Million Dollar Baby

By Ri


Disclaimer: Please see the How to Steal a Million Revisited for disclaimers about the characters. You pretty much need to read that story to understand the sequel so please go and do it we will wait for you…Ah your back thank you that is kind of you.  There is no violence in this story but it does have a same sex relationship so if that offends you or your too young please don’t read any further. Nat and Kate had been pestering me to clean up this caper so please enjoy J

            Nat was trapped but she couldn’t have been more content.  She felt so at peace that it was beyond her wildest dreams of happiness.  She popped open one blue eye and snuggled even closer to the human octopus who was tying her to her bed.  She just couldn’t believe how well suited they were to each other.

They fit so well it was if they were created for one and other.  Maybe we were, Thought Nat as she sighed contentedly.

            Two sleepy green eyes slowly opened causing the other blue eye to pop open in response and a huge satisfied grin to widen across Nat’s face.

            “Good morning.”

            “Good morning to you.”

            Nat brought the blonde beauty up her body till their lips touched.  They kissed deeply and explored each other’s mouths till their oxygen deprived bodies demanded some attention.

            “Wow!” Said Kate, “Thank you.”

            “Thank you….you know Kate, Its strange I’ve always had a very high threshold of pleasure.

I mean it took a hell of a lot to get me over the edge….but with you…I….well I react to watching you…um, react…its incredible,”

            Kate wasn’t able to respond because the person who made such a flattering statement was show her appreciation by kissing the stuffing out of her. Of course after that she followed through in other areas of pleasure till she not only couldn’t focus her mind to respond she forgot what she was responding to.  This was followed by a full course meal on all the ways that Nat could bring pleasure to Kate till Kate just crashed over the edge again followed joyfully by a willing Nat.

            Breathing deeply they looked at each with other not only with deep love and affection but amazement.

            “Nat, I’ve never experienced anything remotely like this before…Do you realize we have been going at this all night? I’m not even tired.  This is the best evening out I have ever had in my whole life.”

            Nat couldn’t help it, she laughed and hugged the woman of her dreams closer. This girl is just too cute! Thought Nat as she tried to bring her laughter under control, which wasn’t easy, since Kate was laughing just as hard.  They just relished each other and enjoyed everything about the other. It’s so incredible. Thought Nat.  “Its been an interesting twenty four hours for me too.  So lets do something constructive….we….uh….need to….uh….talk to your …..Fa..Father……”Her voice trailed off, Kate was working her into a frensy and she could no longer think let alone speak. The pleasure the beautiful blonde was giving her was making her forget her own name and she just flowed right over the edge once more taking the pert and pretty young woman happily with her.

            Kate shook her head and cuddled herself even closer into the tired but satisfied Nat’s willing arms,”Well talk to Daddy later.”

                        ***                  ***                  ***                  *** 

              It was eleven A.M. before they were able to made it down to the lobby and go to The Palm Court for Sunday brunch.  The two women kept blushing as they looked at each other. Natalie was desperately trying to focus on something other then the beautiful eyes and luscious lips…She asked with concerted effort,”So what are you going to do about your father?”

              Kate’s eyes sparkled with amusement knowing exactly what Nat was going through since she was having an awful time looking at those mesmerizing blue eyes and knowing that they were in public unable to do a thing about it for now, “I’m going to talk to him about semi retirement. Want to come?  I need to introduce you anyway.”

            “Yes I would.  What are we going to do about the million dollar baby nestled in the sheets of our bed? Also would you like to come with me to gallery? I still have some clean up to do?”

            “I don’t know what to do about the baby, I think we need to take it to my father so he can…um he could put it with….other uh…”

            “Forgeries?” Nat asked in a whispered voice laced with amusement.

            Kate nodded and lowered her head.  Nat smiled sweetly and raised the head with her hand till

she was looking into tearfilled green eyes, “Please know that I don’t care what your father does as long as you are not involved. I love you.  Just you . It has nothing to do with your father. What we are going to do is tell him he can create all he wants as long as he doesn’t display or sell it.  Do you think he will agree to that?”

            Kate smiled slightly and nodded, “Yes, I….thank you….”She closed her eyes and tears began to fall down her cheeks.

            “Why are you crying, Sweetheart?  Why are you thanking me? I don’t understand,” Said the concerned older woman as she gently dried her loves tears.

            “You still love me despite Daddy and everything…I’m grateful….I…”tears were now a constant and Nat got a tissue from her jacket pocket and wiped them gently.

            “Honey, your confusing the hell out of me here.  I love you for you.  Like I said your father has nothing at all to do with how I feel about you.  To tell you the truth I find him amusing.”

            Nat was still busy wiping tears as Kate’s eyes met hers, “Really?”

            “Mmmhmm.  Do you want to go with me to the Gallery?”

            “Yes, Umm ,can I help?”

            “Yep, I have a plan.”

            Kate smiled and shook her head as she kissed Nat on the cheek, “You always do.”

            They’re eyes met in mutual amusement at that statement.

                        ***                  **                    ***                  ***      

               They entered the gallery and discovered that the policeman in charge of the site was an old school friend of Natalie’s.

            “Hey what’s a big shot like you doing with a bunch riff raff like us?”He asked with a huge grin.

            “Slumming of course,”Replied Nat with a smirk. Kate watched in amusement as the huge policeman engulfed Nat in bear hug.

            Nat drew back with a long elegant arm grabbed Kate’s wrist and drew her closer to the two of them.  “Steve, this is Kate.  Kate, This is Steve.  Steve, Kate here is the owner of the Million Dollar Baby that was stolen. She is…well she’s….Um….well my partner.”Nat finally stuttered out blushing a deep red.

Why is it I only stutter around Kate? Its so damn embarrassing. Thought Nat with a shake of her head as she tried to focus on what her old friend was saying.

               Steve looked confused for a minute then he remembered a conversation he had with Nat during college.  His confusion then cleared and his eyes widened in slight shock.”Your kidding? You? Actually settling down? Wow! Miss Kate  you’re a miracle worker!”

            Both women laughed at the policeman’s dramatics.  Then Nat raised an eyebrow and asked calmly, “Any clues, Sherlock?”

            “Nope, Smart alec.  Not a one.  They took care of the camera equipment with that thingy over there and ran.  Very clever. Very professional.”

            “Thingy?” Asked Kate innocently.

            “Yea, This thing. Damn the guy was accurate. He hit every sensor in the joint with this toy,”

Said Steve with a sigh holding the boomerang up for the woman to look at in his gloved hand. 

            “May I?” Asked Nat as she put on gloves.

            “Sure, I’d appreciate the help.  Especially since your related to the victem.”He replied with a huge smile.

            Nat rolled her eyes and took the boomerang.  Under the guise of looking it over Nat wiped it clean of any of her fingerprints that might of remained. “Interesting, Any leads?”

            “Not yet.  We just got here.  Would you like to look around, Big shot?”

            “Yep, If were not in the way?”

            “How could you be?  Go to it.”

            “Thanks Stevey,”She replied with a dazzling smile.

            Shit, Why can’t she play for my team? He thought sadly. “No problem, you know the rules.”

            “Kate, didn’t you say you needed to use the bathroom?”

            “Yes, would that be ok, Officer?” Kate asked sweetly.

            “Sure, and call me Steve.  You are family now,” He said with such kindness that Kate was overwhelmed with a sudden sensation of guilt.

            Nat came to the rescue, “Thanks old pal, Come on Kate lets get your personal business over with so I can help these guys.” She swept Kate out of the room while flashing a huge knowing smirk at her old college friend.

                        ***                  ***                  ***                  ****

               Once safely in the hallway just outside of the main gallery Kate looked up at Natlie with guilt ridden green eyes.  Tears were already slipping out of each liquid green pool.

            Nat’s expression was one of complete love and sympathy, She gently wiped each tear and said,”I know .  He is a real sweetheart but Darling we have to do what we have to do.”  She led Kate to the bathroom and watched the blonde walk in and shut the door.  Nat leaned against the door and smiled at the two policemen, who were working in the camera room across the hall, “So are there any clues in there?  The gallery owner showed me that room and it looked like it was set up very well to these tired old eyes.”She jokingly said to the policemen as she lead them out of the hallway into the camera room so they could look it over together.

            Once Kate was sure Nat had led the policemen away she quietly snuck into the closet.  She had slipped some gloves on in the bathroom so she wouldn’t leave new prints.  She started to clean the room carefully but she had to stop and glance around the small room, she couldn’t help but feel sentimental this is where it all began for them. She sighed and then took a deep breath as she began to wipe the room with the soft cloth that Nat had provided for her along with the gloves.  She made sure there was not one place she missed and picked up a couple of threads that she found on the floor and stuck to the door. She stuffed them into her pocket and double checked her work per Nat’s instructions. She peeked out to see if the coast was clear and she could see Nat’s back but not the policeman so she walked out of the closet and snuck up on her lover with a knowing grin.  Nat suddenly turned scaring the pants off the young blonde.

            “Feeling better?” Asked Nat with a huge smile on her face.

            Kate threw Nat a withering look as she replied sweetly, “Much, So are you helping these guys?”

            Nat poked Kate playfully in the stomach and replied in a serious tone, “Not much I can do. Come on, Lets chat with Steve.” She replied taking the little hand in hers.  She noticed that Kate was still wearing the gloves and asked sweetly, “Aren’t you a little warm,love?”

            “Huh?” Kate looked down and blushed, “Oh yea.” She smiled faintly as she slipped the gloves into her pockets. She looked up at the taller woman who winked at her and shook her head with a very amused expression on her face. Kate slapped her in the stomach and then laughed at her self, Nat joined in and they went to speak the handsome detective again to make sure that they were done at the gallery.

                        ***                  ***                  ***                  ***

                  They were seated in a comfortable booth in the Russian Tea Room waiting for Kate’s father to show up for lunch.  Kate was very nervous about her father and Nat.  She was upset at what they did to Nat’s friend at the gallery and the result was that the small woman could not sit still.

            Nat quietly watched her love struggle as long as she could stand it, She gently put an arm around her shoulders and stroked her back, “Everything will be ok.” Nat smiled and pulled Kate as close to her as she could.  She really wanted to kiss her but they were in public so all she could do was take her hand in her own and gently stroke her open palm.

            Kate’s eyes filled with tears asked quietly, “How can you be so calm? What is your secret?”

            Nat squeezed the shoulder closer to her still and leaned her head on top of Kate’s,”Its partly training and part trust in us.  I also know that Steve won’t find a thing, we did a good job of clean up. And I guess mostly My Love, I am not at all worried about your father.”

            “Good, I mean about not finding anything at the gallery.  What do you mean about Daddy? Why on earth should you be worried about him? I’m worried because well… I …well I’m honest…I’m the black sheep in our family.  I know he loves me but…”

            “Kate, Sweetheart, Your father is a silly old fart. Why the hell shouldn’t he love you? You just risked everything for him and I’m going to tell the old fool just that,” Her voice was relaxed and amused but her eyes were serious and full of love.

            “Nat you are amazing.  You are arrogant as hell but you are amazing,” Her face breaking out in a huge relived smile.

            “That’s much better.  Now that’s the Kate I’m head over heels in love with .”

               “Did I go somewhere?”

            “You know damn well you did.  I’m just glad your back again. I love you just the way you are and please don’t worry I’ll make sure the old fart likes me.” She said with a huge smile.

            Kate couldn’t help it she burst out laughing,  Just then her father appeared at their table.

“Daddy I…”

            The older man looked Nat over carefully, “Tall, Beautiful blue eyes….Horrible woman. May I sit down?”

            Nat’s face reflected the surprise at the description the older man used and her eyes flashed back to an embarrassed Kate. She smiled realizing that must have been what the smaller woman had said about the thief to her father. She was amazed at how easily Kate’s father seemed to accept this total stranger,”You have two very beautiful woman in your family, sir” Nat said as she shook the older man’s hand.


            Nat nodded and winked, “Yep, the one beauty beside me and the other million dollar baby that’s at my hotel.”

            “Ah, What are you going to do with the baby?”

            “Daddy, couldn’t you….Uh….”

            “Stick it with your other little friends,”Said Nat stroking the hand under the table that was in a tight little fist till it slowly opened under Nat’s loving attention.

            His eyes met amused blue eyes and winked back, nodding he said, “That can be arranged.”

            “Good, Now about your little hobby…”

            “My hobby?”

            Nat arched an eyebrow and tilted her head.

            Understanding reflected across the older man’s face, “Ah, what of it?”

            “Your daughter risked her freedom for you, Sir.  Do you think it wise to risk something so precious to such a risk again?”

            Father and daughter eyes met and the older man looked astonished, “My darling little girl how… I didn’t know…Why?” He asked distraught and confused.

            “Because I love you Daddy.”

            “Yes, I know you do but I am an old man and you’re a fresh young girl….No! You will not do such a thing again.  How could you let her….”

            “Let her!” Nat’s dander was stirred by the old man’s assumption.

            Feeling Nat tense Kate grabbed her father’s hand, “Daddy, Nat didn’t have a choice.  I made this choice and asked her help.  She did it because…..Daddy, Nat saved you…us and I’m well…I love her.”

            “Yes, I know that, Sweetheart.”The old man replied with a sweet affection in his voice caressing his daughter’s cheek.

               Two female voices replied simultaneously, “You do?”

            “The day she broke in I knew that you were under her spell, Sweetheart.  I may be an old eccentric but I’m not stupid.  I know you, Kathryn. I know you well and you fell in love at first sight. And you, I did a little research on you young lady.  You were working for my expartner, He called me you know to apologize. You my dear young lady, broke a contract which is not really your style at all. You fell in love at first sight too. There is no need for you too to look so stunned I am an artist and we do know a thing or two.”

            Nat couldn’t help it she started to laugh, Kate joined her.  They fell into each other unable to catch their breath they were laughing so hard.  While the older man watched them amused sipping his wine calmly happy with his daughters obvious happiness.

                        ****                ***                  ***                  ***

            Nat was once again tied to her bed by her favorite octopus.  All there current problems were under control but not solved.  She still had to check with Steve and make sure nothing pointed toward them or an innocent.  She also had to find a way to keep an eye on Kate’s father.  She wanted to make sure the old fool stayed out of trouble long enough for them to start a life together.

            Right now as the streaks of light come out from between the blinds in her hotel with the love of her life nestled on top of her. She felt at peace with the world for the first time in her life. It took a bit of concentrated effort on Nat’s part last night to calm her love down.  She cuddled and kissed the smaller woman till she relaxed and got back on track. 

            After a night of love making Kate’s face was very happy and peaceful comfortably settled on Nat’s breast as her sof t pillow.  Nat wouldn’t want to be anywhere else with anyone else. This was what she had been looking for all her life she just didn’t know it..

            She slid her body till her head was just above Kate’s, arching her neck so she could comfortably use Kate’s head as a pillow. She felt safe and at home and she knew Kate felt the same way. That’s all that mattered that their two hearts had finally come home.

The End

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