Code Blue

Chapter Thirteen

by KatLyn

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Logan turned the Pathfinder into Madison's drive just as the sun was setting behind the trees. Gently shaking the sleeping woman's shoulder, she reached over the warm prone body retrieving Madison's backpack from the floor. "Hey there sleepy head, we're home." Damn, I like the sound of that.

Slowly opening her eyes, Madison blinked several times to get her bearings and realized she was staring at the steering column. Her eyes lifted and she focused on Logan's smiling face looking into hers. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to fall asleep on you."

Tracing the strong line of the Madison's jaw with her finger, Logan couldn't help but reflect on how comfortable she felt with the woman. "You obviously needed a nap. You fell asleep not long after we left the ranch."

Pushing herself up in the seat, Madison winced as a searing pain shot through her hip. "I know I'll definitely be going to see my chiropractor in the morning." She reached over and took Logan's hand in her own. "Thanks for driving home. I really don't think I could have done it."

Logan knew the pain must be bad for Madison to so readily admit she couldn't function properly. "Are you sure you don't want to have your hip checked out tonight?"

"Nope, if I remember correctly you're cooking dinner and I'm icing my, ummm, bruise." Gingerly, sliding across the seat and opening the door, she eased out of the truck and stood for a moment, testing her stance before slowly making her way towards the house, the detective following close behind. Logan unlocked and pushed open the door for the Madison to enter and then took her hand, leading her into the den and onto the couch. "You sit and try to make yourself comfortable. Just tell me where I can find an ice pack and I'll bring it to you."

Trotting into the room, Femur stopped short at seeing his mistress laying on the couch, obviously in pain. Easing beside the woman, he gently licked her cheek, and whined. Lifting her hand Madison mussed his fur and whispered to the troubled dog. "Hey baby. Mama's fine, she just got her ass kicked today." Seeing his mistress was all right, Femur looked up at Logan, whining and licking his lips.

Bending down, Logan scratched Femurs back, reassuring the dog that everything was in order. "Hey there big guy, are you hungry?" Femur's bark echoed through the house as she began frolicking around the den. "Okay, okay, hold your horses a minute." Looking back at Madison, she chuckled. "Where's the ice pack and the dog food?"

Madison lay face down on the couch, and directed Logan with a pointing finger to the upstairs Master bathroom after telling her where to find Femur's food. Climbing the stairs, Logan felt a strange but exciting flutter in her stomach. Chill, McGregor, you're getting an ice pack, not taking her to bed.

As she entered the master bedroom, the detective looked around, seeing Madison's personal touch on everything in the room. The walls were painted light beige, with a vaulted ceiling sloping down towards a window trimmed with a burgundy and beige valance. Shears covered the window allowing the early morning light to waken the woman as the sun slid over the distant horizon. An arrangement of dried flowers hung above the bed and the scent of eucalyptus drifted through the room assaulting Logan's nose and sending that ever-familiar warmth through her body. The king size bed was covered with a burgundy and beige comforter, with matching sheets that she felt an overpowering temptation to run her hands across.

Logan looked to her right, eyeing the doorway leading into the Master bath. She walked across the thick carpet, and on entering the bathroom, once again saw Madison's personal style evident in the décor. Walls painted a shade lighter than the bedroom wall set off the Italian marble floors. A custom built dressing table stretched the length of an entire wall of the room and held twin marble basins at each end.

On the opposite wall was the largest jacuzzi Logan had ever seen surrounded on three sides by a marble ledge, which held numerous plants and several bottles of bath oils. Stepping closer, the detective peered out the window that stretched the length of the jacuzzi, and saw a myriad of swirling colors paint the sky as the sun began it's nightly descent. Her eyes trailed a path further down and she spotted a hot tub tucked discreetly inside a gazebo, and surrounded by a small forest of trees, which assured the doctor of her privacy. You really like your comfort Doctor.

Realizing she had been away for too long, Logan shook herself out of the daydream and quickly retrieved the ice pack from beneath the sink, before walking back down the stairs and into the kitchen. After filling Femur's bowl with food and the pack with crushed ice, she went back into the den and found the doctor, once again asleep on the couch. Kneeling down beside the slumbering woman, she placed a hand on her shoulder and gently nudged Madison until sleepy eyes blinked open. "Hey there."

Groaning, Madison tried to sit up but was stopped by a firm hand to her back. "No, just lie still." Logan knew she couldn't get the ice pack underneath the waistband of the woman's jeans without some assistance. "Umm, could you, ahhh, maybe undo your jeans so I can put this on your, ahhh, bruise?"

Smiling at the detective's obvious discomfort, Madison reached under her body, releasing the snap on her jeans, lowering the zipper, before easing back down onto the couch.

With trembling, yet gentle hands, Logan eased the jeans down the woman's hips until she saw the menacing bruise that covered most of the left buttock. "Jesus, Madison, this is terrible. I really think we should drive into the city and have you looked at tonight."

Madison twisted her head around until she saw the dark contusion. "Damn, I knew it was bruised, but I didn't know I fell that hard." Looking up into the concerned eyes of her guest, she sighed. "I promise, if it's not better by the morning, I'll have one of my associates take a look at it, but I'm sure it's only a bad contusion." Smiling shyly into the Logan's scowling eyes. "Nothing a little ice and dinner won't fix right up."

Shaking her head in defeat, Logan stood and glared at Madison. "Fine, alright, you win." Walking out of the den and into the foyer, she called back over her shoulder. "You leave that ice on until I come back Doctor, and that's an order. Don't make me cuff you."

Madison's attempt to block the images that flashed through her brain was for naught. Burying her head in the pillow, she released a frustrated breath. Now, I just might like that treatment.

Picking up the phone in the kitchen, Logan called the precinct. She was put through to the officer on duty. "Hey, McGregor here, have the labs come back on the Richardson or Cavanaugh cases yet?" The detective listened quietly as the officer recited the reports. When he was finished, she hung up the phone and stood there in the silent kitchen assimilating the information. Finally a little break.

Fifteen minutes later, she eased back into the den and removed the ice pack from the doctor's hip, never waking the woman from her sleep. Removing a light coverlet from the back of the couch, she placed it gently over Madison and returned to the kitchen to cook dinner.



Madison awoke to the seductive sounds of Enya playing in the background and the alluring aroma of what had to be spaghetti cooking. Tentatively turning over, she smiled as she felt the coverlet against her back, knowing the detective had placed it there. Easing up off the couch, she padded down the hall to the guest bathroom and was shocked to see how ghastly her reflection appeared in the mirror.

After brushing her teeth then combing her hair, she walked to the kitchen door and spied the detective at the stove, stirring the delicious sauce. Unnoticed, she stood there for a few moments studying the woman's profile. The tall svelte woman was even more beautiful that she had previously noticed. Long lean legs tapered into firm hips, hips Madison knew from the previous night were muscular and tight.

Her eyes lingered on the outline of the small but perfectly round breasts before rising higher to a long slender neck, a neck she remembered all to well kissing the night before. The detective's neck stole away to a strong, sharp jaw line that angled sharply into a perfect dimpled chin, which was offset by the most tempting lips Madison had ever tasted. I could get used to you Logan McGregor.

Feeling an odd sensation throughout her body, Logan turned her head to see Madison watching her, the woman's eyes hungry and needy with lust. Their eyes, held each other captive for a long moment, before the blonde self-consciously broke the intent look. "I have a feeling I've been snookered."

Cocking her head to the side, Logan grinned at Madison, her face looking innocent yet teasing. "Well. Whatever do you mean by snookered, Doctor?"

Padding into the kitchen, Madison walked over to the stove and lifted the lid of the saucepan after playfully snatching the potholder from the detective's hand. After leaning over the steaming sauce, taking in the aroma of oregano, olives, garlic, and other assorted spices, the small blonde turned to the smiling woman. "I think you've been holding out on me. This smells delicious."

Grinning, Logan retrieved the potholder from Madison's hand and lifted the boiling pot of pasta from the stove, walked to the sink and poured the contents into a colander. Glancing back over her shoulder, she revealed one of her most seductive grins. "Doctor, if you stick around, you'll find out I have all kinds of surprises up my sleeve."

Swallowing hard, Madison attempted to hide the rising heat racing through her body, but knew the warmth in her face revealed her true emotions. Stepping closer to Logan, she leaned in close, her eyes locking with the deep pools of blue looking back at her. "I'm sure you do Detective and if you stick with me, I'll show you a few of my own."

As if by its own volition, Logan's head lowered, bringing their faces closer. She could feel the heat radiating off the woman's body and her lips parted slightly as she gently brushed her lips across Madison's. She hadn't intended the kiss to awaken her emotions nor had she expected her physical responses to be so powerful, and soon found herself pulling the doctor closer, hungry, aching for more.

Madison's arm slid around a trim waist as her hands fell to cup the firm, taut muscles of the detective's hips, drawing the woman closer. She gasped as a long slender leg slid between hers, making contact with her hard aching clitoris. The doctor's tongue challenged Logan's, as their breathing became ragged and harsh. She could feel the woman's hard nipples pressing against her chest and knew her passion was matched with that of the tall dark woman before her.

Logan's hands feathered down Madison's cheek tracing a thin line lower, until reaching the small vee in her neck. She could feel the rapidly rising and falling of the blonde's chest and released a primal moan as she felt a strong leg slip between her own. The tormented detective knew in her mind she needed to slow down, but her body refused to yield as the hunger she had kept locked away for the past few days overtook her senses. Her hands slipped farther down, and she heard as much as felt the sharp intake of breath, as her fingers brushed lightly across the doctor's erect nipples.

Madison grasped Logan's hips tighter demanding the intimate closeness, as her tongue invaded the woman's warm mouth, seeking solace from the hunger burning in her gut. She slid her hands around the slender waist, feeling the detective's taut abdominal muscles quiver in response to her delicate touch.

Tugging Logan's shirt from the waistband of her jeans, Madison slipped her hands beneath the thin material and traced her fingers across the smooth skin of the detective's stomach, smiling when she heard the woman's sharp gasp. Flattening both hands, she began the slow sensuous journey of outlining the tall woman's ribs beneath her fingers, as her thumbs traced the swell of Logan's breasts.

A low moan escaped the detective's throat as Madison continued higher, searching, seeking until finally, she gently cupped the firm, aching breasts in her hands. "Ohmygod, Madi."

Logan's mind was reeling from the gentle caresses and her hips, responding to the onslaught of sensations, pressed harder against Madison's thigh. Tearing her mouth away, she looked hungrily into the green orbs staring back at her. "Do you have any idea what you do to me?"

A seductive grin crossed Madison's face as she focused her eyes on Logan's swollen, ready lips. "No, but give me a few more minutes and I intend to find out."

Growling an incomprehensible reply, Logan captured the doctor's tantalizing lips with her own as a fire raged out of control in her body. Stretching, she turned off the stove, took Madison in her arms, and in one swift movement, lifted the small woman onto the island in the center of the kitchen ever mindful of the doctor's bruised hips. As she stepped between the open legs, she felt strong legs wrapping around her waist, pressing her closer, harder against the heat that radiated from the blonde's center.

Logan's hands were trembling as she fumbled with the buttons on Madison's oxford shirt, releasing one, and then another until at last soft, smooth, silky skin was revealed to her hands. Tearing her lips away, she dropped her head feathering kisses along the soft delicious neck as she unclasped the satin barrier. The detective lifted her head and peered into half closed eyes, dark with desire watching her. Eyes that became darker and filled with lust as fingers slipped beneath the straps of the bra, sliding the garment off the blonde's shoulders.

Logan's breath was ragged with desire, her chest rising and falling in a rapid cadence with her heart. "" She could feel the wetness between her own legs as she gazed upon Madison's dark erect nipples. Slowly, almost reverently, she traced the outline of the small breasts with her fingers, never touching the hard, aching nipples as she once again captured warm lips with her own.

Madison's grip became firmer, more demanding as the sensual ministrations continued and the detective could feel the rhythmic thrust of the woman's hips against her pelvis. Logan knew she was lost, knew there was no stopping for either of them until the fire that burned within was quenched.

As she lowered her head, tracing the surging pulse in Madison's neck with her lips, she came to the shallow vee of throat. Bending lower, she followed the line of the blonde's sternum until reaching the valley between the small breasts and turned her head slightly, she gently nipped the soft skin.

Madison's fingers intertwined with Logan's dark hair as she urged her closer, needing to feel the detective's warm lips on her aching nipples. "Oh God, please."

The pleading voice in her ear was all Logan needed as her lips gently seized the hard nipple, and released a deep primal moan from her own throat. She gasped as Madison urgently pulled her shirt higher and searching hands made contact with her burning skin. She felt Madison tenderly push against her shoulders, forcing her to relinquish her hold on the hard nipple, as the doctor pulled the shirt and sports bra over her head.

Before Logan could resume the sensual attack, Madison's hand pressed against the back of her head pulling her down to warm lips and a demanding tongue that consumed her. The detective felt as if she were in a vortex, spiraling out of control as bare skin pressed against bare skin, and breast met breast.

Madison's hands were searching, exploring, aching to feel every inch of the detective's body, as her hunger raged. Sliding her fingers into the waistband of Logan's jeans, she felt a spasm deep in the woman's belly as the button released and she began lowering the zipper. Easing her hands into the loosened garment, she began sliding the jeans down slender hips when a shrill beep echoed throughout the kitchen and she immediately felt the dark-haired woman tense.

Logan released an angry groan as she tore her lips from Madison's. Reaching around towards her back, she pulled the pager from her waistband and pressed a small button silencing the instrument. Without looking at the display, she tossed the offending device across the island and hearing it drop and slide across the floor on the other side before once again seizing Madison's lips.

Amassing all of her resolve, Madison pressed against Logan's shoulders breaking the kiss. "You know you have to answer that."

Shaking her head, Logan bent to resume the kiss, but was held away by strong determined arms. Releasing a frustrated breath, she raked her hand through her hair, and stepped back. "Damn, this better be good or someone is definitely going to get hurt."

Releasing her own frustrated groan as the warmth of the detective's body vanished, she watched as Logan retrieved the pager from the floor beneath the table. Suddenly feeling self conscious, Madison picked up the oxford shirt from behind her and draped it over her shoulders, pulling the front closed over her exposed breasts. Hearing a menacing growl, she turned to see the same dark features on the detective's face as she had seen in the parking lot of the hospital two days before when her truck had been vandalized. "What is it?"

Reaching for the phone, she explained as she punched in the number to the precinct. "It's the Lieutenant, which means it can't be good news."

Knowing the night was over Madison slid off the counter and began readying the coffee maker. She knew Logan was already tired, would more than likely be awake the rest of the night, and that she too would probably not get much sleep herself.

She listened quietly as Logan spoke to the Lieutenant. "Yes, Okay, I'll meet him at his office...I'm about thirty minutes away, I'll be there as soon as I can."

As soon as Logan placed the phone in the base, Madison handed her a cup of coffee. "That was quick."

Grinning Madison turned to get her own cup. "One thing I learned in Medical School is that one of the best investments a doctor can make is buying a Bunn coffee maker. We never know when we'll have to get up in the middle of the night and believe me when I tell you that you don't want me out on the streets when I'm half asleep."

Nodding, Logan took a long swallow of the fresh coffee then looked back into dark green eyes, still hungry with desire. "I'm really sorry, but I have to go." Setting the mug on the counter, she pulled Madison into her arms and tenderly kissed the warm lips that met hers. "I promise I'll make it up to you." Right, McGregor. How many times did you say that to Diane?

Madison held the detective tight against her body, already missing the warm contact of their body's. "Can you tell me what happened? Is it the Strip District Killer?"

Nodding her head slightly, Logan looked deeply into the green eyes that had so recently been filled with desire and hunger. "Yes. He claimed his next victim tonight, but this time it was different." Stepping back from Madison, she ran her hands through the dark silky hair on her head. "Tonight he killed a Langston Development Executive. The one that matched the business card left on his first victim, Thomas Peters."

Madison's eyes widened as she looked at the detective. "So this does have something to do with the Langston Corporation, just like you said."

After taking another long drink of the hot coffee, Logan began gathering her clothes. "Yes, Unfortunately it took him killing someone within the inner sanctum to finally get me into Langston Development." Sliding her arms through her bra, she pulled it over her head and then quickly did the same with the shirt. "After I visit the scene, I'm headed into the city to see none other than C.W Langston, himself. Maybe now I can finally get some answers."

Madison walked the detective to the door and as her hand touched the door handle, she felt herself being turned around, and then detective's lips captured hers in a long deep kiss, revealing the frustration and regret of having to leave.

Lifting her head and once again looking into deep green eyes, she smiled sadly. "I'm really am sorry about this, and I promise, I will make it up to you." A sudden uncertainly filled her mind as she closely watched Madison's reaction. "That is, if you want me to."

Madison's hand reached up to gently caress Logan's cheek. "If I want you to?" Ensnaring the woman's lips with her own, she seductively slid her tongue across the detective's bottom lip causing the woman to release a deep groan as a molten heat flowed through her lower body.

Madison forced herself to back away from Logan, knowing that the close contact was only delaying her inevitable departure. "Yes, I definitely want you to." Opening the door, the two women walked outside, noticing the police cruiser remained parked in the drive. "Will you call me when you have time?"

The detective felt an overwhelming urge to kiss Madison again, but knew it wasn't a good idea in the presence of the officer, so she simply nodded her head. "Yes. As soon as I can."

Madison watched as Logan stopped by the police cruiser and spoke to the officer inside and then climbed into her truck and drove away. She stood on the front porch as the taillights faded into the darkness before reentering the house and closing the door. Leaning back against the cold surface, she blew out a frustrated sigh and raked her hand through her disheveled blonde hair before heading to the kitchen for a second cup of coffee, knowing sleep would not be her companion tonight.

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