It's Only Me

by Tamster

Warning: Domestic Violence, may offend.

Disclaimer: Hurt/ angst.

This story is purely fictional, and a part of an overactive mind. I don't claim to be an expert, I just write.

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It's only me, standing behind you. It's only me that you walked over last night. It's only me.

I'll still be here when you come home. I'm all you ever need.


You came home in such a mood I was terrified, I didn't know what to think or where to turn. So instead I just stood there and took all you had to give. After bouncing off the walls a couple of times you finally saw what was happening. You saw the blue hue appearing in angry splotches on my arms, the blood dripping from where your ring caught my lower lip, and the pathetic way I was shaking, cowering in your presence. You cried, and then I cried. We talked for hours, not that I expect you to remember. You never do.

Finally we went to bed. You held me as we slept. It felt so right, like it always does. I knew you were sorry. It never is really you when you're like that. The 'you' that I know and love; is the warm comforting person who places me first. You, whom would do anything to make me happy and makes me smile like no other. It'll all be back to normal in the morning. I hope.

Morning arrives with a blast of golden sunlight softly filtering between the vertical blinds covering the windows, the blue birds are chirping happily at the fine spring morning that the universe has blessed us with. I'm sore this morning, but I still awaken with a smile on my face, and wake you with small soft kisses planted along your strong shoulders. You awake with a drawn out moan, that I find so endearing, and roll over to embrace me.

After kissing me good morning you open your eyes fully and see the full damage upon my face. The swelling around my jaw, and also my right eye, and then all the bruises scattered in a haphazard fashion. The frown upon your face only shows a little of the emotion I know you're feeling right now. Your cerulean eyes tell me everything. You're sorry, it won't happen again, yadda yadda yadda. I've seen it before, and I've heard it even more. Yet I keep staying for you, knowing that I am the rock you lean on.

Finally you get out of bed the guilt eating you up, you shower and dress for work. Half an hour later walking out the door with a soft kiss to my lips and you're gone. My day is filled with the mundane chores of normalcy, washing, dusting, and ironing. That's my job see, to keep our home the best I can.

Five o'clock comes and goes, and you're not home. Dinner is in the oven drying out, and by six you're still not home. Or seven, or eight. Concern is foreclosing, and then finally you stumble through the door, exhaustion clearly marking your face.

Not wanting to pry I place your dinner on the table, and hope that it doesn't taste disgusting, and that you wont be displeased to cause another repeat performance of last night. Finally after picking through the meal, tears well up in your beautiful eyes, and you start sobbing.

Startled at first, and not sure of what to do, I stay seated opposite you. Looking up into my eyes, you start talking to me, telling me how you need help, and how finally you accepted the fact and went to a meeting tonight after work. So pleased was I, I practically jumped off onto my feet and walked over to where you were with your head in your hands. Gently cupping your chin lifting it up so I could see deep into your eyes, I saw the person I love and kissed you softly on the lips.

Not a kiss of passion, more a kiss of two souls connecting again. We stayed there for a long time, just holding the other.


See it's only me, I am behind you, and beside you, always with you. It's only me for always.

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