Private Dancer

part 13

by Vertigo

The characters herein are mine. Any resemblance to real or fictional people are strictly part of your imagination. Some places in the story are real and some are fictional.

This story depicts an explicit love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

Author's note: I have to take a moment to jump up and down and cheer wildly for Complx and Barb. You ladies are a huge help and I appreciate it. I genuflect at your feet.

Authors other note: I must thank my FIANCE for not lopping my head off for spending way too much time playing with these ladies.


"Holy shit!"

Reece was not at all comfortable.

"Holy shit!" She wished she could rip off her clothes and lay down on the sidewalk.

"What the fuck was that all about?" She picked her hair up off of her neck and let the cold air hit her. "She knew it was me! Did she know it the whole time?" She opened up the buttons to her shirt exposing her white tee shirt to the chill.

"Holy shit!" The tall woman didn't even notice the people staring at her as she walked by talking to herself and undressing.

"That was so stupid...shit!" She hit herself in the forehead. "And the way I acted....but that look she just gave me...oh, she's gonna be the death of me." 

She did look odd, what with her noticeable breasts and rather large penis. She was waiting for the Walk light when a hooker approached her.

"Hey, sexy...I'm into it," she leered. "Fifty bucks and you can do it all." 

Reece stared at the woman like she was insane.

"Although I'd let you do anything anyway." She licked her lips suggestively.

Reece was dangerously close to freaking out on the bitch when the light changed. She started to cross the street and the woman grabbed her arm. She spun around and was ready to slam her into the light post when the hooker leaned into her crotch and whispered, "Anything."

The furious woman looked down between them and noticed just what had the hoí so intrigued. Instead of throwing the hooker off of her, she laughed. The prostitute was confused, but still interested, yet this strange woman just laughed louder at her advances until she was sufficiently embarrassed and fled.

Reece continued to laugh all the way to The Lounge.


Faith stood there on the stage after Reece made her big exit. She couldn't keep the huge smile off her face since the moment she revealed those frightened baby blues. She had been more than alarmed to find herself reacting the way she had, and to find out it was the sexy club owner all along relieved her to no end. She was startled as a new girl came out on stage, and she quickly gathered her things and ran into the locker room to find Cori waiting by her locker.

"Whoohoo!" They hugged and twirled in circles.

"Cori, did you see that?"

"Did I ever! That was the most intense thing I ever saw!" 

"It was her! She came and watched me. Oh my God!"

"Unbelievable!" Cori smirked.

"She was disguised! All sweating and her hands were cold and clammy...."


"She gave me a twenty! Did you see what she had in her pants? For christís sake it was large. Why'd she dress like that? Not that I careÖbut she really fooled me."

Cori chuckled at her friend's rambling.

"And when she touched me I felt like...what are you grinning at? You knew this the whole time, didn't you!" 

"Forgive me, Peaches, for I have sinned..."

"Oh you...!"

"Hey, Peaches! Fabulous, girl!"

"Thanks, Betty. You too." Faith narrowed her eyes at Cori, as the other women gathered around her.

"Way to go, shorty." The tall woman smacked her back.

"Ow, thanks." She glared at Cori and whispered to her. "Whatever you do, don't puke."

Cori looked at her like she had two heads.

"Hey, you really had that guy in the palm of our hand. Whoa, you're good! I'd be careful though, itís always the quiet ones..."

"Oh, no worry, ladies, I think my friend here has it all under control. Don't you, Peaches?" Cori smiled sweetly.

"Yes, yes I do. If you'll excuse me, ladies...and Cori." She grabbed her bag and walked confidently out of the room. Cori giggled and followed.

"I can't believe you knew she was coming and didn't tell me. Why did you do that?"

"Oh come on, it worked out wonderfully, if you ask me. You were on her like flies to shit."

"Ew, Cor, That's not the analogy I'd use, but yeah I was drawn to her. It was weird." The night air hit her like a slap. "Shit, itís cold out here!"

"Maybe you should put some clothes on." The dancer shivered.

"Shut up and get a cab."

"Yes, ma'am. Where are we headed?"

"The club. I think I have to apologize to someone."

"You do?"

"Yeah. Remember when you said she doesn't say the words but you can always tell when she's sorry?"


"She's sorry."


Faith went over those few minutes with Reece during the cab ride. How she smelled, how she felt on her skin, how she shook. She smiled. "I did that."

"Did you now? You did what?" Cori asked as innocently as she could.

"Oh, I said that out loud?"

"Yes, now you have to tell me what the hell youíre talking about."

"I made her tremble. We definitely have to talk about that," Faith mused.

"Yeah, that you did, my friend. Do you think you can handle her?"

"I'll think of something. But I think itís only fair I try after the step she took tonight. It couldn't have been easy for her."

"You got that right. Just be patient with her."

"All I want to do is talk to her, Cori."

"You think she'll be in any shape to talk? Maybe we should wait about an hour or two for her, calm down."

"Oh no, I blew that royally before. I'll do any calming down she might need."

Cori looked at her very strangely.

"What? Don't look at me like that. I know what I'm doing."

"Faith, if she isn't fucking someone right this minute, she will be. Wait a while, will you?"

"I think I can trust her not to fuck me, Cori."

Cori tried to have the same trust. "Okay, if you say so. Do you want me to go with you?"

"No, big girl here, hon. I can handle her."

"Faith, can I tell you something?"

"Of course. What?"

"She loves you and she's petrified."

The blonde's eyes widened. Then she smiled. "That makes two of us then. Can I ask you something?"


"What the hell did she have in her pants?"


Reece walked into the club and deposited Sam's hat back on her head. The bouncer took in the state of her bossí clothes, and scanned the length of her body for blood or bruises. She raised her eyebrows in confusion.

"Any trouble, Sarge?"

"No. You?" she asked with concern.

"Trouble? She's definitely that," Reece chuckled. "But the good kind." And then she smiled.

Sam glanced back at the bossí crotch without really wanting to.

"Heh. You too?"

The bouncer looked embarrassed.

"It seems be everybody's focal point tonight." The club owner laughed. "Later." She sauntered off towards her office.

Sam watched after her as she disappeared into the crowd. I guess it went well? Just then Cori and Faith bounced in. "You ladies keep getting lovelier."

"Yeah, and you lie like a rug." Cori stuck her tongue out.

"Can I come in, Sarge?" Faith pouted.

"Why not? She's in a good mood."

"Reece is here? In a good mood?" Cori was shocked.

"Yeah, sauntered on by a minute ago. Laughing."

"I don't believe you."

"I swear! She was!" Sam crossed her heart.

"She must have walked here. What did she look like? What was she wearing?"

"Cor, I swear. Look, I have my cap, see? She was a little disheveled, but she had this um..." She gestured to her crotch.

The two dancers broke up laughing.  

"Why is that so funny to everyone?"

"Never mind. Thanks, Sarge." They both kissed her on the cheek and took off to the dressing room.

Sam just shook her head. "Women."

Cori left Faith to play catch up with the other girls in the dressing room. She had other plans. She peeked her head in the office and saw an incredible thing. Reece had her feet up on the desk and her clothes were still in the same condition. She hadn't even removed her jacket. The boss was swiveling slightly back and forth in her chair, lost in thought, absently twirling a pen. She ducked back out and stood there for a minute, her face a cross between shock and disbelief. What is going on here? She's relaxed? Calm? She peeked back in and saw a smirk, blue eyes twinkling. She walked towards the dressing room, slightly dazed. Sarge said she got here seconds before us, there was no time for her to...but she's...well now, this is new.

Faith practically poked her in the eye trying to get her attention. "Cori!"

"Oh wow, sorry, babe. Deep in thought."

"Apparently. Where'd you go?"

"To check up on Reece."

"And...?" The blonde coaxed.

"I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know. She's here, isn't she?" Cori nodded. "She's not, you know, she doesn't have somebodyÖ."

"No! No, not that at all, itís just...." At a loss for words, she shrugged. "Go ahead, go talk to her."

Faith looked skeptically at her friend, who looked a little unsure herself. "Okay, I'll go talk to her." But she made no attempt to go.

"Really, Faith, go on, now's your best bet."

"The girls want to go to The Tavern, to celebrate me. Funny, huh? You gonna go? I don't know if I want to go back there, even as a customer."

"Maybe, I'll let you know either way."

"K. Well, later then." Faith was acting like she was walking to the firing squad. She really didn't know what to say or how to act. She was just worried that she'd lose her ability to think rationally as she always does when confronted with those eyes. She stopped outside the open office door. Maybe if she keeps her shades on? Yeah, that's a good one. Wait a minute...Cori said Reece loves me? Oh my God. She loves me. I love her too. This shouldn't be this hard, should it? She can't be as scared as I am. Can she? She swallowed hard and peeked into the office. Reece's eyes were closed. Taking advantage of the opportunity, she examined her in the light. She was leaning back in her chair, a very pleasant look on her face, with her legs stretched way out on the desk.

She is beautiful. And she loves me. Her arms were behind her head, stretching the very limits of that tee shirt, showcasing its contents very clearly. Faith was beginning to have a great fondness for white tee shirts. Her strong legs were wrapped in what looked to be the softest leather and Faith had a sudden urge to rub her face on them. That is, until she noticed she still had a package between her legs. She stifled the giggle at Cori's description of how the tall woman looked getting it in there. But she was intrigued all the same. She never saw one and wanted to see what it looked like. Oh, she saw them in the store and stuff, but never on a person. Would she feel it if I touched it? What does it feel like? She thought about what Reece's would look like, what color she'd choose. Black, I'm sure, she smirked. She felt the stomach thing and slowly looked up into very amused blue eyes. Oh lord... kill me now.

Reece was replaying the dancer's little act. Well, I asked for it. My own Private Dancer and I got it. Boy did I get it. She went over everything down to the last look she received. She wants me. Bad. But still, Cori still thinks I'll hurt her. How can I do that? How can I not. I have to be, less aggressive. First things first, I didn't run out and get laid and I didn't explode. Good. Now what? I have to talk to Faith. I have to tell her how I feel. What if she doesn't feel the same? Fuck yeah, she feels the same. After tonight, I'm sure of it. She felt someone and opened her eyes to a very nice surprise. Faith was standing there quite lost in thought, staring at her dildo. Reece had completely forgotten about it. She quickly closed her eyes and peeked out of them, and opened her legs a little wider. She could only imagine what the beautiful woman was thinking. She wondered if she should let on that she's aware of her, but decided to just watch the play of expressions on the blondeís face instead. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what she was thinking after that last face. Reece got even warmer in the area of scrutiny. Oh, she looked even more adorable caught.

"I didn't interrupt anything, did I?" She tried to sound calm even though her heart was racing.

Unfortunately for Faith, it only managed to come out sexy.

"No, I was just about to..." What? What was I just about to do? ", can I come in?" Moron! All the saliva left her mouth.

"Sure." The dark haired woman gestured at the couch. Reece chuckled and managed to cross her legs, even with the latex wedged into her pants. She felt strangely sedate and not the least bit like she did when she last saw Faith. Well, except for the fact that she could probably still slide out of her leathers, everything was different. She noticed that Faith closed the door.  She felt... What...what the hell am I feeling? How weird. She still had the need to have her way with Faith, but there was this overwhelming desire to please her. To make her happy. To see her laugh. Confused, she lifted her eyebrows, and since she didn't have a clue about this stuff, decided to let Faith take the conversation.

Faith was stuck between jumping on Reece's lap and sucking her gorgeous lips off, and running out of the room. I was so damn sure of myself a second ago. What now? Feeling like she had 'Asshole' in neon on her forehead, she cleared her throat so she wouldn't squeak and make a total fool of herself. "I didn't expect you to be there."

"I'm full of surprises, Faith." Again, she had sex dripping off of every word. Hey! Stop that! You're supposed to be nice!

"Are you now?" What in God's name...? Am I flirting with her?

Oh, but how can I resist? "You shouldn't get too comfortable where I'm concerned. You think you know me, and then..." BAM! She slammed her boots on the floor causing Faith to grab her chest in fright. "I do something you'd never expect." Like this, for instance.

Good God. She's going to play with me. "Why did you show up? Was it to spy on me? Or were you playing bodyguard?"

Reece turned her chair to face the gorgeous woman on her couch. A couch that no one sat on without being mauled, until now. Well, the night ainít over yet, she smiled to herself.

"Well, if you recall, I was a little preoccupied to be guarding anyone's body." She smiled with teeth, leaning over onto her knees. "I was too busy buried in pieces of yours. Soft warm pieces." God I love you.

Faith was looking straight into Reece's eyes and as she feared, her IQ was steadily dropping. "Heh heh, I didn't know it was you..."

"Oh, so you'd do that to any stranger?" Reece never lost eye contact.

"You didn't let me finish. I didn't know it was you until I felt you touch me. It was like deja vu, the feeling in my stomach. I had to have more. Can you please stop doing that?"

"What? Looking at you? Never. I was afraid I wouldn't get the chance to do this again." What the hell was that? "I'm making up for lost time." Would you shut up?

Faith blushed and looked down. "That's sweet, Reece." How can I not love you?

"Did you say sweet? Me? I am not sweet." She made a sour face. Gotta stop that.

Faith looked up again and laughed at her expression. "What, no one's called you sweet before?"

"God, no! You don't really want to know what I've been called."

"Try me." She leaned her head in closer.

"Is that an invitation?" Reece leered. Maybe itís the couch?

Faith didn't like where this was going. She became awkwardly quiet. This wasn't the type of talk she expected. Maybe she should come back after Reece got laid or something.

"Maybe I should go..."

No! Reece jumped up and grabbed her by the back pocket and kissed her soundly. Faith was too stunned to react and stood there stiffly. Feeling no response, the tall woman broke the kiss and closed her eyes. She didn't know what Faith expected of her, and she was just about to get angry at herself for making a mistake.

"Um, Reece?"

Reece, furious at her lack of knowledge in relationships and the inability to control herself, became very tense and started to pull back.

"No, don't go. I wasn't expecting that. I'm sorry." Faith covered the warm hands on her waist and smiled, trying to calm Reece down.

"Sooo, I can do it again then?" Reece asked hopefully.

"I'd kill you if you didn't."

Reece, restraining her urge to devour the woman, kissed her again, slowly and softly. Faith looked disappointed.

"Hey, what's the matter? You don't like the way I kiss?"

"Reece, I know the way you kiss. I've been dreaming about your kiss. That was not it."

"Oh? How is it supposed to be?"

The blonde pushed her down on the couch and grabbed her ears, giving her the type of kiss that would shoot your socks clear across the room. Both of them had the same thought, this is where I belong, as they melted into each otherís mouth. Eventually, Reece was lying on her back and Faith's hands wound up wrapped in long black hair. "Yeah, that's more like it." Faith whispered breathlessly. She just noticed her knees straddling Reece's hips. Reece did too.

"More." Reece reached around and pulled her down by the back of the neck. Fuck control.

"" Faith managed to break away from the death grip. "Woo, yeah, but not here, Reece."

The dark woman frowned. Not this again. "I just don't know what you want from me."

Faith kissed her on the nose and laid her head on the available chest. "Just relax. You'll see. I'm not going anywhere."

"Yeah well, I'm new at this," she admitted, very frustrated.

Warmed by the confession, Faith smiled. "Kissing? Really, Reece, I'd hardly call you new."

She chuckled. "Hey, I was just checking to see if you were paying attention the first time."

"I wasn't that drunk, boss."

"Could you do me a favor? Don't call me boss anymore." She couldn't imagine the shame she'd feel if she called her 'boss' in bed after JoAnn.

"Um, okay. You're not anymore anyway." She ran her fingers up the side of the soft, leather covered thigh and shivered.

"About that..."

"I'm quitting."

Reece didn't know what to say so she put her arms around the warm body on top of her. She was holding back her urge to pounce with nearly everything she had. Faith's fingers were making her crazy. She took a deep breath.

The blonde dancer smiled and moved her hand up to play with an errant strand of hair.

Reece wasn't too relieved. She was very aware of the weight pushing the dildo into her with every breath. What she really wanted was to move Faith's head an inch or so to the left so she'd be breathing on her nipple instead of her arm. But she was new to this courtship thing and was sure you didn't place people on your nipple on the first date. Is this a first date? Is this a date? She moved the comfortable body over and sat up.

"Hey, Faith?"

"Yeah." Faith frowned. She wasn't done enjoying the sound of Reece's heartbeat.

"Wanna go out to dinner or something?"

She sounds nervous. "Are you asking me out on a date?"

"Yeah. So, you wanna?"

"Reece Corbett, we've already tasted each otherís sweat. Don't you think you can bypass the nervous jitters and go straight for the heavy petting stage?"

Reece let out the breath she was holding and smiled. "Fine with me. So what's this heavy petting stage?"

"Well, itís after necking, but before, well, before where we were at last time."

"There's a middle?"

"Yes, there's a part between kissing and fucking."

"Ai! Such an ugly mouth on that face."

"Come on, woman, letís get some food, I'm starved." Faith got up and straightened her clothes.

At first Reece couldn't understand where Faith was going. Isn't this where they take their clothes off? She really had a lot to learn about controlling herself.

"Is this a date?"

"If you want, but I'm all for skipping that part remember?"

"Oh yeah. How fast can you eat?"

Faith slapped her on the arm. "Listen, letís just forget about The Playhouse. Okay?"

"Forget about it? Are you nuts? Shit, Faith, what you did up there on that stage to me..."

"I know, and Iím sorry. I didn't mean to do that to you. Thank you for not, um, reacting, well, true to form. I appreciate it."

"I won't lie. I came close, Faith, very close. I thought about it all the way back here.  But then I saw your face and well... Anyway, I'm a changed woman."

Faith gestured at the tall woman's crotch. "Yes, yes you are. Take that out before you get into trouble."

"Oh, I donít know. I kinda thought I'd leave it there. For later." She wiggled her eyebrows and started buttoning her shirt.

"There's a later?" Faith's heart skipped a beat.

"I'm changed, babe, not dead. Be lucky I waited this long." She meant it.

"Am I involved in this 'later'?" She rubbed herself suggestively on Reece's bulge, and ran her hands up the back of her legs.

"Keep it up and you won't get any food. I'm just about thinking with that thing as it is." She looked hungrily down into deep green eyes.

"Better take it out then. I don't know if I can behave through breakfast. I'd hate for us to finish our first date in the back of a squad car."

"Been there, done that." She reached into her pants and tossed the object at Faith.

"Hey!" She caught it; it didn't feel too weird. But it was very warm. She shuddered knowing where it was and what had made it warm. She resisted the urge to smell it. Then she'd really never get out of there.

"I knew it would be black," she laughed.

"Just put it in your bag. I have plans for it."

Faith shuddered again and followed the tall woman out into the club. Of course, while banging right into Cori was to be expected, holding a dildo probably wasn't. Cori's eyes bugged out. "And youíre holding that because..."

"She has plans." The blonde smiled evilly at her distraught friend, shoved it in her bag, and ran to catch up to Reece.

"Details, Faith! I want them!" she hollered after her. "What the hell happened in there?" She looked around in the office and it looked fine. Faith looked okay, except her lips were a little red... Oh! She smiled, closed Reece's door, and walked to the dressing room feeling mighty good.

To be continued...


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