Code Blue

Chapter Seventeen

by KatLyn

See Chapter One for disclaimers.

Throughout the afternoon, Madison occupied her time by caring for Femur and preparing to close the house for an undetermined period. The doctor's resentment at having to flee her home was further aggravated as she watched the uniformed officers and the CSI team milling around her lawn. The coroner had long ago removed the body of Officer Patty Freeman, but the woman knew she would never again be able to walk up the driveway leading to the house without seeing the lifeless, open-eyed face of the murdered officer in the patrol car. With a sense of urgency that she didn't fully understand, the doctor began packing her possessions in a large suit case preparing for Logan's return, thankful the detective would arrive soon and take her away to a safer, less volatile location.

With some reluctance and a friendly shove out the door, Nicole had returned to the clinic to check in with her assistants and close the office for the day. The two doctors had attended the Ellis school for girls during their high school years and had spent much of their time together as devoted friends. Madison recalled the trying time the strawberry blonde had spent trying to get her to open up and begin talking after returning to school following her father's death. The humiliation she had felt at having her father, a well-known public figure, die in the arms of another woman almost too much to endure. However, Nicole only shrugged as if it were an everyday occurrence.

The withdrawn girl had, at first, resisted the attempted friendly conversations by her charismatic classmate, but soon found herself conversing, little by little, to Nicole's surprise and delight. Soon, they had become fast friends and spent many days together sharing their hopes and dreams for the future. Madison remembered how lost and alone she had been after graduation. She had, at the insistence of her mother, attended medical school at the University of Pittsburgh while Nicole had continued on to veterinarian school in Champaign, Illinois. During the often-trying years of course work and internships, they had lost touch, but she had always known there was a bond between them that would never fade.

It was only after Nicole's return to Pittsburgh, following graduation from the University of Illinois, College of Veterinarian Medicine, did they realize how closely their lives paralleled. The two women reunited while attending a fundraiser for the local equestrian rescue society and after introducing Madison to her companion Sara Michaels, the women spent the remainder of the event sitting on the fringes of the activity talking and catching up on lost times. The restless mannerisms and sidelong glances Nicole and Sara shared, did not escape the detection of the astute doctor. She knew there was more to the relationship than her old friend was revealing and found the silent communications between the two women interesting and somewhat comforting, mentally noting that sometime in the near future she and Nicole would have to have a heart to heart talk.

The afternoon passed quickly and as the trio made their way through the parking garage after the fundraiser, Nicole suggested they meet for lunch the following week. Madison eagerly accepted the invitation, only slightly disappointed that Sara wouldn't be able to join them, but conversely excited at the prospect of spending some quiet time with her childhood friend. Four days later, as they sat in a small deli, overlooking the campus of The University of Pittsburgh, Nicole explained, somewhat hesitantly, that Sara was not only her friend and office manager, but also her lover. Madison recalled the fearful look in her friend's eyes as the woman shared her deepest secret and the startled, if not amazed expression that lit her face when Madison reached across the table, took her hand and in an undeniable confirmation of acceptance disclosed her own orientation. After a few relieved and happy tears, the young doctors enjoyed the remainder of their lunch, each eagerly questioning the other about the details of their discovery.

The renewed friendship had strengthened over the years and Madison found that Nicole was the closest to family that she'd known in a long time. Smiling, she recalled the look of confusion and anger that played across Logan's face earlier in the day as Nicole had exercised her self-appointed right as Madison's protector and defender. She knew the dynamics of the triangular relationship with the two strong willed women would be interesting and would probably at times be volatile, given their need to be her protectors. However, she also knew, given time, the two women would work out their differences and come to accept each other and the important roles each played in her life.

The smile faded as Madison reflected back on the overwhelming fear she had experienced watching Logan walk towards the house with Femur's limp body in her arms. Her first reaction was to lash out and she had done so by slamming the door on the detective, effectively shutting her out not only of the house, but also of her emotions and her pain. For a moment, she wondered if the detective would even want to continue the exploration into the relationship and suddenly felt a flash of fear at the thought of losing Logan before she ever had the chance to know her.

Making a mental note to apologize for unreasonably placing the blame for the incident on the detective, she continued to pack as Femur eased his way from the safety of the closet to curl up on the bed and intently watch her every move. "Hey big guy. You don't think I'm leaving without you, do ya?" Dropping the jeans onto the bed, Madison slid down beside the still frightened canine as a warm wet tongue slashed across her face with lightening speed. "Yuck-o. I love you my friend, but that breath of yours needs some serious attention." The staccato thumping of Femurs tail on the bed told Madison that her companion was indeed feeling better as she leaned in close and whispered in his ear, delighting in the excited bark as she told him of their impending visit to see Clancy. "Yep, the savage cat doesn't stand a chance with you my friend."

Ruffling his fur, Madison stood and began the task of folding the remainder of her clothes silently debating which of her silk negligees she should take. Indecisive, she neatly folded all three and gently placed them in the suitcase before zipping the large bag and heading towards the door, a cunning smile creeping across her face


The only light in the room came from the computer monitor as the solitary figure surfed the pages of Mercy Hospital's web site in search of information on Dr. Madison Cavanaugh. Discovering the identity of the woman hadn't been as difficult as he expected. Once he had surmised the name of the dyke cop, the rest had been easy. A deep laugh filled the darkened room as the monitor flickered onto page after page. Suddenly the laughter ceased and an eerie quiet settled back into the room as a photograph of the attractive blonde appeared on the screen.

Ignoring the cigarette in the overfilled ashtray beside him, the man leaned in reverently brushing his fingers across the smiling face of the blonde doctor. "Soon Doctor. You won't be smiling, I promise." Searching impatiently for a pen in the unorganized belly-drawer of the desk, he began writing down the information he would need to locate Operation Safety Net.


As Logan sped towards Bridgeville, her mind wandered back over the events of the day. There were still so many loose ends to tie up, so many unknowns yet to be discovered. Knowing the answers were buried somewhere in the massive file rooms of Langston Development, she decided to focus more of her time on that aspect of the investigation and leave the grunt work for the uniformed officers. "I'm going to find your secrets old man, and when I do you'd better hope Madison hasn't been hurt or you may never see the inside of a courtroom."

Turning into the drive a few minutes later, she saw, not one, but two uniformed officers leaning against the police cruiser. Dropping from the cab of the Durango, she strolled over towards the officers, noticing their nervous and watchful eyes, their hands moving slowly closer towards the guns holstered at their sides. "Good evening Officers. I'm Detective-Sergeant Logan McGregor."

Both officers relaxed noticeably, smiling nervously as they returned her greeting. "Umm, sorry Detective, but I...ahh, guess everyone's a little jumpy after this morning, and Patty. I mean, Officer Freeman."

Nodding, Logan moved a little closer to the pair, her eyes revealing the sadness and guilt she felt in her heart. "That is certainly understandable. I'm truly sorry about what happened. Although I know there is nothing I can say to make what you're feeling any easier, I will promise you that we are going to catch this guy."

Just as Logan was about to respond a car pulled into the drive and the three officers tensed in nervous anticipation. The strawberry blonde smiled as slipped from behind the wheel of her Jeep and strolled past Logan, slowing only long enough to whisper, "Ahhh, Detective, your working late tonight. Wouldn't be trying to work a little pleasure into your business, now would you?"

Logan felt her pulse rise considerably as she stared after the woman now quickly ascending the front steps. The three officers watched as Nicole unlocked the door with a key from her key ring and entered the house, quickly glancing back at Logan and winking before the door soundly closed.

The detective took a deep breath in an attempt to calm her rising temper and turned back towards the two officers who were now watching her intently. "You have a good evening officers, and keep your eyes open. I will be driving Dr. Cavanaugh into the city in a few minutes, so there will be no need to remain here during the night. However, I would appreciate it if you drive by several times throughout the night to check on the house."

Both officers nodded in unison, visibly relaxing at discovering they would not have to sit vigil in the dark driveway all night. After saying goodnight, Logan slowly walked towards the front door unsure if she was ready to face Madison in the company of Nicole. As she lifted her hand to knock, the front door swung open, revealing a very relieved and smiling blonde doctor.

"Hey there you are. I'm glad you're here. I was beginning to get worried." Stepping back from the door, Madison motioned Logan to enter and quickly closed the door. Before the detective could turn around, she felt warm arms wrap around her waist. "I missed you today."

Turning in the firm embrace, Logan took Madison's face in her hands and placed a tender kiss on the warm inviting lips, before leaning back and smiling. "I missed you too. I thought we could stop off for some take-out on the way into the city. If that's okay with you."

The young doctor's face revealed a scowl as she glared at the tall detective, "Hey, I'm not some cheap date, Detective." Yet, she couldn't hide the smile teasing her lips as she lightly punched Logan's arm. "If you expect me to accompany you, then I need more than just take-out. I need a movie too."

Logan felt her heart flutter as Madison grinned up into her face. Before she realized what she was doing, the detective leaned in and gently nibbled the small blonde's lips. "Hmm, you taste good. Is this dessert?"

Logan watched mesmerized as the doctor's hazel eyes turned dark with lust. She could almost feel the heat radiating from Madison's body, as the sexual tension between them grew stronger. Leaning in, Logan captured the warm lips again, although this time with the passion she constantly felt for the woman. Their breathing became ragged as Logan explored the warm cocoon of Madison's mouth with her tongue and heard the smaller woman groan with the same passion in return.

Lost to all else except each other, the sound of Nicole coughing startled them both and they quickly moved apart. Biting her lip shyly, Madison turned towards Nicole. "Umm, Nicki, you met Detect...I mean, Logan earlier this afternoon, didn't you?"

Nicole's eyes, moved towards Logan's and for a moment, the detective thought she saw a look of utter disgust. "Yes, we met earlier in the afternoon. How are you Detective? Any leads on the case yet?"

The detective felt uncomfortable under the direct glare of the other woman. Unaccustomed to being scrutinized by others, she felt her defensive nature take over. "Yes. Fine, and we're working on it." Logan could see the small upturn of the vet's lips as Madison gave her a shocked look and knew the response she had just given was exactly what the vet had anticipated. Placing a hand on the small of Madison's back, Logan turned towards the smaller woman. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap, it's just been a really long day and I'm a bit stressed."

Walking a few steps towards the woman and out of Madison's line of view, Logan allowed her eyes to bore into the Vets as she reached out her hand. "Maybe I should begin again, Logan McGregor."

A smile flashed across Nicole's face as she reached out to shake the detective's hand, knowing the taller woman had bested her. "Hi, I'm Nicole Adam's. It's nice to meet you." The words exchanged were light and friendly, although a silent war was being waged as the two determined women shook hands.

Logan's face revealed a dangerous glare as she raised a singular brow in challenge. "The pleasure is all mine, believe me." She watched as the vet absorbed the hidden meaning of her words and felt the other woman's grip loosen, then release completly.

Uncomfortable seconds of silence filled the foyer before Nicole pulled her gaze from Logan's and began gathering her coat and keys. "Madi, I'll call you in the morning to see how you are, okay."

A confused look crossed Madison's face as she looked from one woman to the other. "Ummm, yeah, right." Watching as Logan turned and walked into the kitchen, Madison suddenly remembered where she would be the next morning. "No, call me at the office after nine in the morning. I'm...umm...staying with Logan for a few days."

She felt a rush of heat sweep across her face as she remembered the silk negligee she had packed. "Ahh, just a precaution, that's all." Suddenly the doctor asked herself why she was explaining and gave Nicole a pleading look as she ran a hand through her blonde hair. "Look, just don't ask any questions, okay. Because answers are one thing I'm in short supply of right now."

Their eyes held until after a long moment Nicole broke the contact. "Okay. Well, just let me know how you are doing tomorrow. Sara and I are worried about you, you know." Walking out the door, she envisioned Logan and Madison in bed together and felt an uncomfortable tightness seize her stomach as she walked to the Jeep.


After calling in an order for their dinner and gathering Madison's luggage the two women set off for the city with Femur in the back, happily hassling as he hung his head over the seat. Logan couldn't help but laugh when he released a long excited whine as they drove along the interstate. "Hey big guy, are you excited about seeing Clancy again?"

If Madison hadn't thrown her arm up, the canine would have been in the front seat between them. The blonde gently pushed Femur back into the rear of the Durango and laughed, settling back down onto the ice pack she had brought along for the ride. "I can see we need to get you out more often."

Logan joined in the laughter until a frightening thought crossed her mind. "Umm, he isn't likely to pee in the seat, is he?"

The pleading eyes that met Madison's eyes led to even more laughter from the small blonde, much to the detective's displeasure. "No, of course not." Giving the dog a stern look, she shrugged her shoulders and quietly said, "Well, I hope not anyway."

For a moment, Logan wondered to herself what she was getting herself into bringing these two into her home. Before the thought had left her mind, she was again smiling at the realization that she hadn't been this happy in a long time. Biting back a smile, she quickly glanced at the pensive woman beside her. "Well, what's a little pee between friends? Just remember though, if he does, you get to clean it up."

The rest of the trip into the city was spent with the detective bringing Madison up to date on the case. Logan turned into a Chinese restaurant a few blocks from her house and went in to pick up their dinner while Madison sat with Femur in the truck. The doctor hadn't expected the wave of fear to sweep over her as she watched the detective disappear into the restaurant. In an attempt to distract herself, she began stroking Femur's head and whispering softly to him when she noticed a beat up truck pull in a parking space a few cars down.

Her senses went on alert as she watched the man sit alone in the truck, not moving to enter the restaurant. A surge of panic swept over her as she thought about the incident in the bookstore a few days earlier and the man that had followed them during their lunch outing. Although she couldn't be sure in the darkness, the doctor's gut told her the man sitting in the truck was the same man.

Green eyes panned over the parking lot looking for other people and her heart sank as she realized she was alone in the dark lot with only a few cars between her and the suspicious character. She quickly pressed the button to lock the doors and patted the seat beside her inviting Femur to join her in the front seat, hoping if the man was who she suspected, the sight of the large dog would scare him off.

Logan exited the restaurant and her eyes swept across the parking lot as a strange feeling crept up her spine. She had learned to respect those nagging feelings in her early days as a cop on the street. Too many times, she had seen other cops ignore their sixth sense only to walk into trouble. Her eyes locked on Madison's noting the fearful look in her eyes and she quickened her pace to reach the truck and heard the unmistakable click of the doors being unlocked from inside.

Sliding into the front seat, she turned towards the pale woman beside her. "What's wrong? You look like you have seen a ghost."

Madison had watched as the man's gaze had tracked Logan's movements towards the car. She had no doubt now that the man was following them. "Okay, I'll tell you but just keep your eyes on me." She picked up one of the bags and pretended to check the contents as she spoke. "A few cars over there's a man sitting in a blue truck. He drove in right after you went into the restaurant and has been sitting there since."

Logan turned her head towards the windshield trying to see the vehicle in her peripheral vision. "Yeah, I saw him when I came out, but he doesn't look too threatening to me. Maybe he is waiting on someone who works inside." The detective was trying to think logically. She couldn't go around suspecting every person sitting alone in a parking lot.

"That's what I was thinking too until you came out. He watched every step you made and he didn't look happy."

Logan knew the smile that creased the doctor's cheeks was there to make the man think all was fine, but even in the darkened truck she could see the fear in the woman's eyes. "Okay, here's what we are going to do. Get Femur in the back seat and then turn around and start petting him while I drive, then tell me what he does when we leave the parking lot."

Madison followed the detective's instructions and watched through the back window as they drove out of the parking lot. Just as the doctor suspected, the blue truck pulled out behind them a few cars back. "He's following us."

"Fuck. The detective followed South Braddock Avenue for a few blocks before turning left onto Race Street. Knowing the road made a sharp curve about half way to Hutchinson Avenue, she sped up until she was around the curve and out of sight and then pulled to the curb and waited. The headlights of the speeding car bore down on them like a train then the truck suddenly slowed as the man went past them, knowing his covert surveillance had been discovered.

Logan waited until the truck turned right onto Hutchinson Avenue before resuming their drive. At the corner of Hutchinson Avenue and Race Street, she contemplated her next move. Turning left would take them another two blocks to her house, but she hesitated knowing the man could still be close by. Making a quick decision, she turned right and continued driving until she reached the intersection at Pennwood Avenue. Pulling into a vacant parking space, she turned to the woman beside her. Madison had been unusually quiet during their drive and the detective turned towards the pale woman. "Hey, are you okay?"

Nodding her head, Madison continued to stare out the window as a single tear streaked her cheek. Logan continued to observe the nearby cars as she reached out and took the trembling woman's hand in hers. "It's going to be alright, Madi. I'm not going to let him hurt you, I promise." The detective knew she shouldn't be making promises she couldn't keep, but as she looked at the frightened woman her heart won the internal battle being waged and words simply flowed unimpeded from her lips.

Madison held on tightly, finding comfort in the strength of the woman next to her. Before she realized it, she was being pulled closer to the powerful detective and felt a strong arm circle her shoulders and warm lips on her head. With a trembling voice, she spoke the words that had been a constant companion to her the last few days. "I'm frightened Logan. What if he comes when you aren't with me? I don't think I could..." Her words fell off as the tears began to flow and she let herself fall into the protective arms of the woman beside her.

Logan held on to the trembling woman until the sobs subsided, then gently brushed the tears from her cheeks. "Well then, I guess you're stuck with me for a little while then." With her free hand, Logan gently lifted Madison's tear streaked face towards hers and captured the warm lips with hers before pulling back and smiling. "Now, what do you say we head home and have a nice dinner and watch that movie you wanted to see?"

A bobbing head was all the answer Logan received as she put the Durango in gear and pulled back into the traffic on Pennwood Avenue. Making several turns onto little traveled side-streets, Logan drove around until she was certain they were not being followed and then began retracing their path, driving towards Trenton Avenue and home.

Usually Logan left her truck parked in the drive, but tonight she decided to park behind the house. She wasn't expecting another incident during the evening but she didn't want to assist the man in finding them either. Parking beside the deck leading up to the house, she shut off the engine and turned to the small blonde beside her. It's a beautiful night. Why don't I grab some plates and we can eat on the deck?" Before Madison could answer, her stomach roared its concurrence.

Logan gently nipped the inviting lips before her and laughed. "I'll take that as a yes."

Rolling her eyes, Madison grunted, "I hate it when my stomach does that. It's so embarrassing sometimes, especially when I'm in the middle of a board meeting."

Logan gathered the bags of food and climbed from the truck while Madison pulled the front seat forward for Femur to jump out. Entering the house, neither woman was prepared for what they saw next. Just as Clancy jumped from the countertop to greet her master, Femur cleared the doorway and what ensued was nothing short of a disaster. The hair on Clancy's back stood up and the cat took a wide swipe at Femur's nose, making contact and sending the poor animal into a howling fit.

Before Madison could bend down to check his bleeding nose, Femur sped between Logan's legs in hot pursuit, knocking the tall woman off balance, and the bags of food became airborn as Logan reached out to grab hold of the countertop. The doctor unsuccessfully grabbed for the flying food, but all she came away with was the bottom part of the bag. Miscalculating the distance to the counter, Logan fell on the slick tile floor, and Madison watched in horror as the disaster unfolded in what seemed like slow motion. Logan's body hit the floor with a thud and then the ripped bag crashed into her shoulder spilling a combination of sweet and sour pork and cashew chicken onto her chest and lap.

Logan sat stunned and all Madison could do was watch as their dinner dripped down the detective's chest and a single egg roll tumbled across the floor between her long legs. Logan stared at the sticky mess and growled as she attempted to pull herself up from the floor, but quickly slid in the slick rice and sauce on the tile floor.

The doctor remained quiet as she pondered the expression on Logan's face, unable to decide if the scowl was anger at the situation or disgust from all the food plastered on her body, but her thoughts were suddenly broken as the commotion continued at the other end of the residence. Leaving Logan on the floor to fend for herself, Madison raced down the hallway in search of the offending animals.

Entering the guest bedroom, she found the cat, once again, perched on top of the window valance and Femur barking relentlessly on the floor beneath. Grabbing the dog by his collar, she led Femur towards the door, all the while scolding him for his behavior and then pushed him into the hallway as she closed the door behind her. She returned to stand beneath the frightened cat and looked up to find long sharp teeth and a loud ominous hiss greeting her from above.

Knowing the cat wasn't in the mood to have a strange woman climbing up to get him, she moved towards the dresser and began clearing a spot for the cat to jump on when he was ready to leave the safety of his perch. The doctor spoke softly to the frightened cat as she moved around the bedroom but her calming words were rejected and she was met with loud hissing each time she stole a glance his way. Deciding to cut her losses, she left the bedroom and headed back towards the kitchen to see about Logan.

The quietness in the house concerned Madison as she quickly made her way back down the hallway to the kitchen, but realized her fears were unfounded as she turned the corner and took in the sight before her. Logan, still sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor was laughing as Femur gobbled up the remnants of their dinner. Crossing slender arms across her chest, Madison leaned against the doorway, trying to assume her best 'Mom' look. "Hellooooo! Is that my dinner you two are playing with over there?"

Startled, Logan and Femur both looked up to see the piercing eyes. The detective finished chewing a piece of chicken and swallowed before speaking. "Umm, well, you see...he was just...helping me...clean up...a bit." The detective cocked her head to the side and gave the doctor a bright smile. Femur's tail was doing double time, drumming on the adjacent counter as he happily gobbled the food in Logan's lap and trying not to slip on the tile floor.

Madison's serious glare finally broke as she watched the happy canine stretch his neck towards the messy detective and lick a large spot of sauce from her cheek. Rolling her eyes, she walked towards the happy pair and surveyed the damage. Shaking her head, she regarded her two favorite friends, one with most of their dinner on her body and the other with rice and sauce squishing between his toes. "You two are disgusting."

Popping another piece of chicken into her mouth, Logan eased herself from the floor, looked down at the sticky medley of food and then at Madison. Before she could speak, the doctor raised her hands. "To the shower with both of you, NOW." Snagging a roll of paper towels the doctor moved towards what was once their dinner.

The tall brunette moved to snag a kiss and for a moment was tempted to draw the woman tightly against her chest and share the unsightly mess, but quickly decided against it as she thought of the food fight that would surely follow.

Leaning in for a quick kiss, she quickly stepped back with a look of repulsion on her face. "Out, both of you."

Logan bent down and gingerly picked Femur up, careful not to aggravate his earlier injuries and looked at the doctor with a look of hurt. "Well, I see how you are... only want me around when things are nice and neat...and, ummm, clean.

Laughing, Madison watched as Logan carried Femur out of the kitchen and towards the bathroom, and then yelled after the two adorable creatures. " And don't come back until you have the rice out of your ears." Returning her thoughts to cleaning the kitchen she smiled, Hmm, I'll give her one thing. She sure knows how to lighten the mood, and kneeled down onto the sticky floor.

Managing to rescue one unopened container of sweet and sour pork and two egg rolls from the disaster, she set to work cleaning up the remaining sticky substance. After mopping the floor twice, Madison decided to see what she could prepare to go with the remnants of their meal, and after surveying the scant offerings, settled on the frozen spaghetti sauce she had found in the freezer. She was busy pouring out noodles when Logan and Femur returned and felt her pulse quicken as the tall, dark woman entered wearing a pair of old, faded jeans and a t-shirt cut off just below the breast line. She didn't bother hiding the lustful look as Logan walked towards her with hair still damp from the recent shower. Stepping into the warm open arms, Madison inhaled the spicy scent of soap and what could only be the detective's own essence. "You smell good."

As she held the smaller woman, Logan felt a rush of emotion course through her body and mind. This feels so right. Resisting the urge to tell the young doctor how she felt, she bent her head and placed a small kiss on the top of her head. "Thanks, you do too." She could feel the pounding of Madison's heart against her own and was amazed and frightened over the feelings she was quickly developing for the woman in her arms. Putting some distance between them, she pulled away and surveyed the kitchen. "Wow, this place looks better now than it did before the circus."

Madison had felt the detective tense just before she moved away. Confused by the sudden change in Logan's demeanor, she turned back towards the stove and began slowly stirring the bubbling sauce as the detective looked on from across the room. Glancing down at Femur, Madison tried to lighten the mood by changing the subject. "How did his bath go?"

"He was fine. Actually I think he enjoyed it." Opening the cupboard and removing two plates, she moved to the end of the bar. "I think we should eat inside, it's getting dark out, the flood light on the deck is blown and I haven't had time to replaced it. Sorry it took us so long. I had to soap him up twice to get all the sauce out of his fur."

Madison could feel the heat in her face as she thought of Femur's shower with the tall detective and how much she would enjoy the soapy adventure. Damn, Cavanaugh. Are you becoming jealous of the dog? Without hesitating, she bit her lip and stared into the bubbling red sauce. Yep, that's exactly what I'm doing. Damn lucky dog. Their conversation was becoming animated and Madison couldn't figure out what had caused the sudden change in the detective's behavior. Deciding not to press the issue, she poured out the sauce and finished preparing their dinner continuing along the lines of safe conversation.

After eating their hodgpodge dinner, Logan insisted on cleaning the kitchen and sent the doctor into the den to relax as she cleared the table. In her mind, she continued to mull over her feelings for Madison, knowing she was sending out conflicting signals. After spending an inordinate amount of time wiping off the countertops, she finally decided that her absence in the den would soon be called into question.

Grabbing a small container of ice cream from the freezer and two spoons, she headed for the den and the science fiction movie the Madison had insisted on watching, but on rounding the corner, she spotted the blonde stretched out on the dark green leather asleep. Dropping into the matching recliner, Logan tossed aside the extra spoon, picked up the remote control and began flipping through the channels as she dug into the chocolate chip ice cream.

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