Code Blue

Chapter Fifteen

by KatLyn

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Madison woke to Logan's long arm wrapped around her waist and the detectives cadenced breathing on the back of her neck. The warmth of the woman's long body stretched behind hers was almost more than the blonde could stand and she felt a warm rush of desire spread throughout her body. Enticing as it was to lie beside the slumbering woman, she knew her own strength was diminishing by the minute and if she stayed in the bed much longer, sleep would not be on either of their minds for long.

She gently lifted Logan's arm and slid from the tender embrace, before tucking the covers back around the still sleeping woman. Madison noticed the lines on the detective's forehead remained, delineating the stress she was constantly under with the investigation. Quietly, she slipped into the bathroom and started the shower, thinking how much she wished the sleeping woman would be sharing it with her. Jesus, Cavanaugh, you need a cold one this morning. Stepping under the warm spray, she turned the temperature of the water down, hoping to extinguish the desire surging through her veins while she quickly shampooed her hair and bathed.

Walking out of the bathroom ten minutes later Madison spotted Femur curled up on the bed, her head resting protectively on the detective's stomach. The small blonde playfully bared her teeth and scratched the dogs head wishing she were the one in his place. "I see you like tall, dark and handsome too." Shaking her head, she playfully ruffled his fur then dressed in a pair of faded jeans and a sweatshirt. Turning at the door, she called out in a whisper for Femur to follow, but he only stretched his lanky body and yawned before dropping his head once again onto Logan's stomach. "Traitor dog"

She padded barefoot to the front porch to retrieve the morning newspaper and then headed to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. Eying the discarded breakfast on the table, Madison's stomach growled its displeasure. Well, you're just going to have to wait a while. After retrieving the ice pack from the freezer, she took her mug of coffee into the den and sat gingerly on couch, placing the cold pack under her hip, and then settled back to read the morning edition of the Pitts-Post Gazette. Her eyes focused on the full color picture that flanked the front page.

The photographer had captured the image of a very tired, very irritable detective, the same one now sleeping peacefully in her bed upstairs. Reading the article, the full brunt of the previous evening's murder hit home and she now understood the pleading look she had seen earlier in Logan's eyes. The article described the grisly murder in detail and the violence involved, citing the information came from a reliable source. Madison knew that the so-called reliable source could only be someone inside the police department for such a detailed account, and knew her houseguest's reaction to the news was not going to be pleasant.

The reporter also quoted a prominent psychologist in the city as saying the murderer was becoming unstable and unpredictable. She could only imagine the gruesomeness of the scene and the toll this investigation must be taking on the detective. Madison witnessed pain, destruction, and death on a daily basis, but at least, more often than not, she gained some satisfaction from the fact that she was able to help with the healing process; most of what Logan saw on a daily basis was just the opposite as her job entailed cleaning up the discarded remains of violence and destruction.

Tossing the paper aside, Madison went back into the kitchen, her stomach once again offering its opinion on her neglect. After pouring another cup of coffee for herself, she began pulling a menagerie of ingredients from the refrigerator and began preparing breakfast. A few minutes later, Femur strolled into the kitchen and offered a quiet bark in greeting. "Oh, I see how you are. You don't want anything to do with me until you smell food cooking." Licking his lips, Femur looked up innocently at his mistress and repeated the hushed bark. "Shhhh, okay, okay, just be quiet." Madison poured Femur's dry food in his bowl and replaced the water in his dish before walking to the laundry room to unlock the pet door. She glared at the munching canine as she reentered the kitchen. "Fine, you want to play two-timer, can I."

Pouring another cup of hot coffee and refreshing hers, Madison climbed the stairs to the second floor. Entering the bedroom, she stopped and silently watched as Logan still slept peacefully, regretting that she had to wake the detective. Walking to the bed, she sat the coffee cups on the nightstand before bending down lightly kissing the woman's soft cheek and smiled as the woman stirred under the warm covers, cracking her eyes and groaning as the sunlight beamed through the window. "Wake up sleepy head."

Madison grinned as she watched Logan rub her eyes with balled fists, the action reminding her of a small child upon waking. Sitting on the side of the bed next, she held out the hot cup of coffee to groggy woman. "Here, maybe this will help."

Sliding her long frame up against the headboard, Logan grasped the caffeine-laden liquid from the doctor and took a long swallow before speaking. "Morning."

Raising a brow, Madison bit her lip to keep from laughing at the very disheveled but cute woman in her bed. "Hmm, I take it you're not much of a morning person?"

Logan left the rhetorical observation unanswered as she sipped her coffee and stretched, her eyes taking in the alluring site of the doctor. "If you bring me coffee like this every morning, I could become a morning person."

Rolling her eyes, Madison swatted the detective on the arm. "Geez, I think I've released the monster in you."

Leaning forward, Logan kissed Madison's lips lightly and smiled. "No, more like liberated me." She noted the almost shy look on the doctor's face, and sat back, regarding the woman seriously. "So, how did you sleep?"

"Well, thanks to you." Madison rested her hand on Logan's leg and regarded the detective seriously. "I'm sorry I had to wake you. You seemed to be sleeping soundly, but I knew you said you had something to do at one o'clock."

Nodding, Logan took another sip of coffee. "Yes, I met C.W. Langston last night and believe it or not he wasn't very cooperative." The detective closed her eyes as she raked a hand through her mussed hair. "I don't know what his problem is with us, but I intend to find out. He wouldn't allow us access to any of the company records, so I pulled a few strings of my own and with the help of Loraine Osborne, and a Judge that despises Langston, I was able to obtain a search warrant." Twitching her brows, the detective grinned at the doctor. "I'm about to show Mr. High and mighty C. W. Langston, that he can't rule the entire world."

Noticing the strained look on Madison's face, her smile faded. Sitting up further in the bed, she dipped her head to catch the doctor's evasive eyes. "Hey, are you alright?"

An insincere smile crossed over Madison's tight lips and Logan knew the woman was holding something back. "Tell me what's wrong, when I mentioned Commander Osborne's name you closed up, added to your reaction at seeing her the other day, I'm guessing there is some bad blood between you two."

Knowing she'd been busted, Madison attempted to cast off the question. "Nah, nothing much."

Lifting the doctor's chin with her fingers, Logan caught Madison's eyes with her own and knew, without a doubt, that she was attempting to contain her true feelings. "It can't be half as bad as what I've already told you."

The doctor could feel tears welling up in her eyes and quickly turned away from Logan, focusing on Femur who was lying next to her feet. "It's a long story." Chuckling, she swiped the tears away from her eyes with the back of her hand. "I'll tell you but not now, you don't have time and breakfast is about ready."

Deciding to drop the subject for the moment, Logan tried to lighten the mood. "What? You cooked breakfast?" Her hand touched her chest and she playfully fell back onto the pillows. "Geez, I think I'm having a heart attack."

The doctor stood and walked to the door. Turning back towards the woman, she rolled her eyes. "I'll have you know I'm a wonderful cook." She pointed towards the bathroom and shot the detective a sneering smirk. "Now get up and take your shower. I washed your clothes and I'll bring them to you. Beaming at the lounging woman, Madison called out to Femur and waited as the dog headed her way. I...ummm, couldn't wash your underwear, so you'll have to wear your dirty ones or borrow some of mine."

Swallowing hard, Logan felt the heat rise between her legs. "I...ahhh...well...I guess I could...ummm...go commando."

"Well, yes, I guess that is an option, Detective." Madison had to bite her lip to keep from laughing aloud at the flustered woman. "Hurry up; I would hate to have to eat without you." Closing the door, the doctor began walking back towards the kitchen wondering just long she was going to be able to hold back with Logan McGregor.



Walking into the kitchen, Logan couldn't help but recall the events of the previous evening in this room. Madison was removing a quiche from the oven and looked up just in time to see the detective's dark face. "When I said hurry, I didn't mean you had to break any speed records."

Recovering quickly and shrugging her shoulders, Logan leaned against the island and snagged a piece of bacon from the plate in Madison's hand. "Cops are sort of like Doctors, we never know when we'll get called out in the middle of the night, so I've had to learn to shower and dress quickly."

Sitting the plate on the table, Madison retrieved the quiche from the stove. "You have a point there Detective."

Looking around the room, Logan searched for the morning paper. She knew the doctor subscribed from seeing the previous days edition in the den the night before. "Do you have the morning paper? I want to see what the vultures wrote last night."

Feeling a cold chill run up her spine, Madison nodded and went to the den to retrieve the Pitts-Post Gazette from the couch. Walking back into the kitchen, she kept the newspaper close to her chest. Handing the newspaper to the detective with an apprehensive look, she walked to the table and sat. "I'd rather you didn't read it until you've eaten. I really don't think you'll have much of an appetite if you look at it now."

Lines formed in Logan's forehead as she frowned and winced. "Damn, it must be bad then." Tossing the paper on the table, she sat beside the doctor and took a long srink of her orange juice. "Maybe you're right about the appetite. I'd better take advantage of it while I can, I'm starving."

Madison trying not to show her surprise, hoped Logan would be this calm when she finally did read the article and found out there was a mole in her department.

Breakfast was relaxing and refreshing as the two women talked about Steeler and Mercy. Logan described her cabin at Conneaut Lake and promised the doctor they would go up for a long weekend as soon as the case was over and Madison's schedule would allow.

Madison's stomach flipped at the thought of a long weekend away with the detective, nothing within miles to interrupt them as the pager had done the previous night. "That sounds wonderful Logan. Just tell me when and I'll rearrange my schedule."

Winking at the doctor's beaming face, she thought about how much she had enjoyed the last few days, in spite of the case at hand. Logan couldn't remember a time she'd actually gone to bed with someone she was interested in romantically, and simply slept. Uh oh McGregor, this means trouble. Standing and walking back into the kitchen, she refilled both their cups, giving her racing heart time to calm. Damn, how does she do that to me with just a smile?

After depositing the empty plates in the sink, Madison slid behind Logan and wrapped her arms around the tall woman's waist, pulling her close, trying to ignore the feel of the bulky holster strapped to the detective's side. "Umm, you smell good."

Logan turned in the doctor's arms and bent her head to capture Madison's lips with her own, savoring the long morning kiss. Lifting her head after a long moment, she smiled into the doctor's eyes. "Umm, you taste good."

Madison lightly nipped the taller woman's chin. "You do too, but unfortunately we'll have to wait a while, I do believe you have a search warrant to serve, Detective." Hearing a deep growl escape Logan's throat, she eased back putting a safe distance between them, unsure if she could resist any further temptation.

Handing Madison the fresh cup of coffee, she walked back to the table. "Do I at least have time to read the trash?"

Madison regarded the detective speculatively as she sipped her coffee. "Yes, but while you do that I think I'll be a coward and take Officer Freeman a cup of coffee."

With a distressed look on her face, Logan spread the paper on the table in front of her, instantly seeing her own image scowling back at the camera. "Jesus, you'd think they could take pictures of something more interesting."

Madison made her escape, leaving the mumbling woman alone in the kitchen to read the disturbing article, knowing that when she returned, the woman's mood would be foul. Opening the front door, she noticed the unusual silence around her. Very few people traveled the road in front of the house, but she noticed that even the subtle sounds of nature were absent. Walking towards the car, the doctor saw Freeman sitting in the front seat of the cruiser and said good morning as she neared. Stepping beside the cruiser, the cup slipped out of her hand and shattered on the drive as her brain assimilated the sight before her. A dark stain saturated the officer's shirt, as open, yet lifeless eyes stared through the windshield

Logan was reading the article when she heard Madison frantically calling her name. Bolting through the front door, she saw the blonde's rigid stance and the shattered cup. She ran to the surgeon's side and on seeing the bloody body of the officer inside the car, led the doctor back to the front steps. "Stay here and don't move." Logan released the snap on her shoulder holster and carefully eased her way back towards the police cruiser, knowing in her gut that the officer was dead and the killer long gone. Through the open window, she saw that her intuition had been correct. All she could do at this point was call in the incident and hope the CSI team could find some evidence.

She stepped back from the car, returning to the pale shaking woman sitting on the front steps. As she knelt before the trembling woman and took grasped her hands, she could feel the cold, clammy signs of shock. With one arm around the surgeon's waist, Logan slipped her arm under the Madison's legs, lifting her up and carrying her into the den. Placing the despondent woman on the couch, she wrapped a blanket around her shoulders

Madison sat silently, her hands icy cold, her face deathly pale. Reaching for the phone on the end table, Logan called the precinct in Pittsburgh. She knew she was taking a risk calling in her own team before notifying the Bridgeville police but the detective had to make sure the scene remained clean for the CSI team. Completing the first call, she dialed her Lieutenant and informed him of her decision. Surprisingly, he agreed with her judgment call and informed her that he was on his way. After giving the Lieutenant directions to Madison's, the concerned woman hung up the phone and turned back to the trembling blonde.

The surgeon's eyes were still glassy, but the trembling in her hands had subsided. Logan whispered softly as she held her close. "It's okay baby. I'm here, no one is going to hurt you, I promise." After several minutes, Madison began to stir and her eyes began to focus. The detective leaned back on her haunches, wanting the doctor to see her face, as she pulled herself back to reality.

Madison blinked several times and as she became aware of her surroundings, her eyes locking with Logan's. The uncontrollable shaking returned as tears welled up in her eyes and she felt the detective's log protective arms draw her close. "It's okay, just let it go, you're safe now."

Madison felt the tears flow down her cheek and felt the detective's strong arms tighten around her shoulders. With a trembling voice, broken with harsh sobs, the doctor asked the question she already knew the answer to. "She's dead isn't she?"

Not trusting her voice any longer as the anger welled up inside her, threatening to explode, she nodded. The officer's murder, as she lay sleeping not thirty feet away, was a clear message the murderer was taunting her skills as an investigator.

She held the sobbing woman until the wails turned to quiet whimpers. Suddenly, Madison's body tensed and she pushed Logan's arms away as she frantically tried to get up. "Femur, oh my god, where is Femur?"

Logan pressed Madison back into the cushions with a firm hand. "I'll find him. You stay here and listen for the CSI team." Quickly walking towards the kitchen, she had a foreboding feeling in the pit of her stomach about the whereabouts of the lab. She pulled open the back door and jogged out into the yard, whistling, and calling for the Lab, each unanswered call, tying one more knot in her stomach. Her eyes searched the large back yard and as she cleared the arbor, a dark form lying in the grass came into her line of view. Kneeling down beside the canine, she felt for a pulse then picked up the limp form and began walking towards the house."

Logan caught a movement in the doorway, and her eyes locked with Madison's. She felt a lump in her own throat as she watched the doctor bring her hand to her mouth to stifle the anguished cry. Running down the steps, the trembling blonde took the limp body from the detective's arms and as she held the animal near, walked back into the house.

Logan could only watch helplessly, a tear streaking her face, as Madison kicked the door closed, shutting her out, leaving her standing in the cold morning air, alone, and for the first time in as long as she could remember...afraid.

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