were spread as wide as was humanly possible, but neither her position, nor her moans and whimpers had the desired effect. Come on, Baby, she urged silently. You know I want it, and I know you want to do itÖcome onÖjust another inch!

Ryanís head moved just a fraction of an inch, giving the silent woman hope, but the soft lips fell onto the skin just adjacent to the spot where they were so desperately needed. For one tantalizing second, as Ryan lifted her head again and hovered just above the throbbing spot, Jamie was sure that her partner would take pity on her and continue on her path,. Her warm, humid breath floated over Jamieís overheated skin, so close and yet, so far. The dark head tilted just enough for cerulean eyes to lock onto mist green as Ryan pursed her ruby lips and blew a small kiss at the slick flesh and began to pull back.

Realization dawned on Jamie, and before Ryan had traveled three inches, determined small hands grabbed her head and pulled it forward, forcing Ryanís face into her moistness. "Do it, Ryan! God! Please do it!" Jamie cried unnecessarily.

Without hesitation, Ryan tilted her head and let her tongue travel in an unbroken path, trailing all along Jamieís need with a long, wet kiss. "OHH! My God!!" the gasping woman cried, her legs impossibly sliding open even further.

For just a moment, Ryan lifted her head and made contact with Jamieís heavy-lidded eyes. "This was worth the wait," she murmured, the sincerity of her words reflected in her ardent gaze. "Youíre absolutely magnificent."

Green eyes fluttered closed as Ryan bent to her pleasure-filled task. Small hands went to the back of her loverís head and caressed it as the dark woman settled down to feed upon the nectar of her arousal.

Quicker than either woman wished, the blonde head fell back, and Jamie cried out loudly, moaning and gasping as powerful waves of sensation washed through her body. Ryan stayed right where she was, watching in delight as a series of spasms rolled through her partnerís coiled form. She gently stroked the trembling thighs, murmuring words of love as her loverís body slowly calmed.

When the pulsing seemed to have stopped, Ryan crawled up and cuddled her still-spent partner in her arms. After several minutes, Jamie rolled onto her back and smiled lazily. "You always know best."

"Another convert to the cunnilingus club?" Ryan gently teased.

"As soon as my hands stop shaking, Iíll sign up for a lifetime membership," the satisfied blonde smirked, dropping her head onto Ryanís chest for a short, well-deserved nap.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Continued in Part 12

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