Murder By Association
Part 1

by Tonya S. Coley


Disclaimers: This story is mine. The characters are mine. They do not bear a resemblance to a certain duo, who we all know and love. Although Wilmington is a real city, the names and places of certain areas have been changed to protect me from being sued.

Language: This story contains a lot of foul language.

Violence: This is a murder mystery, of course there's violence. Some of it is graphic.

Sex: This story contains details of a loving relationship between two women. Some scenes are very graphic. If this is not your cup of tea, or you are under the age of 18, I suggest you move on to something else.

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c. 2002

Chapter One

Wilmington, North Carolina. It was a warm sunny morning at the beach. The orange-yellow orb was making its ascent, signaling the beginning of a new day. Philip and Penelope Reid, a soon to be retired couple from New Jersey, were walking along the dunes.

"Isn't it beautiful here, Phillip?" Penelope asked. "The sunrise is spectacular."

He chuckled. "You always say the sunrise is spectacular, no matter where we go." He paused. "I will admit, it is beautiful here. So, I guess I should buy that condo. That way, you can have this everyday during the summer months."

Penelope smiled broadly. "Phillip, that is a wonderful idea. We should bring the grandkids with us next year. They would absolutely love it here." She turned to face him, and kissed him lovingly on his lips.

They we walking and talking; making plans for the purchase, and next season with the grandchildren, when something caught Penelope's attention. When she stopped talking, Phillip looked in the direction that Penelope's gaze was fixed upon.

"What is the world is that?" Phillip asked.

Penelope said nothing, but pulled him closer to the mysterious object. Phillip's heart nearly stopped when Penelope released a blood-curdling scream that echoed along beach. Phillip looked in horror at the bloody and broken hand of a woman, partially buried in the dunes.

Detectives Johnetta Green and Pizo Petrillo arrived on the scene to begin their investigation. Johnetta was a striking woman of African-American and Native-American descent. She stood 5' 11" inches, with dark skin, broad shoulders, and was very muscular. One could tell that she worked out, hard. Her bowlegs accentuated her look. She wore black jeans, a crisp white shirt, and black shoes. Her hair, long, straight and black, was pulled back into her signature ponytail. In one word, she was gorgeous.

Pizo, on the other hand, was not so particular about his appearance. He did not look like someone on the job. He was 6'1" tall, and had the beginnings of a 'spare tire' around his middle. His attire made Columbo look like he wore Armani suits. His lightweight suit was wrinkled beyond belief. His hair, black, thick and curly, looked as if he never bothered to comb it. His beard was the only thing he was meticulous about.

"Mr. and Mrs. Reid, I'm Detective Johnetta Green." She said in her sensuously heavy voice, lightly peppered with a southern drawl. Her voice could melt butter. Kind of reminded you of Kathleen Turner's voice. She asked for details of what they found. They described what they were doing, and what they found. Penelope was in tears.

"That poor young woman." Mrs. Reid commented. "What a terrible sight. Such a horrible way to die."

"Johnnie!" Pizo yelled, motioning her to come to the other side of the dune.

"Excuse me, will you." Johnnie told the couple. "What is it?" She asked as she neared him.

"Check this out." He told her, pointing to a strap on dildo, claw hammer and bloody area on the sand.

She looked at it. "What in the hell is going on? Get that strap and hammer checked for prints."

Back at the precinct, Pizo was typing up the preliminary report. Johnnie walked over to his desk, which was directly in front of hers. "We got an ID on the body." He told her. "Her name was Valerie Mozingo. She was a twenty-one year old prostitute from Durham. She frequented a club called The Back Door. It's a lesbian bar on Berkeley. You familiar with it?" He asked, in his thick Brooklyn accent.

"I used to go there in my youth." She told him, nonchalantly.

He looked at her and smiled. "You make it sound like you're an old lady. Hell you're only thirty seven." He paused. "Let's go and check this old haunt of yours out."

"Okay, but you might be shocked at what you see." She told him.

"We've been partners for over six years now. You've whined to me about your love life, so nothing I see or hear could possibly shock me." He said, winking.

She gently punched him on his shoulder. "Fuck you."

They arrived at the bar, both taking a good look around.

"You came to a funky place like this?" He asked.

Johnnie continued to look around. "Damn." She said, shaking her head. "This place has really gone downhill."

She slowly walked over to the bar, clearing her throat to get the bartender's attention.

"What'll you have?" The bartender asked as she looked up. "Johnnie, is that really you?"

"Annie!" She replied, smiling at her. "Damn, you still work here?"

"Yeah. You still a cop?" She good-humouredly asked. Annie was a Native-American in her early forties. She stood about 6'3", with a deep bronze complexion, dark brown eyes, and was very muscular. She was the bar's bartender/bouncer.

"You know it." Johnnie said. "What happened to this place?"

"New owners, new clientele. Most of the old gang has moved on to greener pastures. Just scum now. Hookers and their potential clients." Annie told her.

"That's why we're here." Johnnie told her. "I'm sorry, this is my partner, Pizo Petrillo. Don't worry, he's cool."

"Hey, nice to meet you." Annie said as she extended her hand.

"Likewise." He told her, slightly grimacing at her strong grip.

"We need to know if you've seen this girl before. We heard she was a patron." Johnnie said, as she handed Annie the picture. She stopped, and warned Annie that the picture was graphic. It showed the victim in her post mortem state.

Annie took the picture and looked at it. She grimaced at the sight of it, nearly throwing up. "I know her. That's Val." She told them, with remorse in her voice. "She was a mixed up kid. She seemed pretty decent, like she really didn't belong in the lifestyle. You know what I mean. She shouldn't have been a hooker. I hadn't seen her in two days, though." Annie paused, in a feeble attempt to fight off her tears; a fight that she eventually lost.

Johnnie looked at her, knowing that the behemoth was a gentle person with a heart of gold.

"She was talking with this woman. I had never seen her in here before. She was fine as hell. She looked Hispanic, maybe late twenties, with long black hair, slender body. She wore dark glasses, but almost everybody that comes in here does."

"Do you think you can keep your ears open for me? Let me know if you hear anything, or if she comes in here again." Johnnie asked.

"Sure, babe. I know where to reach you." Annie said, shaking off her momentary display of what she felt was weakness. "Hey, are you still with that cute little..."

"Yes, and I'm very happy." Johnnie said, cutting her off.

Annie smiled. "Can't blame a gal for trying."

Pizo looked at Johnnie as they headed for the car. "Hey, did you two ever, you know?"

"No, I couldn't handle a woman like her." Johnnie said, smiling. "She would have torn me apart."

"I hear you." He told her. "Shift's almost over. You want me to take you home?"

"Nah. I have my car at the precinct. You can drop me off there." She said.

When Johnnie got home, she heard music coming from inside the house. She smiled, because she knew Alma was back from her business trip. She ran up the walkway, quickly putting her key in the door.

There she was in the kitchen, Alma Martinez, Johnnie's beautiful Mexican lover. She was 5'6", with short black hair. Her brown skin was flawless, and she had big beautiful brown eyes. Eyes that at one minute was so filled with innocence, could easily take on a fire that could seemingly burn you alive. At twenty-eight, Alma was pleasingly plump, curved in all the right places. She was preparing dinner for them. Johnnie sneaked up behind her and wrapped her arms around her waist. Alma jumped, but then realized it was her lover holding her.

"Oh, baby, I've missed you so." Johnnie told her, kissing her seductively on her neck.

Alma smiled and turned, kissing her passionately on her lips. "My love, I have missed you, too." She told Johnnie, in her thick Spanish accent.

Johnnie felt a yearning grow between her thighs. She had been without Alma for almost three weeks. "Turn off the burners, baby. I need you right now." She whispered, unzipping Alma's dress. Alma quickly turned everything off. Johnnie pulled Alma's hips into her, moaning in her ear.

They made it as far as the living room. Alma's dress was already off, and she was naked. Johnnie unbuckled her belt, swiftly pulling her pants and boxers down. She then kicked off her shoes and socks. Alma ran her hands down the front of Johnnie's shirt, slowly unbuttoning it. She kissed Johnnie's chest, brushing her lips seductively across each nipple. Johnnie moaned, wrapping her hands around Alma's waist, moving down to cup her buttocks.

"Alma, God how I've missed you." She whispered in her ear.

She sat down, and Alma straddled her thighs. She nibbled on Alma's nipples, and then slipped her hand down to touch her aching womanhood. Alma was wet and ready when Johnnie quickly slid her fingers inside Alma, immediately feeling the muscles quiver around them. Alma began to ride her fingers, slowly at first, then with more enthusiasm nearing orgasm. Johnnie moved them to the floor, slipping her thigh and fingers between Alma's. Just the feel of Alma's heat made her moan intensely.

They moved together in unison. Each enveloping the other's breasts, tongues, making them soar in search of orgasmic release. Alma whispered to Johnnie in Spanish over and over. "Como te amo, como te amo." She knew it excited Johnnie more when she spoke in her native tongue.

"Alma, I... I ...I'm coming." Johnnie exclaimed.

Alma was yelling, "Si, si, vengo." Both of them screamed together in ecstasy then lay spent in each other's arms. Alma then whispered, "Mi Dios, como te amo, bebe."

Alma had finished dinner. They talked about Alma's business trip while they ate. Her company had sent her to Virginia to meet with a consulting firm. "The president of the firm was very nice, and extremely attractive." Alma told her, trying to evoke a hint of jealousy.

"Oh really?" Johnnie inquired, arching her right eyebrow.

"I had dinner at her house almost every night." Alma added, smiling because she hit her mark.

"Funny, you never mentioned it when we talked on the phone." She said, looking at her intently. "Do I need to be afraid?"

        "Of Victoria?" Alma asked, feigning innocence.

"Victoria, that's her name, eh?" Johnnie asked. She thought she would play along in the game Alma loved to play.

"She's almost your age. Deep dimples, black wavy hair with just a touch of gray at the temples. Mmm." Alma told her.

"It's a wonder you came back to me, then. I mean she really sounds hot." Johnnie sighed. She slumped her shoulders and lowered her head, acting hurt and defeated.

Alma started laughing. "You have no worries, my love. She's happily married with two sons."

"Damn, and to think I was gonna help you pack." Johnnie said, receiving a glare from Alma. "I knew you were kidding, baby. You try to play that game every time you come back from a long trip. I was on to you the entire time."

"Is that how you made detective, beloved?" She asked, as she seductively walked around the table. Alma sat in Johnnie's lap, straddling her. She jutted her breasts in Johnnie's face, taunting her. "The dishes can wait. Come, my beautiful lover, I want to show you just how much I missed you."

Johnnie inhaled Alma's scent. She could smell her desire, and a flame was lit in her belly. Johnnie stood, and Alma wrapped her legs around her waist. Alma placed soft kisses on Johnnie's cheeks and nose, as Johnnie purposely walked to their bedroom.

The alarm sounded at six a.m. Johnnie attempted to reach for it, when she realized Alma was on top her. After shutting off the clock she looked at her, sleeping so peacefully and contented, and thanked God for giving her such a loving woman. She gently brushed Alma's bangs from her forehead and lightly kissed it, causing Alma to stir.

"Good morning." Johnnie whispered, sleep still in her voice.

"Good morning to you, too." Alma sleepily responded. She sat up, straddling Johnnie. "Do you have to go in today?"

"Yeah, baby. We're working on a murder case." She told her. "Aren't you going to work?"

"I have the rest of the week off. This was an unusually long trip, so they gave me some time off." She said.

Johnnie sat up and cupped her face. "You deserve it, baby." She lovingly kissed her. "Now, I have to get ready for work."

Alma reluctantly moved to her side of the bed. "You want some coffee, baby?"

"I'll grab some at the station. You go back to sleep." Johnnie got up and headed towards the bathroom.

Pizo was already at his desk. Johnnie noticed how disheveled he looked.

"You look like shit, Pizo." She teased. "Decided to save time this morning by sleeping in your clothes?"

"I aim to please, Ms. Blackwell." He sarcastically retorted. "You and your fashion sense."

Johnnie was comfortably dressed in a neat loose fitting blue blouse, tucked in her starched Levi button fly jeans. She arched an eyebrow. "There's nothing wrong with taking pride in your appearance."

"Too fucking early in the morning for that shit, J. Stop busting my chops." He said.

"Okay, sloppy smurf." She said. "Anything come in from the boys in the lab?"

"Yeah, I was just going over the report. No readable prints, no DNA but the Vic's on the strap, and the blood at the scene was hers."

"Damn, nothing to go on. When will the coroner's report be ready?" She asked.

"He called just before you came in. His work up will be done in a couple of hours. He's waiting on toxicology. They're backed up down there. I told him we would stop by to get it." He told her.

"Green, pick up on line two." The desk sergeant yelled.

"Johnetta Green." She said, leaning against her desk as she cradled the phone to her ear.

"Johnnie, this is Annie. Can you stop by the bar today? I may have some info for you." Annie greeted.

"I have some business to take care of first. I'll stop by as soon as I'm done." Johnnie said. "Thanks Annie." She hung up.

Pizo looked at her. "Annie might have something for us." She told him.

They arrived at the morgue. The coroner, Dr. Murray, told them to follow him to the body.

"The victim had high levels of cocaine and alcohol in her system." He told them as he removed the sheet from the body. "There are ligature marks on her neck and wrists, meaning she was bound at some point. She has bruising on various parts of her body. Both hands and wrists were broken, also the right arm and her left cheekbone. She was penetrated vaginally and anally. There was minimal tearing in both areas, leading me to believe that she was not raped."

"So, she either had sex before she was attacked, or had sex with her attacker." She said.

"Yeah J, maybe she pissed her attacker off." Pizo added. "Is there anything else, Doc?"

        "That's all I have." He told them.

"Thanks, Doc." Johnnie told him as they left.

Johnnie's cell phone rang while she and Pizo were on route to The Back Door. "Green. Talk to me." She answered.

"Hey, baby. Are you busy?" Alma asked.

Johnnie smiled. "No, love. Pizo and I are going to check out a lead. This is going to be a tough case."

"I was just calling to see what you might want for dinner." Alma told her.

"That's sweet, honey." Johnnie said. "I may be home late, so don't hold dinner. I can grab something while I'm out."

Alma sighed. "Querida, you don't eat healthy when you work late. I'll fix a light supper, and we can eat together."

"Okay, baby." Johnnie relented. "In case I'm tied up, don't wait up for me. It could turn into a long night."

"Alright my love." Alma said. "Will you promise me that you will be careful?"

Johnnie chuckled. "Of course I promise, Alma. I love you."

"I love you, too." Alma softly said. She hung up.

Johnnie put her phone away. Pizo had become quiet. Alma had told Johnnie that she believed Pizo has a thing for her. Johnnie shrugged it off as nothing. The closer she and Alma got, and when Alma eventually moved in, she wondered if Alma's suspicions were correct. Pizo was never rude to Alma, but she could tell that he really wished Alma wasn't in the picture.

"You okay, buddy?" Johnnie asked him. "You're awful quiet."

Pizo said nothing for a moment. "I'm okay. I was thinking about the case." He mumbled.

Johnnie knew he was lying. His voice would lower an octave, and he would seem withdrawn whenever he was upset. Although the silence was awkward, she didn't press him to talk to her.

Chapter Two

It was almost five o'clock when they arrived at the bar. There wasn't too much of a crowd yet. People coming in for an after work drink. Annie and a cute little bartender named Mandy were working the bar. Annie motioned them to the end of the bar, then to the storeroom so they could talk.

"I think I saw the girl that was with Val come in here last night. She looked a little different. She was wearing a Platinum wig. I saw her with Myra, but they didn't leave together." Annie told them. "Myra likes her customers butch, that's why she didn't leave with the mystery woman. She was too femme."

"Where is Myra, now?" Pizo asked.

"She might be in later. I can't really say, because she doesn't come in every night." Annie told him.

"Annie, can you come down to the station and give our sketch artist a description?" Johnnie asked her.

"Sure, J. Anything to help." Annie told her. "I'll be there first thing in the morning."

"Thanks, Annie." She said, smiling at her. "If Myra should show up tonight, you can reach me at the precinct, or home." She told her as she wrote her home number on the back of her card. "No matter what time, okay?"

"Will do." She said, taking her card.

As they walked from the storeroom, a lovely young Asian woman approached Johnnie.

"Would you like to dance?" She asked, taking Johnnie's large hand into her own.

Johnnie smiled. "Not this time, sweetheart. Can I have a rain check?"

"You can cash it anytime, Stud." She told her. "By the way, my name is Suki."

"Alright, Suki, some other time." Johnnie told her, flashing her 'million dollar' smile. Suki giggled.

When Johnnie and Pizo reached the car, Pizo was chuckling to himself.

"What's so funny?" She asked, cocking her head sideways.

"I don't think Alma would have liked that little scene back there. I can see her now, cursing you out in Spanish, while she snatched Miss Suki bald." He told her, doubling over in laughter.

Johnnie glared at him. "Alma has no worries. I was just being polite."

Pizo laughed harder at the picture in his mind. "I can see it now. No baby, it's not what you think. Wait, Alma. No, baby, not her hair. Then she turns her attention to you. Then you take off down the street, her swearing at you the entire way."

"Fuck you, Pizo. Just get in the damn car, already." Johnnie told him, chuckling to herself at the description. She had good reason to believe the scenario. Alma did have a volatile temper, Johnnie being at the receiving end of a couple of her tirades. Even though Johnnie towered over Alma, Alma would still stand toe to toe with her.

They worked at the precinct for the rest of the evening. They had estimated the time it would take to get from the bar to the beach between 15 to 30 minutes. Figuring in time for slow, romantic walking. They had a Caucasian woman, early twenties, and lesbian prostitute as the victim. They were meticulously putting the puzzle together, trying to figure out how the mystery woman played into this.

Pizo looked at his watch. "J, it's nine thirty. Let's call it a night."

"Yeah, I gotta get home. Alma's waiting for me." She said, unaware that it hurt Pizo. When she looked at him, she realized what she had done. She stood quickly to leave. "I'll see you tomorrow, partner."

"Goodnight, Johnnie." He told her watching her as she left.

Johnnie walked slowly to her front door. She put the key in and entered, and saw the light on in the den. She walked to the doorway, and saw Alma working at the computer. Johnnie walked over to her, and kissed her gently on the lips. Alma was dressed in nothing but a long sleep shirt. She pulled her glasses off, and studied Johnnie carefully.

"Have you eaten, baby?" She asked.

"No, I haven't had time." Johnnie told her.

Alma looked sternly at her. "I knew it. When you get wrapped up in a case, you won't eat properly. How can you chase bad guys if you're too weak?"

"Sorry, love. I wasn't thinking about eating." Johnnie whispered.

"Come on, tiger. Let's get you some food. I made a nice salad for dinner. I've already eaten, so I can fix yours in a jiffy." She told her, as she walked seductively past her.

'My, my, that woman sure knows how to move.' Johnnie thought to herself as she followed her to the kitchen. Alma was preparing the salad., and Johnnie got herself a beer. She sat down, unable to take her eyes away from Alma's body.

"Since it's so late, I figured you wouldn't want anything heavy." Alma said, smiling at Johnnie.

"Thanks, baby. Make it a small one." Johnnie paused, and ran her tongue across her lips. "I'm not really hungry, for food that is." Johnnie felt her sex begin to throb. "As a matter of fact, forget the salad. I'm gonna take a shower. Would you like to join me?"

Alma looked into Johnnie's heavily lidded eyes. She could tell that they weren't closing from being tired. She knew full well what her lover had in mind. "Absolutely, my love." She told her, taking Johnnie by her hand.

The warm water ran gently over their bodies, intensifying their passion. Johnnie gently kissed Alma's forehead and worked her way slowly down to her neck. Alma moaned, making Johnnie aware of the pleasure she was giving her. She ran her hands from the back of Johnnie's neck, tracing the well-defined muscles of her back. Johnnie's mouth found Alma's breasts, and she began sucking them. She licked and gently bit Alma's engorged nipples. Johnnie kneeled in front of Alma, tracing the soft curves of her belly with her tongue. She could smell Alma's heat as she rubbed her nose into the ebony curls before her. Johnnie teased Alma's pulsing and swollen clit, her tongue a whirlwind around it.

Alma draped a leg over Johnnie's shoulder. She grabbed the safety rack for support. Alma moaned loudly as Johnnie's tongue and mouth assaulted her swollen bud. Johnnie draped Alma's other leg over her shoulder and licked and sucked Alma's aching folds, finally sliding her tongue inside her. Alma began to move against the stiffened tongue, using the rack to aid in her gyrations. Johnnie groaned and met Alma's thrusts with some of her own. Alma's pace quickened and her moaning grew louder. She locked her legs around Johnnie's head, and screamed as a violent orgasm took over her body.

They dried each other off, as they kissed passionately. Alma released Johnnie's hair from it bun, and walked over to the drawer to retrieve Johnnie's strap on. She sat on the bed, as Johnnie stood in front of her. Alma kissed between Johnnie's thighs, running her tongue between the aching lips. She began to fasten the harness around Johnnie, strapping it tight, and nipped at the head. Alma leaned back, as Johnnie hovered over her, looking into her eyes with feral desire. Johnnie perched on her knees, rubbing the head against Alma's aching womanhood, promising with groans and moans that her every desire would be fulfilled.

Replacing the penis with her finger, she slid it inside Alma, coating her finger with Alma's free flowing nectar. Johnnie then stuck said finger into her mouth, moaning at the very taste of her. She separated Alma's lips, looking at the pulsing tunnel of wanting. Johnnie slowly eased the phallus inside, causing Alma to moan and shudder at her gentleness. Johnnie lowered herself onto Alma, as Alma wrapped her arms around her shoulders. Their gyrations were slow and deliberate, each enjoying the closeness. Alma's hand worked down Johnnie's back, grazing her nails across the smooth surface causing Johnnie to shudder.

Johnnie intensified the strength of her thrusts; long and powerful, then short and gyratory. She grunted and moaned in Alma's ear, urging her to reach her sexual peak. Her breathing became ragged, for she was nearing orgasm herself. The appendage that stimulated her own clit nearly drove her mad.

Alma's cries for release were almost deafening. She reached for Johnnie's granite like buttocks, trying to drive her faster and harder. Giving into her wishes, Johnnie started driving her hips like a piston, bringing them both over the edge. Alma's body writhed beneath Johnnie's, as she wildly convulsed above hers.

After many different positions and multiple orgasms, their sweat covered bodies lay a tangled heap. Alma kissed Johnnie and pulled her hair from wet shoulders. "I love you." Johnnie whispered as she fell asleep beneath Alma.

2:00 am. The phone rang, waking Alma. "Hello." She groggily answered.

Music was blaring in the background. "Yeah, I need to speak to Johnnie." It was Annie.

"Hold on a second." Alma told her. She turned to Johnnie, shaking her. "Honey, telephone." She put the phone on Johnnie's chest.

"This better be fucking good." Johnnie hoarsely said.

"She's here. Myra just walked in." Annie excitedly told her.

Johnnie sat up. "Try to keep her there. I'm on my way." She hung up the phone, and quickly went into the bathroom. She washed her face and brushed her teeth, not bothering to shower for fear of missing Myra.

"Baby, I'll be back as soon as I can." She told Alma, dressing quickly and rushing out the door.

"Where is she, Annie?" Johnnie asked, nearly out of breath.

Annie looked at her for a second. "Damn, I almost didn't recognize you with your hair loose." She said, smiling at her friend. "She's over by the DJ booth. She's the one in the black mini dress. I told her that I had a friend that wanted to speak to her."

"Thanks buddy." Johnnie told her. She pressed her way through the sea of dancing bodies. It was very crowded for a Thursday night. 'Don't these people have jobs to go to in the morning?' She thought to herself as she finally reached the woman she wanted to speak to. "Excuse me, are you Myra?" Johnnie asked, gently touching her shoulder.

Myra's eyes met hers. She smiled seductively and answered, "Yes, I'm Myra. You must be Johnnie." Myra was a very attractive African-American woman in her early thirties. She was petite in stature, with a nice round behind and big firm breasts. She had hazel eyes, which flattered her light complexion, and a sexy little mole on her left cheek. Her hair was dark brown, and fashioned in micro braids.

"Can we move to a quieter area?" Johnnie asked. "I would like to talk with you."

Myra gave her a little smirk, and told her that they could. Johnnie led her back to the bar, and she asked Annie if they could go into the storeroom to talk. Annie gave her the okay, and Johnnie led Myra to the back. Annie could see that Johnnie had Myra's complete and undivided attention. Myra winked at Annie and smiled.

Johnnie turned to her. "Myra before we get started, I think I should tell you that I'm a police..."

Myra shrieked her interruption. "You're a fucking cop? Oh hell no, you can't set me up. You approached me. Isn't that entrapment?"

"No, no calm down. I'm not here for that." Johnnie assured her.

Myra looked at her suspiciously. "Well, what do you want then?"

"I need to know about a woman who approached you last night. What can you tell me about her?" She inquired. "She was the one who wore the platinum blonde wig."

"Oh, her." Myra responded, with a little contempt in her voice. "She wanted me to go with her to the beach. Wanted to make love under the stars, or some bullshit like that. I told her I wasn't interested. She was a little too feminine for my taste. I like roughnecks. The kind that will fuck you so good, you'll go home and slap your mama." She smiled, looking Johnnie up and down lecherously. "Like you, for instance."

Johnnie chuckled at the analogy. "Can you describe her to me?"

"Well, she was Hispanic, late twenties or early thirties. She had gorgeous features; soft, full lips, smooth skin. If she wasn't so femme, I would have taken her up on it." She told her.

"Maybe it's a good thing you didn't." Johnnie told her. Seeing the confusion in Myra's eyes, and not wanting to reveal too much, she told her, "She might have been the one to sweep you off your feet. Then we might not have met." She paused at Myra's blush. "Here's my card. If it's not too much trouble, could you come down to the 3rd precinct this morning and give a description to our sketch artist? We would like to ask her some questions."

"Will you be there?" She asked, taking Johnnie's card. "If you're gonna be there, then I'll do it."

"I'll see you later then." Johnnie said.

"Well, if you're not busy now, maybe we can get some coffee or something." She said, walking closer to Johnnie, stroking her muscular arms.

Johnnie stepped back, taking Myra's hands into her own. "I don't like to mix business with pleasure. I have someone home waiting for me."

"Lucky girl." Myra disappointedly told her. "Tell her to watch her back." She added, smiling at her.

"I'll do just that. Thanks Myra." Johnnie told her, and then turned to leave.

Alma was sitting up on the side of the bed when Johnnie returned. She was quiet, which concerned Johnnie.

"What's wrong, Alma?" Johnnie asked, sitting beside her.

Alma looked up at her with tearful eyes. "I don't know what I'm going to do about Guillermo. He called here drunk, raving about what a sinner I am." She paused as the tears began to fall. "How I'm living in sin with a half-breed woman. He said I should be married and have children, living a normal life with one of our own."

Johnnie was pissed. Not because of the names that Guillermo had called her, but because Alma was so upset. She wondered how he could say that he loved her, and upset her every time he got the chance. Johnnie knew Guillermo hated her, because he felt that it was her fault that Alma was a lesbian. No one in Alma's family knew that she was gay. When she fell in love with Johnnie and came out, Guillermo blamed Johnnie for it. The fact that she was not Mexican didn't help her cause, either.

"Maybe I should have a little talk with him about calling and upsetting you." Johnnie said, her voice full of anger.

Alma could tell by her tone that she was not only going to "talk" to Guillermo, but most like beat him to within an inch of his life. "Please don't, baby. He's just not used to us being together, that's all." She pleaded, her eyes filled with tears.

"Sweetie, he should be used to the idea by now. We've been together now for almost three years, and we are staying together." Johnnie told her. "You need to stop babying his ass."

Alma knew that Johnnie was getting tired of her little brother causing problems. Their relationship was a little rocky at first, because of him. He had insinuated that Johnnie was cheating on her while she was on an undercover assignment. It nearly cost them their relationship. "When he's sober, I will talk to him. I don't want you getting into trouble because of me." Alma told her as she stroked her cheek.

Johnnie took Alma's hand into her own. "Alma, it's not your fault that your brother hates me. He'd better get over it, and quick. I'm not going to have him upsetting you like this." She kissed her hand. "I'm gonna get ready for work, now. You should go back to bed, try to get some sleep."

"Not until I fix you a good breakfast." She told her.

"Okay, thanks. I am kind of hungry." Johnnie told her, wiping the tears from Alma's face.

Chapter 3

Johnnie told Pizo about her early morning meeting with Myra at the bar. She told him that she was going to come in, too, and give a description of the mystery woman. They were going over what little information they had, when Smitty, a beat cop, told Johnnie that someone was looking for her. He had a funny look on his face.

"What's wrong with you, Smitty? You look like you've seen a ghost." Pizo said.

"No ghost, Petrillo. Just the most enormous woman I've ever seen in my life. She's huge." He told him, his face was awe struck.

"Annie." Pizo and Johnnie said at the same time.

"Tell her to come on back." Johnnie told him.

Annie came striding towards them, looking like shit, possibly due to the long night she had. Fortunately, she had the courtesy to shower and change.

"Rough night, kiddo?" Johnnie asked.

"Rough woman." Annie told her, half smirking. "That Myra is a fucking tiger. It seems she was aroused, I mean really aroused, after talking with a particular police officer this morning." She and Myra would get together once in a while, whenever Myra wanted to be made love to for real. Not as hooker and trick, but woman to woman. Annie never had to pay, and Myra never wanted her to.

"Is she still coming in?" Pizo asked her.

"She'll be in later." She told him.

"Well, come on Annie. Jake, our sketch artist is waiting for you." Johnnie told her, leading her down the hall.

A couple of hours later, Myra went into the station looking for Johnnie. The desk sergeant pointed her to Johnnie's desk. She started smiling when she saw Johnnie leaning back in her chair with her feet propped up on her desk, talking on the phone. She slowly walked over to her, taking in the length of her legs. She saw how Johnnie's thigh muscles protruded against her jeans. Myra thought to herself how wonderful it must be to make love to her.

Johnnie saw her walking up to her, so she got off the phone and stood up. She noticed the warm smile Myra had, so she returned it with one of her own.

"You know, I'm only doing this for you." Myra told her. "I'm usually in a police station under duress."

"I can only imagine, Myra." Johnnie said. "Thank you for coming."

Pizo walked towards them. "Myra, this is my partner, Pizo Petrillo. Pizo, this is Myra." Johnnie introduced them.

Myra never took her eyes off Johnnie. "Nice to meet you."

"The pleasure is all mine." Pizo said as he looked at Johnnie, trying to keep a straight face.

Johnnie touched Myra on her elbow. "Right this way, Myra. The sketch artist is waiting."

Myra felt a rush of desire course through her body. She knew, after what Annie had told her, that Johnnie was off limits. 'There's no harm in looking, though.' She thought to herself. "Lead the way officer." She told her, walking behind so she could enjoy the view of Johnnie's firm behind.

Alma was working at the computer in the den, when the doorbell rang. When she reached the door, she looked through the peephole, and saw that it was Guillermo. She sighed heavily and reluctantly opened the door.

"Hi Guillermo, come in." She told him.

"Hi pepita." He told her as he kissed her on her cheek. He looked around. "Where's the..."

She interrupted. "Don't even say it, Gui. Why can't you come here and have a pleasant visit instead of all this misery?"

"Why can't you realize that living like this is wrong?" He asked her, raising his voice. "You can have any man you want, but you choose to live with that woman. She's not even one of us, Alma. She's a half-breed negra puta."

"Stop it, right now." She yelled. "You'd better accept me being with Johnnie. This is our home, hers and mine, and you can't keep coming over here disrespecting her." She lowered her voice, trying to regain control of her temper. "I love her, and she loves me. She makes me happy and takes care of me. Why can't you accept that?"

"You're not really one of them, Alma. She brainwashed you. She should be taken out into the street and shot like the dirty dog she is."

"Get the fuck out of my house Guillermo." She screamed and pushed him in his chest.

        Johnnie saw Guillermo's car parked on the street. 'I hope that little asshole starts something. I'm gonna have fun kicking his punk ass.' Johnnie thought as she walked towards the steps. She heard yelling, and ran the rest of the way and opened the door. "What's going on here, Alma?" Johnnie angrily asked. Her anger directed toward whom she felt was at fault; namely, Guillermo.

Alma, sensing the anger in Johnnie, tried to diffuse the situation. "Nothing, baby. Guillermo and I were just talking. How was your day?" She asked in a soothing voice, as she stood on her toes to kiss her.

Guillermo turned toward the table and started eating the grapes that were there. He didn't even acknowledge Johnnie's presence, which pissed Johnnie off even more. She glared at him and stepped toward him. At the same time Alma stepped in front of her, pleading with her eyes for Johnnie not to do anything to him. Johnnie looked down at her, then shook her head in disgust and stormed to their bedroom. The slam of the door that followed let Alma know that she had to get her brother out of there.

"Are you crazy, Guillermo? Are you trying to drive me and Johnnie apart?" She demanded. He sat with his back to her, smirking.

        Johnnie sat on their bed, fuming. 'That little prick! It's gonna be just him and me one day, and I'm gonna fuck his shit up.' She thought to herself. She was about to remove her gun, when she heard yelling in Spanish. She opened the door, nearly snatching it off its hinges, and ran into the living room, where she saw Guillermo yelling at Alma.

"You son of a bitch!" She growled as she lifted him up off of his feet by his collar. "I'm gonna fuck you up."

Alma screamed, and begged Johnnie not to hurt him. Johnnie towered over him, even with him lifted off his feet. He was only 5'4" and weighed 145 pounds. Johnnie was shaking him like a rag doll.

"Johnnie, please don't. You'll hurt him." Alma begged.

Johnnie looked at her in disbelief. 'She doesn't want me to hurt him? What the fuck?' She thought to herself. "Fuck this shit." She spat, as she threw him to the floor.

Alma reached for her, only to have Johnnie pull away. Johnnie grabbed her jacket and keys, and stormed out of the house. Alma ran out after her.

"Johnnie, wait." She begged.

"For what, Alma? To watch you baby that little shit?" Johnnie demanded. "That little bastard comes to our home, upsetting you and disrespecting me, and I'm just supposed to take it? Hell no, Alma. Those days are over. I'm tired of it." She yelled. Johnnie looked at Alma, and could see the fear in her eyes. She calmed herself, as best she could. "You tell that piss ant to cut this shit out, because the next time he starts, I'll throw his ass into the street and forbid him from coming to our house. I mean it, Alma."

"Baby, I know you're tired of it. I am, too. He'll get better. He just needs time." She reasoned.

"What that shit needs is a swift kick in the ass." Johnnie told her. "I mean it, Alma. Tell him what I said."

Guillermo peeked out of the window, smiling because he accomplished what he set out to do.

"Honey, come back inside. We can work this out." Alma pleaded, stroking Johnnie's arm.

Johnnie was highly pissed. "No. I have a gun and I might just use it." She walked to her car. Before getting in, she could see the tears flowing from Alma's eyes; she made herself get into the car, and drove off.

Alma walked back into the house. She looked at Guillermo, and told him what Johnnie said.

"You're not going to let her get away with that, are you?" He yelled. "She just wants to cut you off from us."

"You will be cutting me off from you if you don't stop this madness. If you won't accept me being with Johnnie, then you can't come over here." She told him angrily.

"Go ahead, be with your negra puta." He yelled. "She's a piece of shit, and so are you." He spat at her feet, and stormed out.

Alma sat on the sofa and cried.

Pizo handed Johnnie a beer. "Tell me what happened, J."

"That prick, Guillermo, was there when I got home. I lost my cool this time, and nearly kicked his ass." She told him. "As usual, Alma wanted to baby his ass." Johnnie stood, and walked over to the window. "He blames me for Alma being a lesbian."

"That's so stupid. How can he put that on you? Alma is an adult." He said.

"I don't know, but I'm tired of it. This has to stop. If it doesn't, I'll lose her." She quietly said. "I don't want to put her in a position of choosing me over her family. Maybe I should just let her go."

Pizo could see how torn Johnnie was, and it made him angry. "Do you love her, J?"

Johnnie turned to look at him. "Of course I do."

"It's not you making her choose. It's him." Pizo told her. "If you let her go, then you'll be playing right into his hands. Alma's a smart lady. She will see through him."

        Johnnie smiled at him, and returned to her seat.

Pizo continued. "You know, I can see how much you two love each other. I might not show it, but I really like Alma. She has been a steadying influence in your life. You were running from one woman's bed to another. That wasn't good for you, J."

"Alma doesn't think that you like her. She thinks you have a crush on me, or something." She told him, after she finished her beer.

Pizo laughed. "I do love you, Johnnie, but not like that. I get sad sometimes when you're with her, or talking to her. Not for that reason, though." He paused. "I'm lonely, J. You have someone who loves you, and cares whether or not you make it back home safely; someone to share your life with. His voice lowered an octave. "I need someone to love. Someone to love me like Alma loves you."

She looked at her friend and partner. Not one to pull any punches with him, she calmly told him what she thought the problem was. "Well, maybe if you took as good care of the rest of you as you do that beard of yours, you could find someone. Pizo, you look like shit all the time. No decent woman is gonna want to be with a slob." She told him. "You're a good looking guy. Fix yourself up, and for god's sake clean up this place. You'll have to beat them off with a stick. Trust me."

"You go right for the jugular, don't you?" He asked her, smiling.

Johnnie smiled back at him. "You know I don't pull any punches."

"Yeah, I know. You're absolutely right. I have got to pull myself together." He paused. "Alma's probably worried, you'd better get home."

"I guess so. I'll see you tomorrow, and think about what I said." She told him, as she stood to leave.

"I will. Goodnight, partner." He told her, as she left.

The house was dark when Johnnie got home. She was a little concerned, because Alma always left a light on for her. She began to think that Guillermo had won, and Alma left her. She shakily put the key in the lock, and opened the door. She looked around, trying to let her eyes adjust to the darkness. She saw Alma's silhouette against the window as sat in the dark, and breathed a sigh of relief. She reached for the light, but Alma asked her not to turn it on. She put her keys down on the table, and sat next to her, putting her arm around Alma. Alma leaned into the embrace.

"Baby, I'm sorry I lost my cool tonight." Johnnie told her. She could feel Alma's body as it shook with sobs. "What happened with Guillermo?"

"Oh, beloved, you were right about Guillermo. He is a selfish brat, wanting to tear us apart. I told him that if he didn't stop his foolishness, that he was not welcome in our home." She whispered.

Johnnie wanted to feel anger and hatred, but she couldn't. Instead she felt pity for her lover. She could feel the agony and despair that flooded Alma's heart. Johnnie pulled Alma closer, and Alma sobbed into Johnnie's chest. She let Alma release it all, and then lifted her chin. "Alma," Johnnie whispered, breathing her warm breath against Alma's lips, "Baby, I love you more than anyone else in this world. I see how miserable this is making you. I won't ask you to choose. If you want, you can go home to your family. I won't try to keep you from them. I can't bear to see you unhappy."

"Johnnie I love you, too. You would put my happiness above your own. You are not the monster Guillermo tries to make you out to be. You would make such a sacrifice, your happiness, where he only thinks of his." She told her. "I am with you to stay. I will never leave you, my love."

"Baby, after this case is over, why don't we get away? We need some alone time, just you and me." Johnnie said.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea." She told her, beaming from ear to ear. "Where shall we go?"

Johnnie thought for a moment. 'I need to make it special for her, for us.' She cleared her throat. "How about Jamaica?"

Alma touched Johnnie's cheek. "It sounds perfect."

Their lips met, gently and sweetly; a delicate kiss between two passionate lovers. Johnnie stretched out on the sofa, with Alma lying above her, and they both went to sleep.

Part 2

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