Code Blue

Chapter Ten

by KatLyn

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Madison woke to the sounds of Femur barking outside. Fighting her way through the fog that had claimed her during the night, she listened as sounds of laughter trickled through the window. As she eased her still tired body out of the bed, drew back the curtains and peered into the sun filled backyard of Logan McGregor's home, the corner's of her mouth lifted in a smile. The doctor watched as the detective tossed a Frisbee and Femur caught it mid air, still amazed at how well the dog had recovered from his accident

Slipping on her robe, she padded down the hall and into the kitchen, the aroma of fresh coffee catching her attention, luring her forward. She spied the coffee pot on the organized counter and walked over to see a neatly handwritten note lying beside a mug letting her know that her hostess and Femur had gone for a walk and would be back soon. The doctor poured herself a mug of coffee and another for the detective playing outside, thinking about how nice it felt to wake up to the sounds of laughter.

Madison walked through the sunroom and onto the back deck as she juggled the two hot mugs of coffee. As the doctor leaned against the railing, sipping her coffee, she intently watched the tall svelte woman play with her dog. Damn, I could get used to this.

The blonde had been standing there for a few minutes before Logan looked up and spotted her. "Good morning." The detective trotted over, her shirt damp with good healthy sweat, the sight of which made the tempo of the doctor's heart quicken.

"Good morning to you too." She leaned down to pet Femur's head after handing the dark haired woman a fresh cup of coffee. "Hey big guy, it looks like you've made a new friend."

Logan's breath caught in her throat as she tried desperately not to look at the slight parting in Madison's robe exposing the soft, full curve of her breast. The detective looked away, focusing for a moment on the real reason they were here, at her house on a beautiful Saturday morning, before turning back to the alluring woman. "I heard him moving around in your room when I got up earlier. I was about to go out for a run when I thought he might like to go along." She saw the concerned look in the doctor's eyes and held up her hand before the woman had a chance to respond. "We decided to take a walk instead. I didn't know if his leg was ready for running yet and I didn't want to take the chance." She scratched the overgrown pup behind the ear. "We were good, so tell mom to chill out, or I won't make breakfast." As if on cue, Femur looked up at the blonde and released a whining howl, causing both women to break out in laughter.

Logan trotted up the steps of the deck and into the house. "Come on you two, breakfast awaits."


The surgeon took a shower while Logan cooked breakfast and was pleasantly surprised at her hostess' culinary talents. The detective had created one of the best omelets she had ever tasted. Madison insisted on washing the dishes and sent the tall, dark woman off to shower after which they made the short drive over to Mercy Hospital to check in on Susan.

The two women were thrilled to see Susan sitting in a chair beside the window reading one of the magazines they had left the previous day. The three women chatted for a while before the detective excused herself to make a quick trip to the precinct. She wanted to check in with the lab concerning the evidence they had collected the previous evening from the doctor's car and knew the blonde would be safe as long as she and Susan were in the guarded hospital room.

Thirty minutes later, the detective sauntered into the squad room and went directly to her desk to check her inbox. As she expected, the fingerprints came back as belonging to the Madison. She had several investigators out re-canvassing all the bars and interviewing witnesses and after making a few calls to check up on their progress, she realized there was nothing else she could do for the day. The one thing she wanted to be doing, interviewing the Langston Executives, was still forbidden, so she decided to head back to the hospital. Now what am I going to do with the good doctor for the rest of the day.

The detective was half way out the door when she decided to call Lieutenant Beaudry before leaving for the day. To her surprise, she was told that two officers, working twelve-hour shifts, had been assigned to protect her witness beginning that evening. Logan felt an unfamiliar feeling of loneliness as she hung up the phone, realizing that the previous night would be the only one the doctor would spend at her house. Well, this is what you bitched about, isn't it. Struggling with her emotions as she walked to the truck, she never saw the man standing across the street, lurking in the shadows of a doorway, watching her intently.

The detective arrived at the hospital a little after one o'clock, to a restless and hungry doctor. Smiling at the patient, Logan shook her head and rolled her eyes. "It's a good thing she's a surgeon, I'm not sure any other profession would provide the means to support that appetite she has. Do you?"

Enjoying the easy banter between her friend and the detective, Susan joined in. "Well, she keeps me fairly busy. I had to keep a regular surgical schedule, lest she starve to death."

The blonde stood and slipped into her coat as she feigned irritation at the two laughing women. "Just for that Detective, you're buying lunch."

The stunned look that crossed Logan's face sent tears to Susan's eyes as she tried not to laugh. "Geez, Detective, you've done it now."

Snorting, Madison, opened the door, and then turned back to the still stunned woman with a gleam in her eye. "Yep, and if you keep it up, you'll be feeding me for a long time to come." The surgeon made a swift exit, realizing how her comment must have sounded to the tall, dark woman and she missed the look exchanged between her friend and the charming detective.

"Looks like you better hurry Detective, or the good doctor just might get away." The smiling woman looked at Logan and witnessed several emotions flash simultaneously across the woman's face ranging to tantalizing excitement, to pure unadulterated terror.

The detective was halfway out the door when she heard Susan call out her name. Peering back into the room, she saw a sad but encouraging smile on the other woman's face as she spoke. "You take care of her okay? She's kind of important to me."

Logan held Susan's gaze for a moment, before simply nodding and closing the door.


The day passed by more quickly than either woman wanted. They had returned to the house to retrieve Femur and Madison's overnight bag, and then left the crowded city as they drove west through the Fort Pitt Tunnel on I-279. They lunched at Quaker Steak and Lube, a well known, regional franchise known for their great wings, before spending the remainder of the afternoon driving through the countryside with no particular destination in mind. Both women quietly enjoyed the freedom from the city and for a short time, left their worries and fears behind.

It was after nine when they pulled into Madison's drive. Seeing the police cruiser sitting in the drive, the same lonely feeling returned, gripping her gut. The doctor took Femur into the house as Logan walked over to speak to the officer on duty. She introduced herself to the officer and learned the woman was a rookie with the Bridgeville Police Department. The detective released a frustrated sigh on learning of the officer's lack of experience. Great, now I get to baby-sit two people.

Patty Freeman was a petite woman, yet Logan could tell the officers appearances were deceiving. The outline of strong, muscular shoulders and biceps pressed against the fabric of her uniform. Her angular face was set off by high cheekbones and surrounded with short curly brown hair with eyes to match. The detective suspected that given an opportunity to smile the officer's cheeks would reveal twin dimples to frame the perfect ultra white teeth. At the moment the officer was in no mood to smile as Logan glared at her from the drive.

The dark haired officer sat in the police cruiser, returning the investigator's glare with a defiant one of her own. "Detective, I may be a rookie, but I think I can handle a simple guard job." Running a hand through her short brown hair, the officer bit her lip trying to decide if she should offer any further commentary. Logan McGregor's reputation as a hard-edged detective was well known and her superior officer had warned her to tread lightly where the investigator was concerned. "Believe me, I'm not any happier about this assignment than you seem to be, but can do my job Detective."

The corners of the detective's lips curled up in a half smile as she regarded the officer. She recalled her own similar gusto as a rookie and decided that she had to give the officer the benefit of the doubt, hoping she wasn't wrong. "Okay, fine."

The detective emphasized the importance of the officer not leaving her post, and filled her in on several other aspects of the case. Knowing she was out of her jurisdiction and had no control over the situation, she could only hope the officer would listen to her directives. Logan wanted to provide as much protection for Madison as possible without limiting her freedom any more than necessary and instructed the officer to remain outside unless directed otherwise by the doctor.

After bidding the rookie goodnight, she turned towards the house, feeling the eyes of the officer on her back as she climbed the steps. The front door was ajar and realized that the doctor had just assumed that she would come in after speaking with the officer. Easing the door open, she called out as she stepped into the foyer and heard the woman answer her from upstairs. "I'll only be a minute. There's beer in the refrigerator or if you want something else, just search around."

She was standing by the fireplace in the den looking at what she believed was an original Monet, when Madison entered a few minutes later. Pretending not to notice the surprised look on the detectives face, she sat down on one end of the couch. "I really had a nice time today, even under the circumstances."

Sitting at the other end of the couch, Logan regarded the other woman intently for a few seconds, "I did too." Releasing and embarrassed chuckle, she looked away. It's...ummm, been a while since I just went out and enjoyed myself."

"Well if the tension in your shoulders and neck last night were any indication, I'd say you need to have fun more often." Sitting up on the couch, Madison placed her feet on the floor and opened her legs, patting the edge of the couch with her hands. "Come here, let me work on your neck and shoulders again and see if I can work some more of that stress out."

The detective felt as if she had just been gut punched, her breath escaping her for a mere moment as she felt a rush of heat surge through her body. Seeing the hesitation in the woman's eyes, Madison leaned over and took Logan's arm, tugging her closer. "Come on, I don't bite."

Settling herself on the floor, Logan felt Madison's legs brush against hers, and once again felt the unmistakable ache between her own. Does she have any idea what she's doing to me? Gathering her will power, the tense woman leaned back and tried to relax as the doctor's strong, lithe fingers began to work their magic. She closed her eyes and focused on each muscle as the doctor tenderly persuaded them to release and soon her head was bent forward allowing Madison full access to her neck and back.

The small blonde could feel the muscles relax as she carefully tended to each one, paying special attention to the Capitis group that ran up the back of the detective's neck. A pleasant sensation began to warm her own body as she continued working her fingers into the soft flesh and she closed her own eyes, losing herself to the emotions it wrought from within. Unconsciously, the doctor's hands slid along the firm jaw, thumbs tenderly pressing against the Masseter muscles as she felt Logan lean back relaxing against her legs.

She continued the soft contact as her thumbs moved across high cheekbones, to slightly indented temples, and finally to stroke along the strong, powerfully expressive forehead that hinted at the emotions hidden deeply and protected passionately by stoic detective. Madison looked down into the face of the woman she was coming to think of as more than her protector, but a friend. A friend, that at this moment, she desperately wanted to kiss.

Feeling a pause in the tender touch on her forehead, Logan opened her eyes to see a pair of very beautiful, extremely sensual green eyes studying her. Their gaze held for a long moment, volumes racing through each of their minds, contemplating the thoughts and desires of the other. Surrendering all sense of control and professional demeanor, Logan slowly lifted her arm, sliding a hand into the doctor's long blonde hair, before gently pulling a willing face down to hers.

Madison's head was spinning as she looked into the dark blue eyes that gazed back into hers. A low moan escaped her throat as Logan's hand slid around her neck, and for a brief moment, her world stopped, as those same eyes rested on her lips until they met in the gentlest kiss she had ever experienced.

Logan savored the taste of warm eager lips as the scent from the woman's long blonde hair flowed around them like a protective shield. Hr breath caught as the doctor's hand cupped her face, pulling them closer, deepening the kiss that was rapidly searing their souls.

Without breaking the sensual contact, Logan turned and rose onto her knees between Madison's legs. Wrapping long, muscular arms around the other woman's small waist, a deep primal groan escaped her throat as the doctor gently parted her lips with an exploring tongue.

Trembling hands began to caress Madison's back, slowly discovering taut, yet quivering muscles as their breathing deepened and became more uneven. Sliding her hands lower, Logan caressed the woman's small firm hips before continuing on to strong, muscular thighs. She forced herself to slow down, wanting to savor every second of this sensual moment. As their breathing increased and their hearts pounded, she again cupped Madison's hips in her hands and pulled the woman closer still, until she heard the doctor gasp as Logan's pelvis pressed into her hot wet center.

Madison lost all sense of time as her lips desperately sought refuge from her burning desire. Their tongues danced sensually in exploration of the newfound silky terrain, and she felt her hips involuntarily thrust forward as the detective's pelvis pressed harder between her legs, as the woman's arms tightened around her neck.

The kiss continued until both were breathless, their need for oxygen forcefully overcoming their desire for each other. Logan, still on her knees, forehead pressed against Madison's took several deep breaths, before opening her eyes, again finding green orbs gazing intently into hers. The doctor, her chest rising and falling in a desperate attempt to replenish the oxygen to her brain, cupped the detectives's cheek as her thumb tenderly stroked her full, delicious lips. "Wow."

Kissing the smaller woman's forehead, Logan once again looked into green eyes, dark with yearning, "Do we know what we're doing here?" Before the words were out of her mouth, she felt the other woman tense.

Strong determined arms held the woman in place. "I didn't mean that the way it sounded." Logan's lips brushed against Madison's before she leaned back, regarding the woman seriously. "I just need to know that this is what you want and not a result of what has happened in the last twenty-four hours."

Madison closed her eyes and tried to think but all she could see behind her eyelids were the detective's intensely blue orbs as she had pulled her down into that first kiss. The doctor leaned back into the cushions of the couch, needing to put some space between them so she could think and immediately regretted her movement as her pelvis pressed even harder against the tall dark woman's. Fighting her physical desires, she tried to logically contemplate Logan's question. Is this what I want? God, yes, I want her. Is this a result of Susan's attack? Probably! Do I care? No...Yes.

Knowing Logan was watching her, she ran a hand through her hair, pushing the long blonde locks away from her flushed face. "I...I can't answer least not completely." Her hands were restless, wanting only to resume their gentle caresses and explorations of the other woman's body. "Maybe...Probably...I...oh hell, Logan, I don't know." Reaching to cup the woman's cheek in her hand, she smiled and leaned in, brushing her lips tenderly across the other woman's. "I do know that I'm very attracted to you." Rolling her eyes, she smiled back into blue orbs that had suddenly relaxed a bit. "Even though I've tried to force it to go away."

Logan released a quiet chuckle and moved up onto the couch beside Madison. "Well, Doctor, maybe we should slow this runaway train down a tad then." Reaching out, she lightly lifted the woman's chin with her fingers, and looked deeply into the hooded green eyes. "I know, I feel the same attraction, I have from the first time I saw you on Smallman Street." Dipping her head to make sure the blonde could see her face, she continued. "I know I don't want you to do anything you'll regret tomorrow, or next week." She leaned forward and gently kissing the doctor's forehead. "Why don't we just take it one day at a time, and see what happens, Okay?"

Smiling, Madison nodded her concurrence, thinking that Logan was actually giving her an easy out of a potentially embarrassing situation. "I'd like that."

Both women sat back on the couch, relieved that they had agreed to further exploring their newly exposed feelings. After a while, Logan nervously stood and held out her hand for Madison. "Walk me to the door?"

Taking the detective's hand, Madison allowed herself to be pulled up into the woman's arms again for another tender kiss. As they reached the front foyer, Logan turned and wrapping her long arms around the other woman's waist lowered her lips to warm waiting ones. Both were surprised by how quickly the kiss deepened as their breathing once again became rapid. Regretfully pulling her lips away, the detective kissed the smaller woman's cheek, sighed into her ear, said goodnight, and quickly left the house.

Closing the door behind the detective, Madison stood there in the two story foyer, her back against the door, and listened as the sound of Logan's truck faded into the darkness, before slowly padding up the stairs to what she knew would be a long sleepless night.

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