Entwined Hearts

by Ri

Disclaimer: This is fully a product of my feeble imagination not to be borrowed, stolen or copied by greedy little hands in any way shape or form. My favorite ladies inspired this but the characters are from my imagination. This is a work of Science fiction- Uber and there is a sexual relationship between two women so if you don't like this type line of story or are under 18yrs old please read one of my general stories, They're pretty good.

This story is dedicated once more to Star Trek and the world created by Gene Roddenberry, Please enjoyJ

We sat in silence as the escape pod careened in space. We were total strangers to one and other so there was little to talk about. I was second in command of our Starbird and my companion was a rookie who was just assigned to our ships communications center.

"Commander?" A quiet voice broke the silence.

"Yes, Lieutenant."

"Do we have any idea where were going?"

I smiled at my young companion and shook my head, "No, I'm afraid I don't," She nodded her head in understanding and we were silent once more.

The ship was small and cramped. It was meant for short spouts and I felt we would be planet side very soon. I looked again at my quiet companion admiring her pretty face and sweet demeanor. A Tomnbr ship had suddenly attacked our ship. They had superior firepower and though our Captain was very skilled and our ship the Excaliber was very maneuverable and fast; the Tomnbr ship had a far longer range to attack us. Our engines were destroyed and the Captain ordered us to abandon ship.

Now we were the sole inhabitants of this escape pod which was one of several carrying our crew to safe destinations. We were in touch with our shipmates for the first hour of our journey but now we had drifted out of range. I felt a shift as the pod started to prepare itself for landing on a near-by planet.

"Lieutenant, were going planet side prepare yourself."

She looked up at me with big green eyes and nodded, "Yes, Ma'am"

I smiled and sat in the crash chair in the center of the cabin to prepare the ship for landing.
I felt us shift again as it started its descent to the planets surface.

My companion sat in the Nav chair, preparing her part of the cabin for the same thing as we worked in quiet harmony making sure the ship was ready for its descent. I looked over at her and nodded. She put the head set on and we started the count down to land. Suddenly the cabin went dark and there was loud bang and the cabin shook violently....


We were lying in a beautiful large green forest. My Companion and I were alone and I felt rather then saw the entity. "Atlanta," I heard my name in my head. I looked at my companion whose eyes were large as if she heard her name with in her own head. The being appeared hovering above us. It was beautiful, we were not afraid, we were at peace, the being lowered down and touched us. I realized that this being was pure love, I also realized that remarkably my companion and I were profoundly connected. We were one...


"Lani, I need to go get some firewood..."

"No Tani, Wait let me go with you the natives seem to fixate on you..."

My companion and I had been on this planet for two months. Since the night of the dream we were able to read each other's thoughts and emotions. Through our months together we had discovered many truths. The first truth was that we also could read and feel all the animals on the planet. The second truth was that this loving peace was not part of our fellow humans. They were violent and had tried to attack us on many occasions. The last was the most flabbergasting truth of all and that was that we were in love with each other.

"I'm a grown woman. I am just going out to the woodpile and back..."

"Yes, but they want to hurt you and I can't let them.Please don't be stubborn, My love..."

Green eyes and Blue eyes locked in confrontation, "I know you love me but..."

"No, this has to do with your life, your just bring stubborn," I brought my arms around her and bringing her tightly to me. I could feel my thoughts and her merge...

****** ***

The first time this happened was the day after we recovered from our crash landing. We were busy cleaning up and starting to make what we thought was our temporary home. I had just finished picking up the firewood and putting it in a pile by our door. I was so much taller then my companion that I decided it would be best if I did our roof, I put palmfronds along the roof of our tent while my diminutive friend was fixing our dinner.

"Lieutenant, When will dinner be ready?"

"Soon Ma'am."

"Good girl, I'm starved," I said as I started down the makeshift ladder I created. For some unknown reason on the last step I got dizzy. So she grabbed me to keep me from falling and it was as if we merged. Our eyes closed at the same time and every thought in my head became hers and every thought in her head became mine.

Oh my God I can't lose you.

Lose me?

Suddenly we realized we weren't speaking.

I...I...can hear your thoughts...?

And I can hear yours.

I suddenly felt a surge of emotion for my friend and she realized it was affection.

You...um....like me?

Yes...And you like me and...admire me. Why do you think I'm too beautiful to notice you? You're a very beautiful woman.

Thank you, But I am not. I'm small and ....well a nothing. You are tall and striking and brilliant. How could you ever...?

You are not nothing! You are bright and smart and full of life. I have had a lot of fun with you despite being like Robinson Crusoe...I can see your scared but your still trying and working very hard. I am so proud of you.

I am scared...Atlanta how are we doing this?

I don't know Rantani but my friend were going to be all right, I promise you.

Slowly we opened our eyes and we were looking deeply into each other's eyes. They were red rimmed and it was obvious that we were both crying. I slowly reached out and dried her tears and caressed her cheek. I could feel her doing the exact same thing as I leaned my cheek into her palm. Then as if we were drawn together by the same string our lips met in a tender kiss. It might have turned passionate but we'll never know because we both smelled our dinner burning, Rantani ran to the fire to try and save it looking really cute and upset.

"Don't worry Rantani, We have plenty of food here we won't starve because we got distracted."

She looked up at me with a sweet smile, "You called me Rantani. You have never done that out loud before."

"I think the formalities are over, don't you?"

"Yes Atlanta, I like your name. Its very pretty."

"Thank you, Come here, please?"

She walked over to me slowly and looked up at me, "Yes?"

I put my arms around her and brought our lips together again. To say that it was profound wouldn't even begin to explain the intoxicating feeling of our lips meeting. Our kiss deepened and I felt myself pick her up and take her into our new home. Our relationship was sealed, we were one...


I love you more then life itself and if you think I'm going to let you expose yourself to danger then...

We've been here for two months and you know I can take care of myself...

Yes, I do... I just...please let me go with you they are becoming more and more dangerous...Please my love...!

I could feel my love take a deep breath, She was stubborn but she was reasonable. Ok, You can come...I...I don't want you to think I'm a wimp...

I never would, You can hear any thoughts, You know I don't...Why? I was hurt and I could feel my eyes fill with tears.

Shhh...I know you don't. I'm just insecure. You know that, you've helped me enormously but I still feel like such a greenhorn and I want you to be proud of me...

I am...Tani, I am so proud of you. You have grown so much. I broke the embrace slowly and we smiled at each other. It always left us a little breathless when we broke our mental/emotional bond.

"You have such beautiful blue eyes, I like to see them with out the red in them though. I'm so sorry Lani."

I smiled and tucked a blonde curl behind a little ear. "I know I guess we still have a lot of growing to do don't we?"

Tani nodded her head, "So what are we going to do about the fire wood?"

"We have plenty for tonight. Let's go to bed." I took her little hand and lead her to our bedroom where we could grow some more...


I was brushing my long black hair; it was the same color as my Father's hair. He is an Admiral in the fleet and I knew he was looking for me. I also knew that we were a needle in a haystack even with the homing devise in the pod.

I felt the brush being gently taken from my hand as Tani softly brushed my hair. I don't know why but I always felt very aroused by the gentle brushing. We had developed a routine of brushing each other's hair, then embracing so we could merge our hearts and minds, then we let nature take its course.

"Lani, What do you think will happen to this...talent when we leave here?"

I smiled we always spoke in positive terms about us leaving and rejoining the fleet. "We'll take it with us."

"Do you really think so?"

"Why not? It's so much a part of us now I can't see not having it always."

"But we have it with the animals too. What if it's connected to the planet? What if we can't leave?" I looked over my shoulder into worried green eyes and said gently, "Then we won't. I won't put us in danger or our friends, I promise. Come her my love, Its ok." I embraced her and she felt my love and belief and slowly she began to feel it too.

It is strange, We seem to be the only humans affected by this phenomenon. The other humans on the planet were violent and not at all friendly. They had attacked us on many occasions. For some reason they seemed to fixate on Tani. I have not figured out why. I will go to any length to protect her; I will die to keep her safe...


I am doing my morning rounds to check the perimeter of our camp to make sure no one is ready to attack us as we go about our daily activities. I have made several crude weapons for our use; A bow and arrow for my self and a staff for my love. We still have our more deadly weapons but we don't feel any necessity to kill our intruders just wound them to scare them away and only if they attack us which unfortunately they usually do.

A beautiful mountain lion crosses my path, I feel her sole intention is to hunt, so I send her my good feelings and watch her pass by in a friendly manner. Suddenly she stops and warns me of approaching humans. I thank her and climb a tree to observe our latest intruders.

To my astonishment I recognize both of the men. I jump gracefully out of the tree and watch in amusement as both men whirl, their weapons poised. Then shock registers on both their faces as they recognize me.

"Atlanta?" Asked the Captain of the Starbird Vera Cruz, Richard Valerian. He looked at me like I had just grown wings. I smile at my old friend saucily, I know I look good, the one arm toga style garment that Tani created for both of us clung to all the right places and considering my size and dimensions it must be quite a sight to people who were use to seeing a uniform grace my form.

"Hi Rich." I said with a nod, "I see you and Al are still the Bobsey Twins." I smiled at my friend Albert Perkins Rich's best friend and his second in command.

Al smiled brightly and whistled, "Atlanta, You are a knock out. You are such a sight for sore eyes."

"Thanks Al," I heard the door of our log cabin open and Tani slowly walk out. She smiled at the two officers and approached my side. I instinctually held out my hand, which she clasped immediately. This gesture allowed us to silently communicate but not completely bond. Through our link I told her who our visitors were. She smiled warmly and said, "Captain, Commander, Welcome to our little oasis."

Two sets of astonished eyes widened. They were wearing field clothes with no isignia visible; Tani's observation unnerved them. Rich mouth opened and closed a couple of times before he said, "Lieutenant, How did you know our rank?"

"Uh Rich, I think you should come into our cabin we need to chat with you and you might as well be comfortable because it may take a while."


We were sitting around the table; Rich and Al were staring at us flabbergasted. I could tell they wanted very badly to believe us but were having a hard time with even the concept of mind and emotion empathy.

Tani sent me a thought, I smiled at her and caressed he cheek nodding my approval. I turned toward our fellow officers. "I do have a way to prove it to you. I would need to ask your permission Rich to touch you mind. May I?"

The Captain looked at Al and then back at us. He nodded and asked, "What do I need to do?

I smiled and replied, "Nothing my friend. Just come here and leave it to us." I motioned for him to stand between us. Al stayed seated at the table to observe this bonding of our. He watched as I placed my hand on Rich's forehead and Tani gently placed her hand over his heart. Simultaneously all of our eyes closed and Al was stunned to see a glow emanate from Tani and myself. We ourselves had no knowledge of what went on as we bonded so Al was the first to witness our joining.

The glow slowly extended down our arms to encompass the Captain. Then a beautiful white cloud seemed to appear from no where and enveloped the three of us in a union. Al could clearly see us and though he itched to do something he remained seated. He could clearly see all our faces and there was no alarm in fact we appeared to be at peace. He continued to watch as the beautiful entity began to sparkle and spark as if our thoughts were causing the effect in the substance of the cloud. Very slowly the cloud
began to disappear and then the glow receded from our skin and we became breathless but our selves again.

Our eyes slowly opened and Rich looked at us with love and understanding glowing in his warm brown eyes, "You can't leave here." He stated simply.

I nodded and smiled in acknowledgment of the truth, "We know. We are now connected to this place. Were as happy as hell though Rich, If only..."

"Um excuse me...."Al interrupted me with a face full of excitement.

"What's wrong?" Asked Rich, He could tell something must have happened during our ritual.

"You guys were possessed...but in a nice way..."Al stuttered confused even as the words left his mouth he wasn't sure if they were the right ones.

"What the hell are you talking about!" I yelled upset by such a thought.

"It's the only way I can describe what I saw."

"What did you see, Sir?" Asked Tani quietly. She moved closer to me we were both scared and curious about our bonding. As Al described what he saw our hands joined and our link was established. We didn't bond we just needed the comfort of the link; We just found out our dream was not a dream.

"The dream, Lani." Tani said outloud in a disbelieving voice.

"I know, Sweetheart."

"It was real. The Alien is inside us. We are a part of the Alien...I..."

I nodded again and put my arm around her shoulders to steady her, We control when we bond but now was not the time, we needed to hold and comfort each other not bond at the moment. "I think the Alien is the planet itself and we are now a part of the planet. Your right Rich, We can't leave here....I don't want to leave here. Ever. Neither does Tani, We are so happy here. I have an idea to make the fleet happy and keep us connected."


"Can you connect me to my Father?"

"Yes, But what are you planning?"

"How about a communications center? Dad has been looking for a location for two years. I think we found it for him, accidentally. It all ready has two very able bodied officers in place to run it. We can move to a less populated part of the planet. We will still be near our animal friends and connected to the planet but far from human intruders. We can be a link for the fleet so we will stay officers but... we can remain alone. I don't know about you but I think it's a plan." I said with a smirk hugging my love close to me. Tani's eyes were glowing and I could feel through our link how happy she was with the idea.

Rich and Al looked doubtful but they were more then happy to help make it happen. Now it all stemmed on if my Dad would go for it.


"Hi Dad," I said smiling at the vid-image of my handsome father.

"Lani, Sweetheart thank God your alive." He looked so relieved.

"I am, I have a lot to tell you. I'm sure you already heard a lot from Rich. " I said feeling Tani's presence behind me like the supportive link I knew she would always would be to me. Right now she was grounding me for my current mission. Convincing Dad.

"Yes, It's unbelievable...But I believe you. And in you, Sweetheart. You and this girl are physically ok?" I felt tears sting my eyes at his believe in me no matter what. Dad always did, but hearing it made me feel so loved. "Yes, Dad were fine."

"May I meet this young woman who's stolen my little girl's heart?" Now I could feel Tani breathing deeply, she was tearing up too.

"Yes, Of course," I turned to see teary green eyes and a sweet angelic smile. I felt my lips curve into a matching smile and tilted my head saying, "I think my Dad wants to meet you."

She nodded and walked beside me, She smiled at my father shyly and said quietly, "Hello Sir."

"Lieutenant," I could see my father was giving her a paternal once over. He seemed to like her; I could tell her shyness was endearing her to him. He always had a soft spot for shy woman, Like Father, Like Daughter. "You seem to be making my baby very happy."

"She's making me very happy, Sir. She's everything I want to be and hope to be someday. I learn something new from her every day."

My Dad's smile broadened, "That's my girl! I have a feeling though she feels the same way about you, Young lady." Tani blushed to her ears, which made Dad, and I smile.

"I do Dad. She's something else. She's smart, sweet and funny. Oh and stubborn,... very, very stubborn and she needs everything to be proved to her. I think you'd definitely approve Pop!"

Tani rolled her eyes at the stubborn part and muttered under her breath, "Like the pot calling the kettle black."

"I heard that," I whispered back. She smiled at me her eyes full of amusement. I turned back to an amused father on the vid-screen.

"Ok, ok, Now what's this about a communications center out there?"

"Al found some high uninhabited ground that would be perfect for us. We would still be here but not be in danger of attack. And Dad you have been complaining for two years about not finding a station for Com-dat."

My Dad's face showed that he liked the idea, "You really worked out this idea, haven't you Kiddo?"


"Ok, I'm sold...But I won't get to see you...I..."

"Dad, Why don't you come and visit. You need to inspect the new facility; it's a great excuse. We already started working on the new cabin up there and Al set it up with two bedrooms, We'd love to have you. I miss you too Daddy."

Dad smiled sweetly, "You've got a deal, Sweetheart. I will be there in one star week. You think you can stand you old man for two weeks?"

"Yea, Dad, I think we can suffer through that," I replied with a huge smile on my face. I really missed my Dad.

"Good, Now I'll get all the red tape straightened out so you two just relax. I love you, Kitten."

I felt tears fall as I smiled back at my Dad. He hadn't called me that in long time. "I love you too, Daddy. We can't wait to see you," I could feel my love behind me nodding her head in agreement.

"It has been an honor meeting you, Tani. I look forward to meeting you in person."

"Thank you Sir, It's been an honor meeting you too. You're making Lani very happy."

"That's why I exist....Um....Admiral Monlopus out." The screen went blank.

I now had a steady stream of tears pouring down my face and I put my arms out, They were immediately filled and our bond was created.

Its ok Lani, He loves you so.

I know, Sweetheart. As I love him....He thinks you're adorable you know."


Yes, I know him really well. I can read his expressions. I think this will be a very happy reunion. I met Tani's lips in an all encompassing kiss allowing our bond to completely overwhelm us...


"So what do you think?" Rich asked me with a huge smile on his handsome face.

"Perfect, You guys did a great job."

"Thanks Boss," Replied Al with a knowing smirk on his face. He was in a playful mood I could tell. They were about to leave us to go back to their ship. We had a wonderful farewell dinner the night before. The cabin was complete and our relay equipment was set up and we checked it that morning. Tani gave it her approval, which was good enough for us. The cabin was comfortable and very cozy with some of the stuff we created during our stay to give it that lived in look. Dad was due next week. We were about to be alone again and we were very happy about it.

I smiled at my friend and winked at him, "Yea right, Boss." We all laughed at the silliness of the statement. We were standing in front of their shuttle where kisses and hugs were exchanged liberally all around.

A choked up Rich said softly, "Good luck my friends. Much happiness."

"Ditto," Said Al with a huge lopsided grin.

I laughed as did Tani, "Thanks boys. We will be in touch you know? It's not as if you won't be constant contact."

"True," replied Rich, "But we will miss seeing your pretty faces," He dodged the hand that was about to slap his arm and smirked at me. They both turned and headed into the shuttle. They both stopped in the doorway and waved then shut the door.

I held Tani's hand as I felt our connection. I sent her the thought, Were home, Little one.

I know my love, I know.

The End

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