Private Dancer

part 10

by Vertigo

The characters herein are mine. Any resemblance to real or fictional people are strictly part of your imagination. Some places in the story are real and some are fictional.

This story depicts an explicit love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

Author's note: I have to take a moment to jump up and down and cheer wildly for Complx and Barb. You ladies are a huge help and I appreciate it. I genuflect at your feet.

Authors other note: I must thank my FIANCE for not lopping my head off for spending way too much time playing with these ladies.


It was well into the evening and Reece still hadn't changed out of her sweats. She was sitting in the dark living room watching TV. Flipping through the channels, she came across that Demi Moore movie, "Striptease". She groaned. "Sure, just torture me," she spoke to the screen. She watched the actress dance for a while, but Faith's face kept popping up on her body. Not only was it a disturbing disproportionate sight, but it was driving her crazy. She flipped the channel to MTV. Ah, another best of the 90's special. Picking at the left over take home Chinese, she sang along with most of the videos…until Tina Turner started singing.

Well, she thought. Isn't that special. I could certainly use one of those. She closed her eyes and imagined Faith, her own personal Private Dancer. Enjoying her imagination a little more than she liked, she opened her eyes and changed the channel, the Weather channel being a pretty safe bet. Why does she do this to me? How come I can't stop feeling like this? Why hasn't Cori called yet? I bolted on her…shit…and Faith too. She must think I'm the biggest asshole on earth. The tall woman stretched herself out on the couch and arched her back, lifting her arms high over her head. God I stink! It took a little convincing her depressed body to move, but she did wind up in the shower eventually.

Standing in the kitchen in her big fluffy robe and socks, Reece watched and smelled the coffee brewing. She thought about having a drink, but really didn't feel like reducing herself and whatever slut to playing pretend games again. That was just too far. And the thing that bothered her the most is that she would do it again eventually. There was never any hope for her and the real Faith anymore, so pretending was the only way to have her. I wonder what she's doing now? She poured herself a cup, and sat up on the counter. Maybe if I called... She thought better of it. I'm not a teenager for shit’s sake!

She hopped down, grabbed her coffee, and went upstairs to get dressed for work. She really had no reason to be there, but staying home wasn't cutting it. She needed a distraction and refused to go out and get laid until this whole obsession thing was over, so work it is.

Cori saw Sam sitting in the "bouncer chair" and stopped to playfully tease her. She sat on her lap and flirted, knowing that this was one of the better perks of the bouncer's job. She got a lot of attention from the girls, mostly out of fun, but still, a pretty girl on your lap was a pretty girl on your lap.

"So any broken bones lately?" Cori slithered around seductively.

"Nope, just typical toss outs. No one gives me any trouble any more." She frowned.

"I'll tell you what, the way Reece has been acting lately, you'll get your chance at some blood and guts soon enough."

"That bad, huh? It’s the blonde girl, ain’t it?"

"Yeah, she's totally freaked, and she's gonna blow." Cori leaned down to whisper in Sam's ear. "Would you believe, she's afraid of her?"

"I'd be afraid too, Cori, she can be pretty scary."

"I'm talking about Reece!"

Sam stood up in disbelief and Cori nearly fell on her butt. "Reece is afraid of her?"

"'Fraid so. I think she's in love. You should see how they are together. It’s like electricity is flaying off of them. I half expect to see her hair standing straight up on end when they touch."

That image just floored Sam, and Cori caught on quickly. Both of them were rolling on the floor in no time.

"Hey. What's up?" The boss walked up to the two crying women, who took a look at her and started laughing all over again.

"I truly hope you're not laughing at me."

"No, boss, believe me, we'd never do that," Sam managed to get out before turning her back to compose herself.

Reece narrowed her eyes at them, not quite believing them. She tried to give Cori the Look, but all Cori could see was Reece's hair standing straight up in the air, and turned her back too, her shoulders shaking uncontrollably with giggles. Feeling very upset, the tall woman growled and stalked off to her office.

"God, Cori, why'd you have to give me that picture for?"

"Sorry, but it’s true. So, what are we gonna do with her when Faith starts dancing at The Playhouse?"

"Oh shit, I don't know. Does she know about it? I spoke to the bouncer there and he told me they’re using this to their advantage. You know, stealing away from us."

"Oh, I can only imagine how that's going to go over. I'm so over her attitude. I swear I'm going to tie up Faith and lock them both in a room together until they fuck."

"Well leave me out, hon, I don't want any part of that."

"No problem. I swore I wouldn't get involved, but this is getting on my nerves."

"What are you gonna do?"

"Oh trust me, I got a plan."

Sitting behind her big desk, the club owner was getting antsy. She needed to do something to burn the energy. Usually getting laid was the answer, but she had sworn to herself, and she intended to follow through. She shuffled and paced around the room, and finally decided to do push ups…lots of them. She was going to get through this. Fifteen minutes later, she was already stalking around the club looking for Cori. Sam called the dressing room to warn her and damned if the dancer wasn't excited about it. The bouncer shook her head. Women, who can figure them out.

Cori stepped out of the room and Reece was already standing there looking guilty.

"What's up, boss?"

"Nothing. I was just going to ask you how things were working out."

"Huh? With what?" She raised her eyebrow in confusion.

"You know…new room mate...."

"Oh, fine. Is that all?" She smirked.

The woman shrugged.

"Boss, call her up. Ask her."

"What? Do you think she's all I think about?" She was angry and not a little bit defensive.

"Frankly, yes, and it’s becoming annoying."

"Well, you’re wrong, asshole." Reece turned and started walking away.

"Then you won't be concerned with the fact that she's claiming the stage on Saturday, huh?" The boss’ back stiffened. "No, I thought not."

Just then Sam came up. "Sorry to interrupt, Faith is outside and wants to talk to you..." Reece spun around expectedly. "...Cori."

"So, what's wrong? Why didn’t she come in with you?" The dancer looked puzzled.

"Um, she's not allowed in." Sam looked down at her feet.

"Reece, I don't believe you!" She glared at the tall woman who glared right back. "Grow the fuck up, boss." Cori ran to the front door.

Faith was literally shaking in the cold. "Cori, I don't think I can do it. I was just there and everything was fine, until this one guy got drunk, and grabbed one girl’s breast so hard, she cried. I just left."

Cori put her arms around her friend and walked her into the club, daring anyone to stop them. "Okay, babe, I'll talk to Sam and we'll make sure you don't have that problem, if you want to go back. I still love ya either way." She smiled.

Faith laughed. "Yeah, I guess I just overreacted. I mean, I’ve seen Sam throw guys out, too. I'm just really nervous. Do you know how much they're paying me?" The two girls talked to Sam, who immediately called Tony, and Faith went back to work at The Playhouse a lot more confident.

"Hey, Cori?" Sam spoke softly.


"Are you serious about her dancing?"

"As a heart attack."

"Reece isn't going to let her, you know."

"I know. And I think it may actually be a good thing. She's not a dancer, she's an actor She won't make it. I'm only hoping that Reece uses her head and doesn't scare her off the stage, that's all."

"Good luck." Sam went back to keeping watch over her girls.



The Playhouse was a huge affair, all gaudy red leather and flashing lights. The stage was more like a cat walk twining around everywhere, inches away from the customers’ stools, whose faces would be knee level to the dancers. Oh, I think this spontaneity thing needs some work. This was the stupidest thing I have ever done, she grimaced.

When the nervous blonde first stepped foot in there to apply for work, she was so fired up she didn't take notice. Tonight however, it was highly intimidating to her. She really felt as if she might be sick. It was so much so soon lately that she was just waiting to crash. In the beginning, arriving alone in NYC was the scariest thing in her life. Now she had things she would never have dreamt of securely under her belt. Living in the worst part of the city, sleeping with rats, working with freaks, serving drinks in a titty club, Cori, the Reece enigma, and soon, she would be dancing topless in this hideous stereotypical club.

God, she thought taking it all in. The stage was weird enough, but it seemed as if each dancer had a theme of some sort. Cowgirls, cops, geishas.... Lord! I don't have a theme! she thought in a panic. Working her way towards one of the bars, she asked the topless waitress where the dressing room was and went directly there, afraid to look at this awful place anymore. Was she in for a rude awakening. The dressing room was lit with red lights, making her eyes hurt. There were girls in various stages of undress laughing and talking, a few even doing drugs right out in the open. Something she herself had never done, or witnessed, before.

"Hey, blondie, you okay?" the tallest one asked. "You're not gonna puke are you, cuz if you do, I will. It freaks me out."

"Um no, just a little nervous." She tried not to make eye contact with anyone and looked for her locker.

"Whattya need, sweetheart?" a woman with humongous breasts asked.

Holy Mother of God! The little blonde's eyes nearly fell out of her head.

The terribly top heavy woman beamed with pride. "You like 'em? They're double H's...Roy loves 'em. Brings in a lot of tit lovers."

"Oh, they're lovely." If you're a cow.

"You sure you’re not gonna barf? You look sick," the tall one asked again.

"Do you know where I would find my locker?"

"What name did they give ya? A very bleached blonde plunked her needle-scarred arm on Faith's shoulder. Faith looked at the limb like it smelled.

"Um…name? I don't know. I thought..."

"Ah! I think this is yours." Another woman with disgustingly huge breasts guided her to a locker which had the name "Peaches" scrawled on a piece of masking tape. "You gotta get your own lock, sugar, and make it a good one. We gotta lotta thieves and junkies floating around back here at any given time."

Faith opened it up, the smell nearly physically slapping her face. "Woo!" breast woman #2 waved the air, "This is a good place for a stick up." They laughed and Faith mustered up a sickly little smile.

Breast woman #1 sat down on the bench next to her while three girls worked out a dance number in the mirrors that would have Hugh Hefner blushing. "So, Peaches, when do you grace the catwalks with your loveliness? I'm Betty. Betty Boob."

"Saturday." I want my mommy, she whimpered to herself.

"Oooo, what are you gonna do? Got any pole routines? Those thighs look like they can crack a coconut."

"No, I uh..."

"Betty, leave her alone. She's scared."  Pincushion came over to talk. "Habit, bills, fetish?"

"Excuse me?" The blonde was confused.

"Why are you dancing? You don't seem the type who enjoys it, and I'm guessing by your olive drab hue this isn't a conscious career move."

Faith thought about the reason. "Revenge?" It even surprised her. "And money."

High fives erupted around the room. It seems it wasn't as strange as she thought. "Hey, are you the one from The Lounge?"

Faith nodded guiltily.

"Oh boy! How'd tall, dark, and rigid take to this? I mean, look at you! She probably had a fucking cow!" Laughter overcame the room. "I could just see her now..." She did an imitation of Reece's Look. More laughter.

Faith couldn't help the tears, and ran out of the dressing room in time to witness Sugar Baby's whipped cream act. Oh, they don't expect me to do anything with peaches do they? Soon afterwards, another dancer, Medusa, did things with snakes that would surely give the blonde girl nightmares. Definitely have to talk to Roy about the peaches. Then mayhem as one of the waitresses screamed, Tony trying to wrench the girl’s breast out of a customer’s grip as best he could. Faith shook her head and bolted, winding up at The Lounge only to find she'd been 86'ed.


Cori was furious at the boss. "How dare you?"

"I really have to remember to lock my door," Reece calmly told her coffee cup.

"Why did you do that?" She knew Reece had been angry, but to ban Faith from the club was a bit much.

"I don't want to see her here." A full red lip jutted out sullenly.

"You are such an asshole sometimes…I could just scream!"

"And that would be different from what you’re doing now?"

"As a matter of fact, yes." Cori screamed, startling Reece enough to drop her coffee on her desk, infuriating her. The tall woman hurled the mug at the wall in anger, her control already hanging by a thread.

"Out!" she fumed

"Now that I have your attention..."

"Out!" Reece advanced on the woman.

"No. I want to help you." Cori backed up some.

"I didn't ask you for help," she sneered.

"No, you didn't, but you need it, Reece. You need somebody and I want to help." Cori backed up some more, never taking her eyes off the tall woman.

"I never needed anyone, I don't need you!" Reece was practically toe to toe with the frightened but determined woman.

"Now, Reece, I think you’re wrong. You can't possibly think that this is easy for me. I'm going to have an aneurysm in a second here." She backed up until she fell into the couch. The boss stood over her breathing heavily, a large dark wet spot covering her thighs. Cori was trapped, and she cringed. Great, of all times to finally be on this couch.

"So, are you just stupid? Or do you not value your life much?"

"Perhaps both, but I want to help. I care about Faith, and, God help me, I care about you. This has been hell for all of us and I need to make it right. I can't deal with this, and I know you can't either. Please accept my help." Cori knew she was right on the edge…she only wished she knew which way she was going to fall.

"And what’re the conditions?" Reece asked reluctantly.

"Huh? Reece, when you care about someone, there's no strings. I don't expect anything in return. Well, maybe a hug."

The angry woman thought about it for a moment and her features softened a little. "I guess I can do hugs."

"Um, maybe you want to change out of those pants first?" She chuckled nervously. What, do I have a death wish? Shut up already.

Reece looked at her crotch, gave the dancer an evil little smirk, leaned her arms on either side of the dancer’s head, and bent down into her face. Cori closed her eyes and prayed. Moments passed and she wasn't attacked. She peeked out of one eye and saw a half a smile on the boss’ face and shot her eyebrow into her hair.

"Share with the class?"

"I look like I peed myself."

Cori started to giggle. Reece shot her a glare an she silenced immediately.

"Good girl, Cor, you should always fear me."

"Funny thing, boss, after all this time, I don't really think you'd physically harm me."

"I hurt people. It’s my nature. Don't think that you're special in any way."

"Oh yeah, but somehow I think if you hurt me, you'd regret it. But not as much as you do hurting Faith." She looked directly into the sad blue eyes. "You did hurt her, you know."

"Yeah well, who does she think she is..."

"Um...pot and kettle, Reece. You think your shit don't stink?"

"Fuckin’ A, Cori! You know what she did."

"Yeah, she introduced you to your heart."

The tall woman narrowed her eyes.

"Sorry, boss, it won't work on me. I think I know you better than you do. You want to know what I think?"


"I think she broke your heart."

Reece looked down and closed her eyes. She concentrated on the feeling inside that she'd been feeling ever since the blonde walked out of her life. Then the feelings she had right before she fled Cori's house; pain, emptiness, fear. The kind of things you can't fill with alcohol, sex, or rage. Nothing was making it better. Yes, her heart hurts. It hurts something terrible. This is love? It can't be, she thought. It can't be this fucked up. I never wanted to touch someone as much as I do her. I want to make her blush, laugh, scream out my name. Why can’t I give in? She felt like hitting something… No, I can't do this. She opened her eyes and Cori was still there. She hadn't run away. She's right, you idiot, you hurt Faith. God, does she feel like this too? Because of me?

"Cori?" It was nearly a plea.


"Help me?"

Blue eyes got stormy and before either one knew what to do, the tall woman was sobbing. Oh my God! Reece Corbett is weeping in my arms! Cori tried her best to console her friend, but this had to be the most awkward she'd felt in her life. She adjusted the tall woman’s placement on her and cradled her head, rocking back and forth and making soothing sounds. But the boss tried to fight it off.

"Fuck, what am I a child?" Reece sniffed.

"God, Reece, it’s okay. You're allowed to cry for shit’s sake." She kissed the top of Reece’s head. "Tell me why you're crying."

"It hurts and I can’t make it go away."

Cori's own tears fell with that admission. She turned Reece to look at her. "Well, boss, I can't either. But I can tell you who can."

To be continued...

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